pa1v-1hit, strike, beat, stamp, patunit pato fix the floorivaune ulo kiput paithe women are collecting couch-grassfiver pato get fevertapit pato cook, to heat (stones)pou pashut the dooretape pato breech oneself (to become dressed)pa kelunato hit vigorously, even to killpa taanato breakpa itianato break offpa itienato cutlo paite na inigive me some yamsena pame miia lago and take some fire woodemuna patesome, a little bit of tobaccovalepaa mano paalasomethinglalia patuaone, a dayu patuaone eveningu palovasome daypalovesome daypatomesome, a little bit (of tobacco)patatesome, a little bit (of pork)paikasome, a little bit (of water)

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