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gunting1nScissors.Mahayt in gunting sin barbiru.The scissors of the barber are sharp.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To cut something (with scissors or an instrument resembling scissors).Guntingun ku in kātas ini magduwa.I’ll cut this paper in two.Subay guntingan in saya ini. Mahabaꞌ tuud.You should cut some off of this skirt. It’s very long.vag magpa-.To have (one’s hair) cut.Magpagunting aku sin buhuk ku.I’ll have my hair cut.utudnmagguguntingA barber.Maggugunting da in makapaanduk ha sultan.It’s only the barber who can make the king bow his head.SYN.balbiru2npagguntingThe ritual or ceremonial cutting of a child’s hair in the first year by a priest (usu. done at the same time as the pagtimbang and the paghakika).Kuꞌnu in paggunting ha anak mu?When will you have the hair cutting ceremony for your child?Cf.pagtimbangtimbang 1.2paghakikahakikavag magpa-.To hold such a ceremony.Mangluruk kami bang kaw magpagunting ha anak mu.We’ll attend when you hold the hair cutting ceremony for your child.
gunggung1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To hold (something) tightly, possess, keep or hold back (something).Gunggungi in bataꞌ ha lima bat diꞌ mahūg.Hold the child tightly by the hand so she won’t fall.Inaꞌ in naggunggung sin katān pilak.The mother keeps all the money.Ayaw kaw maggunggung sin altaꞌ bukun kaymu.Don’t possess any wealth that doesn’t belong to you.Ayaw gunggungi in ipatan bang mabayaꞌ na mīg.Don’t keep your servant if she really wants to leave.Cf.kaput1 1.1tawꞌ
gunggung2adjSlow of understanding, dull-minded.Gunggung in bagay niya.His friend is dull-minded.Siya na in gunggung dayn ha katān.He is the most dull-minded.Cf.bungug
gūnggūngannThroat, windpipe; larynx.Diꞌ aku makatūn tubig. Masakit in gūnggūngan.I can’t swallow water. My throat is sore.Cf.liug6: The Parts of the Body
gungutannA drawstring.Hinangi gungutan in saya niya.Make a drawstring for her skirt.
*gupuvpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To shake, become nervous or troubled (usu. as a result of diffidence).Paggupuhun aku magbissara ha katauran tau.I get nervous when I speak in front of many people.Cf.bugaꞌhanggawsipug
guraꞌ-guraꞌvag mang-; pat -un.To mock (someone).Giyuguraꞌ-guraꞌ siya sin manga anak niya.She’s been mocked by her children.Guraꞌ-guraun mu hadja in tau.You just mock people.Cf.panussaꞌ-nussaꞌ
gurunA teacher of Islamic studies or of esoteric knowledge.In umbul duwa pa Tuhan amu in inaꞌ, amaꞌ iban guru.Second to God are our parents and teachers of Islam.vag mag-; pat -un.To learn from such a teacher.Magguru aku kaniya ilmuꞌ.I will learn esoteric power from him.Cf.mastal
gusawvag mag-, -um-.To come out.Diꞌ maggusaw in lambiꞌ dayn ha pais niya.The snail does not come out of its shell.Kalu-kalu awn da tubuꞌ sin Panglima Hassan gumusaw.Hopefully there will come out offspring from Panglima Hassan.Cf.guwaꞌ 1
gusuknA rib (the bone).Nabaliꞌ in gusuk sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ nahulug dayn ha taas bāy.The child’s rib was broken when she fell from the house.GENR.bukug
gūtvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (flesh) all the way through.Gūta in istaꞌ.Cut the fish all the way through.Cf.huyaꞌhilapgaliꞌdīputud
gutasnHunger, starvation.Miyatay gutas in bataꞌ.The child died of hunger.vag magpa-; pat -un.To become hungry, starve.Gutasun in manga paguy bang diꞌ makakaun ha lawm duway adlaw.The evacuees will starve if they can’t eat within two days.Malamma in tau giyugutas.A person who is starving is weak.Cf.hapdiꞌbungtasgutum
*gutgutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To fiddle (something, as a violin).Gutguti kita kalangan ha biyula mu yan.Fiddle us a tune on your violin.ngugutgutA bow (of a violin).Nabaliꞌ in gugutgut sin biyula niya.The bow of his violin was broken.
