Entries explained

The entries in the Tajio dictionary consist of a headword which may then include the pronunciation in brackets. The abbreviation for the part of speech in italics is given. Then, the abbreviation Eng is displayed followed by the definition in English.  The abbreviation Ind is displayed followed by the definition in Indonesian. A Semantic domain category and number may also be given.

ababaraka [ababaraka] n Eng authority Ind kuasa

In the following example the abbreviation syn is followed by a synonym in Tajio and a definition:

ahaꞌ n Eng Sunday Ind hari Minggu syn: ahat duminggu (Sem. Domains: Days of the week).

The following headword has two related senses of the word. The definitions are numbered:

ada' ['ada'] n 1) Eng custom, tradition Ind adat 2) Eng elder/chief Ind ketua adattopoada