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giling1vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To crank (something), keep (something) revolving or turning.Hisiyu in maggiling sin makina ini?Who’ll crank this machine?Cf.gulungligut 1.1magiling in jantungidiomvTo lose one’s mind, become crazy or insane as a result of too much grief over the loss of a loved one (lit. for one’s heart to turn around and around).Nagiling in jantung sin inaꞌ pagꞌingat miyatay in anak.The mother lost her mind when she learned that her child died.2vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To grind (something, as coffee or corn).Gilinga in kahawa.You grind the coffee.ngilinganA grinder.Kāa in gilingan ha sawm sin lamisahan.Get the grinder under the table.
giluknVoluptuousness, sensuousness (usu. of women).Nakalanduꞌ in giluk sin babai yan.That girl’s sensuousness is just too much.adjmagilukVoluptuous, sexy, erotic.Magiluk isab in babai yan.That girl is sexy.Cf.bigaꞌbaislandiꞌ
gimbanThe interior (of a country), a rural area.Naghulaꞌ in bagay ku ha gimba.My friend is staying in the interior.adjFrom the interior or the country, rural.Mataud na in tau gimba naghuhulaꞌ ha Tiyanggi.There are many country people who are staying in the town.Awn isab pagbiddaan sin bichara sin tau higad iban sin tau gimba.There is a difference in the speech of the rural people and those living on the coasts.ANT.higad 1adjgimbahanunPertaining to the speech of people from the interior (of Jolo Island) or from the areas away from Jolo town.ANT.parianunparian
gindasvag -um-; ran -an.To step on or trip on (something).Gindas kaw ha kahuy yan.Step on that wood.Apit aku timukbung nakagindas aku ha pilinsahan.I almost fell, I tripped on the iron.Nakagindas in siki niya baga kāyu.His foot stepped on a live ember.Cf.giik*tasak 1Bang kaw piyagigindas ha abaga ayaw kaw dumag pa ū.sayingvDon’t abuse a pivilege (lit. If you are allowed to step on the shoulder don’t climb to the head).
ginhawa1nThe inner part of a person, spirit, the thinking, feeling part of a person (as distinguished from the body), mind, intellect.Bang kaw baldusa, asal mu na tantuha, ginhawa mu mabinasa duun ha adlaw kiyamat.If you’re a sinner it is certain that your spirit will suffer on the day of judgement.Binasa in ginhawa mu bang mataud in kasusahan mu.Your mind is troubled when you have lots of problems.Cf.nyawajasad2nDignity, self-esteem.Way ginhawa sin tau mangangakkal ha pagkahi niya.A man who inveterately deceives his fellowmen has no dignity.vag mag-.To have or behave with dignity.In tau yan naggiginhawa ha baran niya.That man behaves himself with dignity.Cf.martabbat
ginhawa barannThe whole being (of a person), body and soul (of a person).Binasa in ginhawa baran bang mataud in kasusahan.A person’s whole being will suffer if he is beset with many problems.
ginisvar.jinisnKind, variety.Pilangka-ginis in istaꞌ ha tabuꞌ?How many kinds of fish are at the market?adjginisanVaried, of different kinds, various.Ginisan in diyaragang ha tinda yaun.That store is selling various goods.Cf.indalupa
ginis babarapavar.jinis babarapanMany kinds (of things), many different (things).Ginis babarapa in kiyakitaan ku pattaꞌ.I saw many kinds of pictures.Ginis babarapa na ini in nasabbut mu.You’ve mentioned many different things.
gingguꞌvtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To shake (an object, [as a watch to start it] or a person [to wake him, etc.]).Ayaw ginggua in lilus mu.Don’t shake your watch.viact/pat mag-.(For an object) to shake.Naggingguꞌ in tubig ha lawm sin kassaꞌ.The water in the bottle is shaking.Cf.*jugjugkimbuꞌ 1
gipit1nA clothespin, hair clip, something used to pinch other objects.SYN.sipit 1vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To squeeze, press, compress (something) between two points; crush, squash (something).Gipitun ta in liug niya bang lumabay dayn ha tandawan.He will crush his neck if he passes through the window.vipat ma-; ran ka-…-an.To be or become squeezed, pressed, compressed, crushed between two points.Magipit sa yan in bataꞌ bang mataud tau ha sīni.The child will be squashed if there are lots of people in the movie theater.Kiyagipitan sin jīp in maas babai.The old woman was crushed by a jeep.Cf.tugsuk 12vag mag-; pat -un.To get (something from someone) by exerting pressure.Gipitun ta in tau ini bat mamaytaꞌ sin bunnal.We’ll exert pressure on this fellow so he’ll tell the truth.
