adj. adjective
adj.cnt. countable adjective
adj.numr. numerical adjective
adj.Phr. adjective phrase
adj.quality adjective of quality
adj.size adjective of size
adj.val. adjective of value
Adv. adverb
adv.dir. adverb of direction
adv.mod. adverb of modality adverb tag question
adv.time adverb of time
Afx. affix
Asp. aspect
cf. compare lexical relations
cmd. Command form
conj. conjunction
contr. contrastive
der. derivative
dial. var. dialectal variation
fr. var. free variation
i. idiom
id. idiom
inf. var. irregularly inflected form
IRR. irrealis
interj. interjection
k.o. kind of
Lig. ligature
LK. linker
llcr. LinguaLinks cross reference
loc.phr. locative phrase
mkr. marker
MSK. Mansaka language
n.comm common noun
n.concrete concrete noun
n.phr. noun phrase
n.possd. possessed noun
N(prim) primary noun
n.proper proper noun
N(sec) secondary noun
neg. negation
Phr. phrase
poss. possessive
prep. preposition
Pro. pronoun
pron.interrog. interrogative pronoun
proto form:(SEM). Proto language: South East Mindanao
Recipr.rel. reciprocal relationship
RL. realis
say. saying of
SCE. semantic core element
SIM: similar
spatl.deitic spatial deitic
s.o. someone something
V. verb
VDual.Rel. verb / dual relationship
vi. intransitive verb
VLOC/DIR. verb / location / direction
VPRCS. process verb
V(prim) primary verb
Vreal. verb / realis
Vstat. stative verb
vt. transitive verb