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gallang-gallangnAn indigenous confection resembling a bracelet made from cassava. Cooked in oil in a frying pan.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
gallap1vCH 1 ag mang-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.(For a water spirit or nymph) to enchant and carry away (someone).Masūb magpanggallap bataꞌ-bataꞌ in tungguꞌ ha Tigbaw.The nymph in Kiram Spring loves to enchant and carry away children.Bukun kiyaun sin kaytan in tau yadtu saꞌ giyallap ha buliꞌ dagat.That man was not eaten by the shark, but enchanted and carried away to the bottom of the ocean.Nagallap in bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The child was enchanted and carried away.Cf.hikmat2n(With hangka) in a flash.Hangka-gallap da nalawaꞌ in sīn biyutang ku dī.The money that I placed here got lost in a flash.
galunEng.1nA container (usu. plastic with a mouth, for liquids).Luun kaw tubig ha galun.Fill a container with water.2nA gallon (the liquid measure).Bīhi aku hangka-galun lana lahing.Buy me a gallon of cooking oil.
gāmadvBetter, rather.Gām pa kaw mari kunsūm.It’s better that you come tomorrow.vact/pat -um-.Usu. rdp.(For a sickness) to be relieved, become better.Gumām-gām in sakit ku bang aku makainum ubat.My sickness becomes somewhat better if I take the medicine.adjmagāmOften rdp.Relieved, getting better, all better, healed (as of pain or sickness).Magām na in sakit ū ku.My headache is getting better.Magām-gām na in sakit ū ku.My headache is somewhat better.
gamisnAn Arab’s long undergarment (worn by some hadjis together with their gowns esp. during feast days).vag mag-; ran -an.To wear such an undergarment.Mataud in maggamis bang adlaw haylaya.During feast days many people wear an Arab’s long undergarment.vpat -un.To use (something) as a long undergarment.Cf.juba
gampungadjMusty.Bahuꞌ gampung in bilik ini.This room has a musty smell.Cf.baꞌlus 1
gamus1adjPreserved (as of fruit).Masarap magkaun gamus mampallam.It is delicious to eat preserved mangoes.vag mag-; pat -un; inst/loc pag-…-an.To preserve (fish, seafood, or fruit in water).Maggamus kita mampallam.Let’s preserve mangoes.Pataura in asin bang kaw maggamus piyatay.Use a lot of salt when you preserve anchovies.ngiyamusPreserved fish, seafood, or fruit.Cf.tahay 22ngiyamusA fact about oneself or one’s family kept secret because of shame or fear of disgrace, skeleton in the closet.Makasipug kaymu bang ku higuwaꞌ in giyamus mu.It would disgrace you if I let out your skeleton in the closet.
gamut1nA root (of a tree or plant).Way pa gamut sin kahuy.The tree doesn’t have roots yet.vact/pat -um-, mag-.To develop roots.Gimamut na in bātung.The peanuts have developed roots already.2vact/pat -um-, mag-.To become settled or established.Gumamut in parman sin Tuhan ha atay mu bang kaw magkahagad sin daakan niya.God’s commandments will become established in your heart (lit. liver) if you obey His commands.
gana-gana1advLater on during the day, by and by.Gana-gana na aku madtu pa bāy niyu.I’ll go to your house by and by.2advPerhaps, might (expressing a shade of doubt or a small degree of possibility).Gana-gana diꞌ siya dumatung adlaw yan.He might not arrive today.Cf.marayꞌ*dayꞌhatiku
ganapvCV 1, AR ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran -an.To add more (of something), increase.Mari sadja kaw gumanap kasusahan.You’re just here to add more trouble.Ganapi naa tubig in addun.Add more water to the dough first.Subay kita magganap tau maghihinang.We have to add more workers.Higanap ta na in sīn ini bat jumukup.Let’s add this money so that (the money) will be complete.SYN.dugang
ganaruladj(Of people) famous, celebrated, renowned.Usug ganarul hi maas Kamlun.Old Kamlon was a famous man.Cf.bantug 1tanug 1
gandanReward, compensation (given by God to someone in recompense for good deeds, usu. in the present world).vAR ag mag-; ran -an.Does not occur with pa₂.To give a reward (in return for a good deed).Gandahan sin Tuhan in hinang marayaw.God gives rewards for good deeds done.OV SYN.tungbas
gandangnA drum (musical instrument).Malayuꞌ pa in parid diyungug namuꞌ na in gandang.The parade was still far away when we heard the drum.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To play a drum.Ayaw kaw maggandang, makahilu.Don’t play the drum, it’s annoying.
