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bang mayanvar.bang mānrelMay it be that, I/We hope/wish that, would that, if only.Bang mān aku makatalus da sin pagꞌiskul ku.I hope I can finish my study.Bang mayan kita liyappasan da.I hope that we’ll be saved.OV SYN.kaddaw
bang paamuhun(from amu₁)rel(Of something that should have been but was not or should have occurred but did not) to be correct, be right; by right; (of speech) to be understood correctly.Bang paamuhun subay siya in nakuraꞌ natuꞌ.To be correct, he should be our leader.Bang paamuhun adlaw yan ubus na in hinang natuꞌ.By right our work should have been finished today.
bang sayuhunIn other words, putting it another way.Bang sayuhun diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ lumamud sin parakalaꞌ yan.In other words she doesn’t wish to get involved in that matter.
bāng taꞌ madtuintjNever mind; I don’t care; it doesn’t matter.Bāng taꞌ madtu, bang aku masaggaw sin pulis.I don’t care if I’m captured by the police.Bang taꞌ siya madtu dugalan.I don’t care if she gets angry.OV SYN.*sādbabaꞌ 2
banganA kind of palm that is used as lumber.5: Plants
bangaꞌvag mag-; pat -un, hi-.(For a person or animal) to open (the mouth), stretch out (an arm or leg).Nagbabangaꞌ na sin simud nila in manga iruꞌ.The dogs are opening their mouths.Bangaa in simud mu.Open your mouth.OV SYN.ukab 1*ukay
bāngaꞌnA clay cooking pot.In bāngaꞌ amu in panunugnaan kiyawaꞌ dayn ha lupaꞌ.A clay cooking pot is an earthenware cooking pot.OV SYN.anglit
bāngawnA rainbow.Marayaw in hulaꞌ bang awn bāngaw.The weather will be nice if there is a rainbow.
bangbangnA confection, cookie, biscuit (generic term).Made for special occasions in many different shapes.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasionsvag mag-; pat -un.To make biscuits, cookies, confections.Bangbangun ku in tirigu ini.I’ll make this flour into biscuits.
BanggalinAn Indian (from India), a Hindu.Mapansung in ilung sin manga Banggali.Indians have high-bridged noses.SYN.Bumbay
banggulvag mag-; pat -un, hi-.To hit, bump (something) heavily against (something else).Nagbanggul in ū namuꞌ kaina.Our heads bumped each other a while ago.Banggulan in ū niya pa dingding.Strike his head on the wall.OV SYN.*tikbiꞌ*dugtulCf.*santuk
banghadnThe (customary or traditional) bride price set by a family.In banghad sin anak niya hangpuꞌ ngaibu.The family bride price which he is asking for his daughter is ten thousand pesos.OV SYN.sukatungsud1
bangkaꞌ1nA one-piece dugout canoe with or without outriggers.vTV ag mag-; goal -un.To ride in a canoe, travel by canoe.Bangkaa sadja in Sulari.Just ride on a canoe to Sulari.OV SYN.sakayan
bangkaꞌ2nA croupier (person in charge of a gambling table, who rakes in and pays out money).Hīs sin bangkaꞌ in sīn.The croupier rakes in the money.vag mag-.To act as a croupier (in a game of chance).Magbangkaꞌ aku ha pagpiyaꞌ-piyaan.I act as a croupier in Russian poker.
bangkat1.1vtCH 1, CV 1 ag mag-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.To pile (something) up (in a stack).Bangkata in manga ūan ha ūhan kantil.Stack those pillows by the headboard.Diꞌ makajari hibangkat mari in manga labban yan.You can’t pile those boxes over here.Bangkati in kātas sin batu yaun.Stack that rock on the paper.1.2vact mag-.(For people) to be many.Magbangkat in manga tau.The people were many.2vact mag-, mang-; ran -an.(For work, troubles, etc.) to be or become piled up, add to (work, troubles, etc.).Magbangkat in hinang mu kunsūm bang kaw diꞌ maghinang bihayaun.Your work will pile up tomorrow if you don’t work today.Ayaw bangkati in kasusahan niya.Don’t add to her problems.adjbangkat-mamangkatOverburdened.Bangkat-mamangkat na in utang niya.He’s overburdened with debt.
bangkaynA corpse, (dead human) body.Walaꞌ tuud kiyabaakan in bangkay sin amaꞌ niya.His father’s body was never found.OV SYN.mayatpatay 1
*bangkilvtag mag-; pat -un.To make mention (of something).Ayaw na magbangkil sin nakalabay.Don’t ever mention the past.Ayaw bangkila in kiyatabang mu kaniya.Don’t mention your help to him.viST pat ma-.To be mentioned.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ mabangkil in ngān ku.I don’t want my name to be mentioned.GENR.sabbut
bangkingnA bedbug.Supsupun sin bangking in duguꞌ ta.Bedbugs suck our blood.4: Animals, Non-flying
bangkitnLime (the chemical, not the fruit).Bang kaw magmamaꞌ ayaw pataura in bangkit.If you prepare a betel-nut chew don’t put too much lime.
bangkuꞌnA seat, chair, stool, bench.OV SYN.kuraꞌ-kuraꞌkuraꞌ 1sīyaGENR.lingkuranlingkud
*bangkugvST ag mag-; pat -un.To touch, press, squeeze, or move (a wounded part of the body) repeatedly (with the result that it takes longer to heal).Bang mu bangkugun in pisuꞌ mu landuꞌ in sakit niya.If you keep moving your sprain it will be very painful.vipat ma-.To have a relapse (caused by an activity or motion), (for a condition or a disease) to return.Nabangkug in hubag sin lima niya sabab kiyugdan sin būla.The swelling of his hand returned because it was hit by a ball.OV SYN.bughat
banglus1nVulgarMouth.Malummiꞌ in banglus mu.Your mouth is dirty.In banglus mu yan diꞌ mu paglanuan.You don’t clean your mouth.OV SYN.simud 1vag mag-.To say things not pleasing to the ear.Maytaꞌ kaw nagbanglus duun ha yan?Why are you saying unpleasing things there?2vag mag-; pat -un; ran/inst hipag-…-an.To eat (vulgar term).Bang kaw magbanglus, diꞌ mu pagmumusun in piyagbanglusan mu.When you eat, you don’t keep the utensils in order.nbanglusanFood (vulgar term).
bangsanPeople, race, nation.bangsa ArabArabbangsa MilikanAmericanadjbalbangsaBelonging (by birth) to a prestigious or special class (royalty, nobility, or descendants of the Prophet).In manga karatuan iban kasalipan balbangsa.Royalty and descendants of the Prophet belong to a special class.OV SYN.pihak
bangsawanadjNoble.maharaja Bangsawancomp.adjThe highest grace of Maharaja.OV SYN.Ulangkayaꞌ
bangun1vag mag-; pat -un.To rise up, get up, raise (someone) to a sitting or standing position.Bangun na kaw bat mahinaat na.Get up! It’s morning.Bangunun ku siya sabab diꞌ siya kayahun.I’ll raise her up because she has no strength.vag magpa-.To build or erect (a house).Nagpabangun sila bāy ha Tapul.They built a house at Tapul.