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*hukuꞌ-hukuꞌvact mag-.To sob, weep.Naghukuꞌ-hukuꞌ in bataꞌ pagꞌubus liyubakan sin amaꞌ.The child was sobbing after he was whipped by his father.Cf.tangis
*hukumvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To judge, try or decide a case in court (either civil or criminal).Kunsūm hukumun in parakalaꞌ mu.Tomorrow your case will be judged.Cf.hisabnmanghuhukumA judge or person acting in the capacity of a judge.In amaꞌ sin bataꞌ yan manghuhukum.The father of that child is a judge.SYN.huwisnhukumanJudgment, decision of a court.Patayun in hukuman dīhil kaniya.The judgment given to him is that he will die (i.e., the verdict is death).Daugun hadjaꞌ in hiyuhukum bang in paghukum sin manghuhukum hukuman kulampiraꞌ.The accused will always be guilty if the judge gives a one-sided judgment.
hukuman dapitnOne-sided judgment.Bukun marayaw in hukuman dapit.A one-sided judgment is not good.
*hukutnRope, string or the like; a tie.vAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To tie, fasten (something).Hukuti in manuk bat diꞌ makabuluy.Tie the leg of the chicken so it can’t get away.Cf.lubidbaggut
hukut liugnA necklace.Napuklas in hukut liug sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ.The necklace of the child became unfastened.
hulaꞌ1.1nCountry, home, province, district.Hawnu in hulaꞌ niyu?What province do you come from?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To make one’s dwelling, reside.Hain kaw naghuhulaꞌ?Where do you live?Didtu na kami maghulaꞌ ha daira.We’ll reside in the city.nhulaanPlace of one’s residence, where one resides.Muwiꞌ na kita pa hulaan.Let’s go home to our place of residence.1.2nWeather.Diꞌ naa kami tumulak sabab mangiꞌ hulaꞌ.We will not travel yet because of bad weather.2vhulaꞌ-hulaꞌ ag mag-.To get married.Subay tutug in pamikil mu bang kaw nakapikil na maghulaꞌ-hulaꞌ.You should be stable when you’re already thinking of getting married.taga paghulaꞌcomp.adjMarried.
hulakadjOftentimes, many times, again and again, over-satisfied.Hulak na aku ha pagbunuan.I have gone to war many times.Cf.*sumusangdan2
hulanuggimb.hulaꞌnugnA dull sound produced by a heavy falling object, thud.Karungugan in hulanug sin pagkanyun ha Indanan mari.The thud of the cannon falling at Indanan can be heard here.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To make such a sound.Naghulanug in niyug naligad kabii.The coconut that fell last night made a thud.Cf.hulangkadlagungkad
hulangkadnA heavy reverberating booming sound (made by the explosion or impact of a heavy falling object, as of incoming artillery shells or falling trees).Nakabatiꞌ aku sin paghulangkad sin kahuy.The booming sound of the tree woke me up.vact/pat -um-.To make such a reverberating, booming noise.Himulangkad sadja in pagkanyun ha gimba.The cannoning in the interior made continuous heavy booming sounds.Cf.lagungkadkularak
hulasnPerspiration, sweat.Timūꞌ na in hulas dayn ha tuktuk mu.Sweat is dripping from your forehead.vran -an.To perspire, sweat.Hiyulasan aku nagtagad kaymu.I perspired waiting for you.
hulas-sangsaꞌnGreat effort (lit. sweat and toil).Hipaglillaꞌ ku kaymu katan in hulas-sangsaꞌ ku.I sincerely give up to you all my great effort.vag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To exert great effort, work exhaustively (esp. in reaching a goal).Bang kaw diꞌ maghulas-sangsaꞌ diꞌ jumatu in unu-unu hinang mu.If you don’t work exhaustively, you won’t succeed in anything you do.Cf.luug
hulat1nA stopper, plug, cork.Nalawaꞌ na in hulat sin tirmus.The cork to the thermos is lost.vtag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To stop up (something with a stopper, plug, cork, as a hole or the mouth of a bottle); plug (something).Subay ta hulatun in tūbu bat diꞌ magbunsuwang in tubig.We should plug the pipe so the water won’t gush out.vipat ma-.To be stopped up.Nahulat in tūbu tubig.The water pipe is stopped up.
hulat2var. of*huwatv[Often rdp.] To look forward to, expect, hope; be confident or assured (of something); trust, rely, depend, count or reckon on.
