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butikul1.1nA swelling or protrusion (formed by a tumor or cyst), a lump (on a fruit or a tree), the swelling of a pocket when it is full.Subay upirahan in butikul ha tuktuk mu.The swelling on your forehead must be operated on.vact/pat -um-, -mag-.To develop a lump or protrusion.OV SYN.busulbukulbutigbudjul1.2nThe swelling or development (of the female breast).In babai kakitaan ta ha butikul sin duruꞌ nila bang sila sangput na.We can see by the swelling of a girl’s breasts that she has attained puberty.2vact/pat mag-, -um-.To have a lump in one’s throat (when one is at the point of crying).Magbutikul in liug niya bang awn katangisan niya.She has a lump in her throat if there’s something that makes her cry.
butinggaꞌadjFat, corpulent, obese.Mabuggat in tau butinggaꞌ.An obese person is heavy.OV SYN.tambuk
buttikanadjHaving tiny patches or spots of two colors, (esp. of the rind of some overripe fruits as of mango, wanni, guayavano, banana; also used of chicken, snakes, etc).Nalawaꞌ in manuk niya buttikan.His spotted chicken is lost.Cf.lintikantagimtimkabang
butuꞌnThe male pudenda.OV SYN.utinbuyung
butuꞌ-butuꞌnA sty (in the eye).
butuknA bundle (of grass or wood) tied together.Dāha in duwa butuk kahuy.Bring the two bundles of firewood.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To tie (grass, wood etc.) into a bundle.Butukun ta in kahuy yan.Let’s tie that wood into bundles.Cf.baggut
butulnA (stout) glass bottle or jar.Marayaw tuud in butul ini pagluunan tubig.This glass bottle is very nice for a water container.Cf.garapunkassaꞌGENR.tupungantupung
butungnA mature unripe coconut (when the meat is still soft and its juice sweet, the stage of the fruit between biluuk and lahing).Dugaing in butung iban lahing sabab bang kimbuun in butung diꞌ karungugan in tubig ha lawm.A mature unripe coconut and a mature ripe one are different. If you shake a mature unripe coconut you cannot hear the water inside.niyug
buugnParkinson’s disease (characterized by uncontrolled rhythmic tremor and muscular rigidity), a tic, tremor.In tau siyasakit buug magpamidpid.A person with Parkinson’s disease trembles.8: Diseasesvpat -un.To have or develop a tremor.Buugun kaw lumugay.Sooner or later you will develop a tremor.Biyubuug in tau yaun.That fellow has a tremor.
*buukSee hambuuk and tibuuk.
buungvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To break (something) into halves, (as a coconut).Buungun ku na in lahing.I will break the coconuts into halves.Cf.*sipakbahagiꞌ
*buwavCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un.To rock (someone in something, usu. a baby in a cradle. The motion can be either sideways or up and down).Buwahun ku na hi Indaꞌ.I’ll rock Inda (in her cradle).Cf.*dundangnbuwahanA hammock type cradle made of cloth and hung on bamboo springs or metal springs.
buwa-buwavag mag-; pat -un.To sing a lullaby.Buwa-buwahun ku hi Utuꞌ.I’ll sing a lullaby to Junior.
buwaꞌnA large shallow gong (usu. struck when there is an emergency).Bang magꞌagung sin buwaꞌ in hāti awn lingug sin hulaꞌ.If the large shallow gong is struck there is an emergency in the place.Cf.pulakan
buwadvCV 3 ag mag-; pat -un; inst/ran pag-…-an.To spread out (something) to dry (esp. under the heat of the sun, as wet clothing, peanuts, fish, coffee, rice, corn).Buwarun ku in manga diyakdakan yaun.I’ll spread out that washing to dry.Cf.tahay 1hayang 1nbuwaranA clothesline or anything (such as a fence, hedge, or bamboo pole) used as a clothesline.Nabugtuꞌ in buwaran sabab sin taud sin diyakdakan.The clothesline broke because of too much laundry.
buwahan1nThe lanzones tree.Lansium domesticum2nThe lanzones fruit.5: Plants
buwalnA thin transparent fabric, voile.Malingkat in buwal hinangun habul.It’s beautiful to make voile into a sarong.OV SYN.diyandisutlaꞌdasubilduꞌ 1kuku putiꞌgadja hilawlanay
buwang1vag mag-; pat -un.To deep fry (something, as fish or indigenous confections).Buwanga na in sayng.Fry the bananas.OV SYN.piritu*landang-landang
buwang21nrdp.Any container (but usu. a can) fastened with a string long enough to scoop water from a well.vag mag-; pat -un.Usu. rdp.To scoop (water from a well) with such a container.Buwang-buwangun ku in tubig dayn ha kuppung.I will scoop water from the well.Buwang-buwangi kita tubig pa kuppung.Please scoop some water from the well for me.OV SYN.gayung2nA wish (made while one is bathing using a scoop).Used in oral literature.vag mag-.Often rdp.To make such a wish.Nagbuwang-buwang batil in manga dayang-dayang.The princesses were making their wishes.
buwisnA tribute; any personal contribution made in token of services rendered or acknowledgement due.In waktu pa sin pagsultan in mahumu buwis sin manga tau amuna in kakaun.During the time of the sultanate the common tribute of the people was foodstuffs.OV SYN.sayrullasukay1
buyannA herd (as of cattle and horses).Awn buyan nila sapiꞌ.They have a herd of cattle.Cf.baan
buyuꞌnThe leaf of the betel pepper vine (used to wrap the other ingredients of the betel nut chew).Magꞌusal buyuꞌ in tau magmamaꞌ.People who chew betel nut use betel leaf.Cf.mamaꞌ
buyungnScrotum, testicles.Ayaw kaw minum tubig bang kaw hiyapus bat diꞌ lumagguꞌ in buyung mu.Don’t drink water when you are tired so that your testicles will not become big.