agad1ˈʔa.gadSCE.Accompanyder.aagadaccompany (cmd)agad-agadan2If a person, being, or animal will agadagadan they will be accompanied by someone or something.agadan3If a person will agadan they will be the one being accompanied by someone or something.agadiaccompany s.o. (used with neg. existential)magad3s.o. will accompanymagpa-agad3If someone magpa-agad they will permit a person to accompany another person or themselves.maka-agad3s.o. will be able to accompanymig-agad-agad2When someone mig-agadagad they go with or accompany somebody somewhere.nyagads.o. accompaniednyaka‑agadsomeone is able to accompanypa-agad3If a person pa-agad they are permitting someone to accompany another person.cause s.o. to accompany (against ones will)pa-agadan3If a someone is pa-agadan they will be the one caused to accompany a person to some place.pagpaka‑agadthe priviledge to be able to accompany someonepig-agadanaccompanied s.o. pig-iyagadaccompanied each other s.wh.pigpa-agad3If something pigpa-agad is being caused to go with or follow along side of someone.pigpa‑agadsomeone is forced to accompany another somewherepyampa-agad3Many people pyampa-agad if they are forced to accompany somebody such as after a raid on a village.unspec. comp. formagad-agadGo with