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babuꞌ hadjiꞌnA term of address to an elderly lady who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca.Bang kaw magtawag ha babai ampa hadjiꞌ subay hi babuꞌ hadjiꞌ.When addressing an elderly woman who has gone on the pilgrimage it should be aunt hadjiꞌ.
babuy1nA pig, hog.4: Animals, Non-flying2nThe meat of the pig or hog.Diꞌ magkaun in Muslim babuy.Muslims don’t eat pork.OV SYN.bāꞌ
babuy-babuynEpilepsy.Siyasakit siya babuy-babuy.He has epilepsy.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To be afflicted with epilepsy, suffer an attack of epilepsy.Biyabuy-babuy hi Arasa.Arasa is having an attack of epilepsy.
bachavar.bassabatsavag mag-; pat -un.To read (something).Bachaha kākuꞌ in sulat ini.Read this letter for me.Salugay niya nagbabacha naligad in bataꞌ.While she was reading, the child fell.
badbadadjUnrolled, uncoiled, unfurled, (of hair) down (i.e., not put up).Badbad in buhuk niya sabab basaꞌ.Her hair is down because it’s wet.vag mag-; pat -un, -an.To unroll, uncoil, unfurl.Badbara in salban dayn ha giyulungan niya.Unroll the thread from its spool.OV SYN.*hubad
badjaꞌnA plow.vag mag-; pat -un.To plow.Magbadjaꞌ kita sin uma kinsūm.We’ll plow the rice field tomorrow.SYN.araruOV SYN.*badlis
badjangnA disease of carabao in which internal parts of the ears swell and become odorous.
badjawn(A name used by outsiders for the so-called) sea gypsies.In southern Sulu and eastern Borneo, a pagan group of nomadic boat dwellers.SYN.LuwaanSama lawdCf.Samal
badjuTag.nA storm, typhoon.Mataud bāy nagkangiꞌ sin badju.Many houses were destroyed by the storm.SYN.hunus
badjuꞌnClothing worn primarily on the upper part of the body (as dress, shirt, coat, blouse, jacket, etc.).Pants, slacks, skirt, etc., are not considered badjuꞌ.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To dress, put on clothes.Badjuun ku in badjuꞌ pula.I will put on the red shirt.Badjuꞌ na kaw bat pa iskul na kita!Get dressed so we can go to school!Badjuan ku badjuꞌ malingkat hi Indaꞌ.I’ll dress baby with a beautiful dress.GENR.tamungun*tamung
badjuꞌ masigpitnTight dress, tight-fitting Tausug blouse.In badjuꞌ masigpit niya malingkat.Her tight-fitting dress is beautiful.OV SYN.batawi
badlaknPulsation, palpitation, premonition.Ayaw lanjalan in panaw mu bang awn badlak sin baran mu.Don’t proceed with your journey if you have that premonition.vact mag-.To pulsate, throb, beat hard; have a premonition.Makusug magbadlak in atay mu bang kaw miyumugaꞌ.Your heart will beat hard if you are afraid.Bang magbadlak in baran awn hāti niya.If you have a premonition something wrong is going to happen.OV SYN.kuba-kubaalamat2
*badlisvag mag-; pat -un.To plow (a field) for the last time.Diyangin niya kami magbadlis sin uma niya.He invited us to do the last plowing of his field.OV SYN.ararubadjaꞌCf.samban2
badlungnA slingshot.In badlung hīnang da isab sanjataꞌ sin kamaasan.Slingshots were weapons of the people of olden times.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To hit or strike with a slingshot.Mamadlung aku mampallam.I’ll hit a mango with the slingshot.Badlungun ku in manuk-manuk yaun.I’ll strike that bird with a slingshot.Hipangbadlung ku in batu ini mampallam.I’ll use this stone for hitting the mango with a slingshot.OV SYN.pitikanpitik
bāgEng.nA bag (as a school bag, flight bag, not paper bag or plastic bag).vag mag-.To use a bag.OV SYN.bawyuttampipiꞌpuyuꞌ
baga1nEmbers, coals.Nalūs aku sin baga kāyu.I got burned by the coals.vag magpa-; pat -un; ran -an.To produce live coals (as by burning firewood).Pagpabaga kaw bat madangdang in istaꞌ.Make some coals for roasting the fish.Subay bagahun naa in kahuy bat matapa in istaꞌ.We should make coals from the wood first so that we can roast the fish.Bagahan natuꞌ asal in dapulan supaya masidlaꞌ in pagꞌapam.Let’s put coals in the stove beforehand so the making of the pancakes will be quick.adjmabagaProducing many embers.Mabaga in kahuy bakkaw hipagdungul.The mangrove produces many embers when used as firewood.OV SYN.atūn
baga2nA slap with the open hand.Tapling refers to hitting the head with the fingers while sampak is an open palm slapping without force.Masakit in baga dayn ha tapling iban dayn ha sampak.A slap with open palm hurts more than either a tapling or a sampak.vag mang-; pat -un.To slap (someone’s) face forcefully with the open palm.Pagbagahun siya sin bana niya.Her husband often slaps her.OV SYN.sampaktapling
bagaꞌnHuman lungs.OV SYN.kumba
bagaangvar.buꞌgangnMolar (teeth).In ipun dakulaꞌ amu in bagaang.The large teeth are the molars.
bagal1nA castrated male of the cattle family.2adjmabagalBulky (as with contents).Mabagal in bāg niya.Her bag is bulky.
bagalawang1nA big kite.Magpalupad kami bagalawang kunsūm.We’ll fly a big kite tomorrow.
bagalawang2nA children’s game similar to prisoner’s base.Malami in manga bataꞌ bang magpanayam na bagalawang.Children are happy to play prisoner’s base.SYN.balatin
bagaynA friend.Bagay ku hi Abdul.Abdul is my friend.vag mag-; pat -un.To be or become friends (with someone), befriend (someone).Bagaya in tau ha Tiyanggi.Befriend a man in town.OV SYN.panun
bagaybaynThe young inflorescence of palm trees.Often used as a decoration for special occasions, for example during the mawlud or during bulan taytiꞌ.niyug
bagbag1vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To shatter or break (something, as glass, eggs, hard fragile objects).Bagbagun ku in ū mu pa simintu.I’ll break your head on the cement.viST pat ma-.To be or become broken or shattered.Nabagbag in kassaꞌ.The bottle is broken.OV SYN.baliꞌ 1bugtuꞌ 1*sagpiꞌ2vpat ma-.(For one’s heart) to be broken.Nabagbag in lawm atay ku.My heart is broken.