Tisawra Everyone!

This is the first ever Tangshang Naga-English-Myanmar dictionary booklet. Tangshang is one of the Naga languages which is spoken in Tangshang Region, Eastern Nagaland (both Arunalchal State of India and Northern Naga of Burma). The population of the Tangshang is over 100,000.
Tangshang Naga is listed under Nothern Naga, Bodo-Garo-Northern Naga, Sal, Tibeto-Burman language family group. The language name is given as Naga Tase with ISO code [nst].
However, the language of the dictionary is based on the common Tangshang Naga dialect, Shecyü. The Tangshang Naga has around 73 dialects excluding around 10 extinct dialects.
The purpose of this dictionary is firstly to document the language and to help other people including speakers of Tangshang varieties to be able to learn the common dialect of the Tangshang. The medium languages that the dictionary compiler used are English and Burmese in order to make it easily accessible from both the Arunachal side and Myanmar.