apidˈʔa.pidcfkakangpaliyegder. ofliyegpangabapangikugder. ofikugpungussiya'NAn apid is a riding pad used to sit on when riding horseback or on the back of a water buffalo.One can use an “apid” as a saddle to ride on, or, it is often used as a cushion between the animal’s back and the wooden cargo saddle, to minimize friction when an animal,(esp. a horse) is carrying very heavy loads. The “apid” is often made of corn or rice sacks made from woven, thin plastic string, and stitched in a manner where there are long “tubes”, perhaps 8-10 tubes that are stuffed with “kapok”, a cotton-like material from the kapok tree seeds. A strap around the neck of the animal, one around the tail, and one under the belly keep the apid in place.