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basingann(In marriage arrangements) a certain amount of money or gold (aside from the bride price itself) which will entitle a man to rights over his future children.OV SYN.ungsud1 banghad
baskanRice cooked in too little water.adjmabaska(Of rice) cooked in too little water.In kaunun mabaska bukun mapitak.Rice cooked in too little water is not sticky.Cf.hilaw
basnignA type of boat with outriggers (larger than a bangkaꞌ).
bassavar. ofbachavTo read.
bastaTag.relIf.Basta aku makagaus mattu da aku.I’ll go there if I can afford to.SYN.bangabila
bastidurnA hand-held embroidery hoop.OV SYN.birangan
bastiganadjHealthy and strong, robust.Bastigan in baran hi Bagindaꞌ Aliꞌ.Baginda Ali’s body was healthy and strong.OV SYN.kusug 1basag 1*pagun
bastunnA cane (for support in walking).Made of iron or wood.Kahuy in bastun sin maas usug.The cane of the old man is made of wood.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To use a cane, club (someone with a cane).Magbastun hi Bapaꞌ bang manaw.Uncle uses a cane when he walks.Bastunun sa kān sin tau.Someone will club you.OV SYN.kakakalkakaltungkud
basun(A drinking) glass.Makajari aku mamūs kaymu basu?May I borrow your glass?Pagꞌubus mu minum hugasi in basu.Wash the glass after you drink.OV SYN.sawan1tasa
basungnA cone-shaped object.Bīhi aku ayskirim ha basung.Buy me a cone of ice cream.vpat -un.To make a cone-shaped object.Basunga in dahun paghinangan ta pasung.Make the leaf into cones, we’ll make cone-shaped snack foods in them.
basuraTag.nTrash, garbage.Mataud basura ha lawm barilis.There is lots of trash in the barrel.OV SYN.kaput2
bat1relSo that, in order that.Agad kaw kākuꞌ bat mu kaingatan in bāy ku.Come with me so that you’ll know where my house is.OV SYN.supaya2relBecause.Hangkan aku way nakaagad bat way sīn ku.I was not able to go because I don’t have the money.3intj(Exclamation of surprise, usu. used with another such exclamation); oh!, so; so!Bat diꞌ kaw yan maambat hinduan.So you have to be told over and over again!Bat kahapun hatiꞌ in datung mu.Oh, so you arrived yesterday!
bātnLarge sea cucumber, trepang.Marayaw pagkaunun in bāt.Trepang is good to eat.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
bataꞌnA child, youth; (usu. rdp.) baby or young child.Marayaw pa in bataꞌ way susa maglāg pagkaun niya.A baby is better off because it doesn’t worry how to find food.vrdp. ag mag-.To act like a child.Ayaw na kaw magbataꞌ-bataꞌ. Maas na kaw.Don’t act like a child. You’re already a grown-up.adjmabataꞌYoung.Mabataꞌ pa siya nagbana.She was young when she got married.nkabataꞌ-bataꞌChildhood.Bagay kami dayn kabataꞌ-bataꞌ namuꞌ.We have been friends since our childhood.nkabataanChildren, young people.Dugaing na tuud in addat sin manga kabataan bihaun.The actions of young people these days are really different.Cf.pula-pula
batāannFollower, retainer, underling.Mataud batāan sin mayul.The mayor has many followers.OV SYN.tindugantindug 1.1
batalvar. ofbaꞌtal1vTo touch (a bride’s) forehead.2adj(Of an ablution, prayer, or fast) invalid.
batangnTrunk (of a tree), log, stalk (of a plant).Ayaw pilaa in batang kahuy.Don’t chop the trunk of the tree.OV SYN.saꞌpansanga
batang sulatnA letter (of the alphabet).Diꞌ aku makabassa minsan hambuuk batang sulat ha Arab.I can’t read one letter of the Arabic alphabet.
batangannA crosspiece (fastened across a canoe to support and balance the outriggers).Nabaliꞌ na in batangan sin sakayan.The crosspiece of the outrigger canoe was broken.
batawinA long-sleeved, tight-fitting woman’s blouse.Studded with golden buttons in front and at the edge of its sleeve; usu. used for weddings, dancing, or other special occasions.OV SYN.lapiꞌ 1Cf.badjuꞌ masigpit
*batbatvag mag-; pat -un.To say (something) repeatedly, mention (something).Ayaw na man kaw magbatbat sin way kapūsan.Don’t keep repeating that foolishness.Pagbatbatun niya in ngān mu kākuꞌ.He used to mention your name to me.OV SYN.balab-balabsabbut
bativag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To stir or mix a liquid with a short, fast motion (as in beating an egg or mixing dough).Magbati aku iklug hipaghinang apam.I’ll beat the egg for making hotcakes.Subay batihun mu marayaw in iklug.You have to beat the eggs well.Subay marayaw in kabati sin addun ini ha supaya malunuk in apam.(Your) beating of this dough should be good so that the hotcake will be soft.OV SYN.lamugay 1
batiꞌadjAwake (i.e., not asleep).Batiꞌ na siya pagkari ku.He was awake when I came.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To wake up, wake (someone) up.Magbatiꞌ aku kunsūm subu-subu pa.I’ll wake up tomorrow early dawn.Ayaw aku pagbatia bang aku natutūg.Don’t wake me up when I’m asleep.OV SYN.*pukaw
batihapnAn unpleasant feeling in the throat (of excessive saliva and sometimes nausea caused by something eaten).vact mag-; pat pag-…-un.To get an unpleasant feeling in the throat.Pagbatihapun aku magꞌinum tī.When I drink tea I get an unpleasant feeling in my throat.
batiknA trap (for animals).Nakasaggaw kami babuy talun ha batik.We caught a wild pig in an animal trap.OV SYN.liꞌtag