pig-2SCE. > VpfxV:PAT/Stat:R/[+vol.]der.pig-isungunmeet each other on the road or appointed locationpig-ulaga͡anchopped up s.o. with a knifepigbagnudrubbed s.th. to clean itpigdalugIf a person pigdalug a command they obeyed and followed it exactly.follows s.o. ; pursues s.o.pigkallatanshowed mercy toward s.o.; showed compassion on s.o.piglapidto appear to be good on the outside but bad on the insidepigpa-engatplace s.th. food on a table or eating placepigpa-inemcaused to drink s.th.pigpadalugIf a person is pigpadalug to the grave, he is following the natural destination of mankind to the grave.pigpakadyawblessed or did good to s.o.pigpalipaslipasans.th. was ignored by someonepigpaluku'caused to kneel down on all fours (said of 4 legged animals)pigpatawags.o. is summonedpigsalukfetched waterpigtagilanans.th. that was prepared ahead of time by someoneya pigpamene'to do instructions s.o. is given