*hulawvact/pat -um-.To cease, stop, (as of rain).Bang humulaw in ulan buwara in diyakdakan.When the rain stops hang up the washing.Pahulawun ta naa in ulan ampa kita muwiꞌ.Let’s wait for the rain to stop and then we’ll go home.Cf.hundunghuwas
hulayavar. ofluhayaadjFree from control, obstacle, restriction.
*hulivag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To cause to be at the last, end, or rear.Magpahuli na aku kumaun.I will eat later.Pahulihun ku in paghugas sin manga anglit.I’ll put the washing of the pots last.vran ka-…-an.To be late.Hisiyu-siyu in kahulihan magꞌinrul awn multa niya.Whoever is late to enroll will be fined.nhulihan(See ulihan).adjmahuliLater, the last (part of something).Mahuli na yan piyakitaꞌ kāmuꞌ.That was shown to us later.Cf.hinapusantapusduhulhuling bataꞌcomp.adjThe young generation, the youth.In huling bataꞌ bihaun mahunit kahinduan.It is hard to teach the youth of today.
*hulid1vag mag-; pat -un.To lie or sleep together (as of a married couple, mother and child).Hiyuhulid sin inaꞌ in anak niya.The mother is sleeping together with her child.Cf.kulang1 12vag mang-.Euph.(For a man) to have sexual intercourse with (a woman).Ayaw kaw manghulid sin babai bukun asawa mu.Don’t sleep with a woman who is not your wife.
hulihanvar. ofulihannBehind (as of someone following in a line), the last (of a series of things), rear (as in a bus).
hūlinnA marble (used in games).Mataud hūlin diyaragang ha tinda lannang.There are many marbles sold at the Chinese store.vag mag-.To play with marbles.Maghūlin hadja in bataꞌ ini minsan maas na.This kid just plays marbles even though he is big already.
hulmaꞌnA date (the fruit).Pagdāhun sin manga maghahadjiꞌ in hulmaꞌ.Dates are brought by those who make the pilgrimage.Cf.dalimaꞌanggul
*hulmatvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To do service (for someone), entertain, show respect by service or gifts (esp. to or for a person of high rank, as a sultan, datu, or president).Hulmatun ta in datuꞌ sin pangalay.We’ll entertain the datuꞌ with a slow formal dance.nhuhulmatanEntertainment (in the form of goods, money, food, songs, or program for enjoyment); a gift given to show affection, support, appreciation, or reverence.Nagdā in dayn ha kausugan huhulmatan sin pagturul taymaꞌ.The party of the groom brought entertainment during the engagement.Cf.lagguꞌ 2labut
hulubalangnA great warrior, hero.Hi Tumanggung Bantilan in hulubalang sin pagbunuꞌ sin Kastilaꞌ.Tumanggung Bantilan was the great warrior in the war during the Spanish times.
hulugvar.hūg1viST pat ma-; exp ka-…-an.To fall or drop (from a height); be fallen on (by something).Nahulug in bataꞌ dayn ha taas kahuy.The child fell from the tree.Kamayaꞌ kaw, kahulugan kaw sin batu.Be careful, the rock might fall on you.vtag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; goal -an.To drop (something purposely), mail (a letter).Hihulug ku na in bahudjiꞌ.I’ll drop the anchor.Kuꞌnu kaw maghulug sin sulat?When will you mail the letter?OV SYN.*tanakpakpak 12vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To give or pay (interest on money [with anak 2]), give (change in a money transaction, an opinion).Hulugi anak in singsing siyandaꞌ mu.Pay interest on the ring you pawned.Humulug kami pikilan kaymu pasal sin parakalaꞌ yan.We’ll give you our opinion concerning that matter.nChange (given after paying with a larger bill or coin).Pila in hulug niya kaymu?How much change did he give you?
humayvar. ofjunaynSpiced cooked rice with yellow coloring wrapped in a banana leaf.
humbavar. ofumbavTo show oneself suddenly (out of a door, window, etc.), appear suddenly.