giripuvar.gripunA tap, faucet.Wayruun tubig magguwaꞌ ha giripu.There’s no water from the tap.OV SYN.pansul
giritnA tear, fray (as in paper or cloth).Awn girit sin badjuꞌ niya.His shirt has a tear.adjTorn, frayed.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To tear (something).Ayaw girita in gikap sin būk.Don’t tear up the page of a book.Gīritan niya in būk ku.He tore a portion of my book.vipat ma-.(For something) to be or become torn.Magbayad kaw bang yan magirit.You’ll pay if that gets torn.OV SYN.gisiꞌ
*gīsvag mag-; pat -un.To tear (something) apart roughly (with the hands along a line), rip (something such as cloth or leaves).Gīsa sadja in kakanaꞌ yan sabab way gunting ta.Just rip that cloth for we don’t have scissors.OV SYN.gisiꞌgirit
*gisaTag.vag mag-; pat -un.To sauté (meat, seafood, or chopped up vegetables with a little fat and seasoning).Gisaha ba kākuꞌ in manga ullang ini.Will you saute these shrimps for me?OV SYN.guling
gisgisvar.kiskisvAR ag mang-, mag-, -um-; ran -an.To brush (one’s teeth).Gisgisi in ipun mu ampa kaw madtu pa iskul.Brush your teeth before you go to school.ngigisgisA toothbrush.Subay paggantian in gigisgis kahabaꞌ maabut in tū bulan.You have to change the toothbrush every three months.
gisiꞌnA tear, rip.adjTorn or frayed (as of paper or cloth).Gisiꞌ in kātas dīhil kākuꞌ.The paper given to me is torn.vtCH 2 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To tear something (haphazardly, cf. gīs).Maytaꞌ mu gīsiꞌ?Why did you tear it?Gisian ta hangka-tiyuꞌ in kātas ini.Let’s tear off a little portion of this paper.vipat ma-.(For something) to tear or fray.Kamayaꞌ kaw bat yan diꞌ magisiꞌ.Be careful so it won’t tear.OV SYN.giritCf.saksak
gisungvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To wake up for a short time (and go back to sleep again), interrupt (one’s sleep).Nakagisung aku sin paghinang sahul kabii.I woke up for a short time when they were cooking the night meal last night.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ gisungun in pagtūg niya.She doesn’t want her sleep to be interrupted.Ayaw mu siya gisunga bang natutūg.Don’t wake her up when she’s asleep.Cf.batiꞌ
gitaraEng.nA guitar.nag mag-.To play a guitar.Hinduan ta kaw maggitara.I’ll teach you to play the guitar.Cf.kulaingbiyulaalpasawnay
gituꞌnPart of a thorn or splinter (broken off and remaining in the flesh).Masakit tuud in gituꞌ ha siki ku.The thorn in my foot is very painful.SYN.sukmu
gituk1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To tickle (someone).Gitukun ku siya bat kumatawa.I’ll tickle him so he will laugh.2adjmagitukSqueamish, afraid, shuddery, having a feeling of aversion for something.Magituk aku ha hās.I feel squeamish about snakes.Cf.kīg-kīg
gitungvar. ofgiꞌtungnMiddle; center.
giyagaynThe dry flower bract of the coconut.niyug
grabivar. ofgarabiadjSevere, bad, serious, extensive.
graduwitEng.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To receive a degree or diploma (on completing a course of study), complete (a course of study).Maggraduwit aku tambul iskul ini.I’ll graduate this closing of school.
gripuvar. ofgiripunA tap, faucet.