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*ganggutvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To seize or grab (someone by his clothes or hair as in quarreling).Giyanggut niya in tau namūngmūng kaniya.He grabbed the fellow who reviled him.Cf.*utung
gangkul1adj(Of the flesh of a mango or young coconut [butung]) brittle.In butung gangkul matugas in unud.The flesh of a mature semi-ripe coconut is brittle.2nA mature semi-ripe coconut.niyug
gangsaꞌnA brass bowl.Mahalgaꞌ in gangsaꞌ bihaun.A brass bowl is now expensive.Cf.batilbatunjang
ganguadjmagangu(Of rice [pāy]) quite dry (ready to be pounded or milled).Bang in pāy magangu na, manjari na bayuhun.When the rice is quite dry, it may be pounded.
gapasnCotton, gauze.Basaa in gapas sin ubat ampa lanui in paliꞌ mu.Wet the cotton with medicine and then clean your cut.Cf.kapuk
gapiꞌnAn associate, helper, ally (in matters where there are opposing parties).Mataud in gapiꞌ sin Bangsa Muslim.Muslim people have many allies.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an.To take sides.Gapian ta in tau mabuntul.We’ll take sides with the righteous man.vRC ag mag-.To be associates or allies.Bang kamu diꞌ maggapiꞌ katān diꞌ kamu dumaug.If you do not all become allies you will not win.Cf.dapit 2*dinu
gapusvag mag-; pat -un.To tie, bind (as a cow to be butchered); grasp (someone) and hold firmly, (esp. one who resists).Gapusa niyu in sapiꞌ bat masumbayꞌ.You tie the cow so that it can be butchered.Cf.*hukut
garabivar.grabiTag.adjSevere, bad, serious, extensive.Garabi na tuud in sakit niya.His sickness is very bad now.Garabi na tuud in hinang niya pa kangian.His bad deeds are extensive.Cf.pangsan
garapunTag.nA large glass jar (used for keeping cookies, candies, etc.).In garapun pagluluunan bangbang.A big glass jar is a container for cookies.Cf.kassaꞌ
garing1nElephant tusk, ivory.Garing in pagtawag sin taling sin gadja.The tusks of the elephant are called ivory.Cf.taling2vST pat -um-.(For bamboo) to become seasoned, aged.Bang in patung gumaring na matugas tuud.When bamboo becomes seasoned it is very hard.adjmagaring(Of bamboo) seasoned, old.
garnaꞌnA physical defect or imperfection (not inherent but acquired), crack in a fragile object.Awn na garnaꞌ sin baran niya sabab nabaliꞌ in buktun niya.There is already an imperfection in his body because his arm was broken.vran -an.To become (physically) defective or imperfect.Bang garnaan na in baran mu diꞌ na kaw katiyuꞌ-tiyuan.If your body becomes defective your health will become fragile.Giyagarnaan na in baran niya sin pagꞌuma.His body has become imperfect because of farming.Cf.sallaꞌ
garulnA bowl made of brass.Naghakut sila tubig ha garul.They got water in the brass bowl.Malallay bang garul in paghahakutan tubig.It is slow when you use a brass bowl in fetching water.
gās1vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To prepare (a field for planting) by slashing and burning, prepare a kaingin.Gāsan ta in uma.We’ll prepare the field by slashing and burning.npaggāsA kaingin.Sakapun ta na in paggās bat kita makatanum.Let’s prepare the kaingin so that we can plant.
gās2Eng.nKerosene or bottled gas.Bī kaw madtu gās pa tinda.You buy kerosene at the store.
gasanThe mantle (of a pressure lamp or an Aladdin lamp).Maluhay tuud magisiꞌ in gasa sin aladdin.The mantle of an Aladdin lamp is easily torn.
gasadnNot commonly usedIntention, purpose.In gasad ku mari mangayuꞌ sīn.My purpose in coming here is to ask for money.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To intend (to do something or see someone).Gasarun ku siya dāhun.I intend to take him with me.SYN.maksudgawi
gastuTag.nExpense, financial cost, expenditure.Pila in gastu sin pagtiyaun?How much expense did you incur for the wedding?vag mag-; pat -un, hi-; goal/ben -an.To spend (money), provide financial support (for someone).Aku in naggastu kanila ha saꞌbu way usaha nila.I supported them when they were jobless.Pila in kiyagastu mu naghinang bāy?How much did you spend in building the house?Gastuhun ku in sīn ini kaymu.I’ll spend this money for you.Gastuhan ta kaw bang kaw magꞌiskul.I will support you financially when you go to school.adjmagastuRequiring or involving much money, expensive.Magastu in magꞌiskul ha Manilaꞌ.It’s expensive to study in Manila.Cf.balanjaꞌnapaka
gasudnWhoop, yell, boo, hoot.Mahibuk tuud in gasud sin manga tau ha plasa.The yells of the people at the plaza are very noisy.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To yell, whoop, boo, hoot (at someone).Gasuran ta mān kaw bang kita madtu na.I’ll yell at you when it’s time to leave.Cf.*ulakulangtawag
gataꞌnEmulsion of coconut.A liquid preparation resembling milk obtained by soaking fresh grated coconut in water and then squeezing out the juice.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To add emulsion of coconut in cooking to increase the flavor, cook with emulsion of coconut.Gataan ku in istaꞌ.I will cook the fish with coconut emulsion.Cf.puttiniyug
gatas1nMilk.Marayaw ha bataꞌ-bataꞌ in gatas sin inaꞌ.The milk from the mother is good for the baby.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To add milk (to something).Gatasi kunuꞌ in kahawa.Please add some milk to the coffee.2vpat -un.(For a woman) to begin to lactate.Giyatas na in inaꞌ sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The mother of the child has begun to have milk in her breasts.
gatusnA hundred.adjHundreds.Gatus in kiyabalanjaꞌ nila pagpauspital ha anak nila.They spent hundreds for the hospitalization of their baby.adjgatusanBy the hundreds, in terms of hundreds.Gatusan in sīn diyarā niya.He was carrying pesos by the hundreds.umbul
gaus1nPower, means, strength, ability, capability.Way gaus ta pagpaiskul kaymu.We don’t have the means to send you to school.adjmakagausPowerful, strong, capable.Makagaus in tau pilakan.A rich man is powerful.vag mang-; ran -an.To afford to, be able, exercise one’s power or strength (to do something hard or difficult).Diꞌ ku kagausan in sukat nila.I can’t afford the dowry they asked.Gausan ku in pagpaiskul kaymu.I will try to (afford to) send you to school (and will succeed).Cf.kawasakusug 12vpat -un.To wrong, deceive, or kill (someone).Minsan bagay niya atawa kampung niya gausun niya da.He wrongs even his friends or relatives.
gawa1vpat -un.To put (oneself) in another person’s position or situation (mentally).Gawaha ha baran mu bang mangiꞌ kaymu mangiꞌ da isab ha kaibanan.Put yourself in the other person’s position, what is bad for you is also bad for others.
gawa2nApprehension, misgiving, mistrust, doubt (also kagawahan).Unu in kagawahan mu magad kākuꞌ?What misgivings do you have about coming along with me?Cf.hanggawvtpat -un.To frighten (someone with the feeling of falling or stumbling).Gawahun ta siya bat umulak.Let’s frighten her so she will scream.vipat ma-, -un.To have the feeling of falling.Paggawahun aku magꞌatud pa babaꞌ dayn ha bāy mataas.I have a feeling of falling when I look down from a tall building.
gawa-gawanThe trigger (of a gun).Ayaw utunga in gawa-gawa sin sinapang.Don’t pull the trigger of the rifle.