gandaribanInterest (as of money, usu. used in formal or poetic statement).In hangkan nabinasa nagkaun gandariba.That’s why she is suffering, she gained interest on the money.Cf.anak-kampungcomp.anak
gandasuli1nThe garland flower.2n(cap.) The name of an area of Jolo town.Hangkan ngiyanan in kiyabutangan sin iskul Gandasuli, sabab mataud sumping gandasuli timutubuꞌ.The reason the place where they put the school is named Gandasuli is that there are plenty of garland flowers growing there.
gandawarinA figurehead (of a boat).Malingkat in kahinang sin gandawari sin kappal yaun.The figurehead of that boat was beautifully made.
gandingvag mag-; pat -un.To beat (rhythmically on metal).Magganding sin manga mital in kabataan bang dūm Tahun Baꞌgu.The children beat cans on New Year’s Eve.Cf.*kagulkatikdapuꞌ
gandum1nCorn, maize.Tiyanuman namuꞌ gandum in uma namuꞌ.We planted our fields in corn.Zea mays5: Plants2nThe seeds of this plant, used as a snack food and made into confections.
gantaꞌ1nPlan, scheme.Bukun gantaꞌ namuꞌ mari.It was not our plan to come here.Gantaꞌ namuꞌ dumatung pa Tabawan lapit adlaw.It was our plan to arrive at Tabawan by early morning.Cf.*kumpas*bistavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To plan (something); estimate, reckon or calculate (something); set limits.Giyagantaꞌ in pagdihil bugas ha manga tau paguy.The rice given to evacuees is limited.Gantaa na in pagpamī-mī mu.Set a limit on your shopping.Cf.*bistakimmit2ngantaanFate, destiny.Diꞌ magliyu in gantaan sin tau dayn ha Tuhan.One cannot go beyond the destiny of a person set by God.SYN.kadarCf.sukud
gantangnA measure of capacity, the ganta.Pabīha ba aku hangka gantang bugas.May I buy a ganta of rice?vag mag-; pat -un.To measure (something) by the ganta.Gantangun ku in bugas ha lawm karut ini.I’ll measure the rice in this sack by the ganta.Cf.sūpahansūpaGENR.tupungantupung
gantiꞌnA replacement, substitute, exchange, successor; surrogate.Siya in gantiꞌ ku.He is my successor.Siya in gantiꞌ inaꞌ ku.She is my surrogate mother.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To replace, substitute, relieve, succeed, exchange.Gantian ku in sīn mu kiyustaw.I’ll replace your embezzled money.Cf.pindasambiꞌ
gantungvtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To hang (something from something else); hang (someone).Giyantung in amaꞌ niya sin Jipun.His father was hanged by the Japanese.viST pat ma-.To be caught, hung up, suspended.Nagantung siya ha kahuy paglaksu niya dayn ha ariplanu.He got hung up on a tree when he jumped from the airplane.npaggantungHanging, way of hanging.In paggantung sin tanglung bukun marayaw.The way the lantern is hanging is not good.Cf.*pintingbitay2*sagnat
gantung liugnA necklace.Malingkat in gantung liug sin Dayang-dayang.The princess’ necklace is beautiful.
gangatnA barb or hook (on the end of a fish spear, arrow, etc.).Hinangan gangat in sāpang.A fish spear has a barb.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To make a barb (on something).Gangati in sāpang bat diꞌ makaīg in istaꞌ.Make a barb on the fish spear so that the fish won’t escape.
ganggangadjDry, arid, desiccated, brittle, crisp (as of clothes, trees, or land).Maganggang in manga kahuy bang waktu panuga.The trees are brittle during the dry season.vST pat -um-.To become dry, brittle, or crisp.Gimanggang in lupaꞌ sabab malugay na way ulan.The land became dry because there’s been no rain for a long time now.Cf.*tigang