gutuknA curse that befalls someone who has sworn falsely on the Holy Koran.In sakit kiyugdan gutuk diꞌ kaulian sin duktur.An illness caused by a curse from swearing falsely on the Koran cannot be cured by a doctor.vpat -un.To be afflicted with such a curse.Ayaw kaw magsapa ha Kuraan bang kaw diꞌ mabayaꞌ gutukun.Don’t swear on the Koran if you don’t want to be afflicted with a curse from swearing falsely on it.Cf.suknaꞌ
gutumnFamine, starvation.Miyatay siya gutum.He died of starvation.adjmagutumCharacterized by famine.Minsan unu in hitanum, matay da sin suga. Magutum in hulaꞌ.Whatever one plants, it dies in the sun. There is a famine in our place.vpat mag-, -um-, -un.To be or become in a condition of famine or starvation.Bang way na kakaun gutumun na in hulaꞌ.If there’s no more food, there will be famine in the country.Cf.bungtashapdiꞌgutas
*guunvag mang-, mag-; pat -un.To anticipate (an outcome); expect, hope for (something).Walaꞌ aku nagguun sin tabang niya.I didn’t anticipate his help.Giyuguun ku dumatung kaw ha masamut.I expected that you would arrive sooner.OV SYN.*huwat
guwaꞌ1nThe outside (of a house, room, etc.).Ha guwaꞌ sila nagpanayam būla.They played with the ball outside.ANT.lawm 1.1vTR ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To exit, come out, appear.Guwaꞌ kaw dayn ha bilik.Come out from the room.Kuꞌnu gumuwaꞌ in Sulu Studies II?When will the Sulu Studies II come out?Guwaun ku in manga bisita.I will go out to the visitors (i.e., to greet them or usher them into the house).vCV 1 pat hi-, -un.To let (something) out.Subay ta higuwaꞌ in sakit atay ta.We have to let out our hard feelings.ANT.sūd1 1.1npagguwaꞌThe coming out (of something).Jagahi in pagguwaꞌ sin manga tau dayn ha bāy yaun.Watch for the coming out of the people from that building.nguwaanAn exit.Dapit pakain in guwaan sin sīni?Which way does the movie exit face?2nResult, outcome, the way something turns out (also guwaan).Unu da in guwaꞌ sin pagmiting niyu?What was the outcome of your meeting?Mahumu mangiꞌ in guwaan sin anak piyararakag.Usually a spoiled brat has a bad outcome (i.e., turns out bad).
guyaꞌ1nFlimsiness, weakness.Bang biyaꞌ ha yan in guyaꞌ sin kakanaꞌ ayaw na kaw magbī.If that’s the flimsiness of the material, don’t buy it.adjNot durable, easy to break (as of rope); shabby or threadbare, flimsy (as of clothes); physically weak so as to be susceptible to diseases.Maguyaꞌ in baran sin bataꞌ ini.This child’s body is physically weak.vST pat -um-.To become shabby or threadbare, physically weak so as to be susceptible to diseases.Gimuyaꞌ na in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress has become shabby.ANT.kamdus 12adj(Of conviction or belief) easily swayed.
guyaꞌ ataynEmotionality, quickness to weep.adjmaguyaꞌ atayEmotional, quick to weep.Maguyaꞌ in atay sin babai yan. Hangkarayꞌ tumangis.That woman is emotional. She weeps easily.atay
guyud1vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To drag, pull (something).Guyura in bangkuꞌ pa dugu yadtu.Drag the chair to that corner.OV SYN.*utung2vAQ ag/goal mang-; pat -un.To abduct (someone, often a girl in order to marry her).Guyurun ta in tunang ku.We’ll abduct my girlfriend.Cf.*kidnap*dakup