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gawangnPitfall, hidden trap, hole (in the surface of a floor, bamboo walk, etc.).Maluag in gawang ha lantay namuꞌ.There is a big hole in our flooring.Cf.lungagmahulug pa gawangidiomnTo speak evil of someone without realizing that they or their relatives are present (lit. to fall in a hole or trap).Kamayaꞌ kaw magbissara, mahulug kaw pa gawang.Be careful in speaking, you might say something evil of someone in their presence.
gawgariꞌnA file, a carpenter’s tool for filing wood or metal.Gawgari in pagꞌusalun bang maghayt gatgat.A file is used to sharpen a hand saw.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To file (something with such a tool).Gawgarian ku in pūhan sin kalis ku.I will file the handle of my kris.Cf.kigkig
gawgawvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To agitate or stir (a liquid).Ayaw gawgawa in kahawa.Don’t stir the coffee.Cf.lamugay 1
gawgutadj(Of people) firm, rigid, unyielding.Mahunit bissarahan in tau gawgut.It’s hard to convince an unyielding person.Cf.tugas 2
gawhaꞌnAn opening, clearing, an area of land clear of trees.Awn nagtutubuꞌ ha gawhaꞌ yan.There’s something growing in that clearing.
gawinErrand, object, purpose, mission.Unu in gawi mu mari?What is your purpose in coming?vag mag-; pat un.To do (something) purposely or intentionally, purpose (something).Ayaw na kaw magtulak bang way da gawihun mu tuud.Don’t go on that trip if there’s nothing you’re really purposing.Cf.maksud
gawmutgimb. equiv. ofkawmut2vTo squeeze out (juice from something).
gawnggang1adj(Of wood, vegetables, etc.) hollow, not solid, having a cavity.Bang mu pukpukun in kahuy gawnggang magtingug gandang.If you knock hollow wood it will sound like a drum.vST pat -um-.To be or become hollow.Gumawnggang in mital bang way na luun.The can will become hollow if it doesn’t have content.2vact/pat -um-.To be lacking in courage, (for one’s mind) to be blank.Gimawnggang in lawm atay ku.I lack the courage.Gimawnggang in pamikil ku.My mind is blank.
gawtnA girth, band or strap (made of nylon, folded cloth or string, etc., used to fasten around the waist to hold a load in place as on a horse, cow, or carabao); a belt or string used to hold one securely (as a safety precaution, as a safety belt or line when diving).vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To fasten such a strap, cinch (something).Gawtun ta sin lubid in karut lahing bat diꞌ mahulug.We’ll cinch the sack of coconut with rope so it won’t fall.Gawtan ta kaw ha lingkuran bat kaw diꞌ maligad.I’ll strap you in the chair so you won’t tip over.Cf.bikal*hukutkambut
gayadnThe width (of cloth).adjmagayad(Of cloth) broad, wide.Subay kakanaꞌ magayad in hipagkurtina.A wide cloth is needed to make a curtain.Cf.luaglakbang
gayangnA bladed weapon (similar to a bolo, having a long blade).Landuꞌ in habaꞌ sin gayang hi Bapaꞌ Usman.The bladed weapon of Uncle Usman is very long.Cf.kalisbarungutakjanap
gaydvar. ofgaidadvPurposely, intentionally.
gaynnThe 17th letter of the Arabic alphabet, a voiced velar fricative.
gayungnA small vessel (made of coconut-shell, bamboo, or tin) used to scoop (water), dipper.Nabuslut na in gayung tubig.The dipper for scooping water is already leaking.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To scoop (water).Gumayung aku tubig ha puga.I will scoop water from the jar.Cf.sasawksawk
giꞌtungvar.gitungnMiddle, center.Lima in ha giꞌtung sin upat iban unum.Five is in the middle of (i.e., in between) four and six.vpat pa-…-un.To place (something) at the middle or center.Pagiꞌtunga in pinggan.Put the bowl in the center.ngiꞌtunganMiddle, center.Palingkura siya ha giꞌtungan.Let him sit in the middle.Cf.ūt 1
giakvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To split or break (something, esp. wood).Giaka in kahuy sin kapa.Split the wood with an ax.Cf.*sipak*tuis*lugiak
gibavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To hold (someone) on one’s lap.Gibaha hi Utuꞌ.Hold the little boy on your lap.apuꞌ gibacomp.vSecond descending generation from ego, grandchild (including those of one’s siblings and cousins).
*gidgidvag mag-; pat -un, hi-; ran -an.With pat focus, an instrument is in view.To rub (something) vigorously against (something else), rub (something) off.Gidgirun ta in gahaꞌ sin batu.We’ll rub off the rust with a stone.Gidgiri sin batu in basiꞌ bat maīg in gahaꞌ niya.Rub a stone against that steel so that the rust will come off.ngigidgid(Anything rough used as) sandpaper.In gigidgid iyusal niya nakapagpalanuꞌ sin kahuy.The sandpaper he used made the wood clean.Cf.kusu
giikvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To step on, tread on (something); crush (something, esp. grains with one’s feet, as rice to remove it from the stalks), thresh.Giiki in lahipan!Step on the centipede!Kiyagiikan ku in anak iruꞌ.I stepped on the puppy accidentally.Giikan ta in pāy.We will thresh the rice.Cf.gindas*tasak 1Bang kaw piyagigiik ha abaga, ayaw kaw dumāg pa ū.sayingvDon’t abuse a privilege (lit. If you’re allowed to step on the shoulder, don’t climb to the head).
gīknA hard stone used in jewelry, jade.
gikapnA page (of a book).Pilangka-gikap in nabassa mu?How many pages did you finish reading?
gikus1nA coil (of rope, rattan, vine, etc.).Bīhi kita hangka-gikus lubid.Buy me a coil of rope.vag mag-; pat -un.To coil (something).Gikusa in manga bagun.Coil those vines.Cf.*libudgulung
gikus2nThe backrest (of a loom).In gikus hipagbutang ha taykud sin maghahablun.The backrest is placed at the back of the one weaving.Cf.hablun
gīlvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To sharpen, whet, grind (as a bladed weapon).Ginīl niya marayaw in utak.He sharpened the bolo very well.ngīlanA whetstone.Gīla in kalis sin batu gīlan.Grind the kris on the whetstone.SYN.*hasaꞌ
gilaadjFrantic with delight, wildly excited, delirious, enthusiastic (usu. with sexual connotation).Gila na in babai ini sin pagtunang-tunang niya.This girl is delirious with her love affair.vST pat ma-.To become frantic with delight, wildly excited, delirious.Magila sakān didtu ha Manilaꞌ.You’ll become wildly excited in Manila.Cf.kāngug 1