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hurusadjSlipped down, slid down.Hurus in pantalun niya.His pants slipped down.vtag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To loosen and remove (curtains, pillow cases, etc.); slip out of (one’s clothes).Hurusi na in badjuꞌ mu. Basaꞌ sin hulas.Slip out of your clothes. They are wet with sweat.vipat ma-.To (become loose and) slip or fall, become loose-fitting and easy to adjust.Mahaluy in pantalun mu. Gana-gana mahurus.Your pants are loose. Later they might slip.Cf.haluy 1hubuꞌlurus
husaꞌadjOverworked, overtaxed, overstrained, overburdened.Husaꞌ in kābaw ha pagꞌaaruhan.That water buffalo is overworked in plowing.vag mag-; pat -un.To overwork, overtask, overstrain, overburden (something).Ayaw mu husaa in daraakun mu.Don’t overwork your housemaid.nkahusaanFatigue, weariness, tiredness, exhaustion.Makarihil kahusaan in hinang ini.This work can cause weariness.Cf.hapus
husayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To disentangle, untangle, unravel (something, as a confused mess of thread or string); comb disheveled (hair).Husaya in buhuk mu.Comb your disheveled hair.
*hutadvag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To stretch (as in yawning, relaxing, reclining), spread out one’s limbs to full extent, stretch (something) out.Subay kaw manghutad-hutad bat kaw diꞌ lammahan.You should stretch yourself so you won’t get weak.Hutara in manga biyuwad bat hangkarayꞌ tumahay.Stretch out the washed clothes so they will dry easily.OV SYN.kutadbitad*bisudhinit
hutbaꞌnA sermon (usu. given in the mosque on Friday).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To preach (a sermon in the mosque or on the radio or TV).In Muslim maghutbaꞌ sakahabaꞌ sambahayang Jumaat.Muslims preach sermons every Friday during Friday prayers.Cf.nasihat
huunintjYes (affirmation).Huun, matun da aku kunsūm.Yes, I’ll go there tomorrow.vag mag-, -um-.To give an affirmative reply, agree (with something).Ayaw kaw humuun bang kaw diꞌ da magad kāmuꞌ.Don’t say yes if you don’t intend to come with us.SYN.*tanguꞌ
huwalvar. of*kuhalvTo mix or blend (something) with a ladle or spatula.
huwasadvAfter, afterwards, right after.Huwas sin bunuꞌ dunya mataud in bangsa kiyasigpitan.After the world war many nations suffered.vact -um-, mag-; ran pag-…-an.(For trouble, a fight, disorder, confusion, a cannonade, etc.) to stop, come to an end.Diꞌ na paghuwasan sin lingug in hulaꞌ Pilipinas ini.There is no ending of trouble in the Philippines.Pahuwasun ta naa muna in hiluhalaꞌ ampa kita muwiꞌ.We’ll wait for the uproar to end then we’ll go home.OV SYN.*hupay
huwas-huwasvag -um-, mag-, mang-.To explain so as to free oneself of any blame or accusation.Subay kaw manghuwas-huwas sin pasal singsing nalawaꞌ.You’ve got to explain yourself regarding the lost ring, so you won’t be accused of stealing it.npaghuwas-huwasThe act of explaining so as to free oneself from any blame or accusation.
*huwatvar.hulat2vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.Often rdp.To look forward to, expect, hope; be confident or assured (of something); trust, rely, depend, count or reckon on (something).Unu in huwatun mu karayawan ha mahuli adlaw bang mangiꞌ in hinang mu ha dunya?What good do you hope for in the next life when you do bad things in this world?Way siya naghuwat sin mabuhiꞌ pa siya.She didn’t expect to live.Ayaw kaw manghuwat-huwat sin janjiꞌ niya.Don’t rely on his promise.In tau putingan diꞌ mahuwat-huwat.A person who lies can’t be trusted.Ayaw kaw maghuwat-huwat sin tabang niya.Don’t count on his help.OV SYN.pangandulCf.angan-anganadjhuwat-huwatConfident, expectant.Huwat-huwat siya sin ingat niya.She’s confident of her knowledge.Huwat-huwat aku diꞌ mu pasāran in anak ku.I am confident that you will not neglect my child.Huwat-huwat aku yari kaw, hangkan aku miyari.I was expectant that you were here, that’s why I came.
huwisTag.nA judge.Piyamahalayak na sin huwis in hukuman.The judge announced the decision of the court.OV SYN.manghuhukum*hukumCf.piskalabugaw
huyaꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To slice (something fairly soft as meat or fruit).Maghuyaꞌ kita mampallam.Let’s slice mangoes.Huyaun ku na in unud sapiꞌ ini.I’ll slice the meat of this beef.OV SYN.dīphilapCf.*tuktuk1utud
huyupviact/pat -um-.(For the wind) to blow.Himuyup in hangin.The wind blew.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To blow (something with the mouth); sound (a wind instrument, whistle, horn, etc.); blow (a current of air); blow up (a balloon).Huyupa in tambu-tambu.Blow up the balloon.nhuyup-huyupA wind instrument (as a trumpet or harmonica).Cf.pītu