There are 32 consonants and 19 vowels in the Tangshang Naga language.


k kh g ng
t th d n
p ph b m
cy ch y ny
s sh ts tz
f v r l
tf dz gh h
ht gh j lh


i e ä
ii u a
ü ö o
ia ei ai
ao äo
ui ua oi

Note: aw is not a diphthong but those listed below it are.

There are also five tones and 8 final unreleased consonants. Tones are marked by letters.


Mid tone (unmarked) High tone Low-falling tone Stopped tone Low tone
   x z q s
ma max maz maq mas
Corpse Full Dream Fare Question (dialect)
အလောင် အပြည့် အိပ်မက် အခ လး?

Final consonants

Final consonants Tangshang Naga English Myanmar
k kawk cup ခွက်
ng ngawng quarter chiefman ရပ်ကွက်လူကြီး
n nin to bear သည်းခံသည်
m mumx to feed by mouth ခွံ့ကျွေးသည်
p pawp to top up အုပ်မိုးသည်
t tat to rub သုပ်သည်
r varz fire မီ
l liilz to shine လင်းသည်

Note: final consonants are unreleased. They have no audible sounds except r and l.