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hallugimb.haꞌlunA pestle (esp. for pounding rice).Kawaa in hallu. Magbayu kita pāy.Get the pestle. We will pound some rice.OV SYN.babayubayuCf.lusungpipisan*pipis
halluwanA confection made from pounded rice or corn, sugar, and coconut milk.Masarap in kahinang sin halluwa ini.The way this pounded rice confection is made is delicious.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To make this kind of confection.7: Kinds of Confections Served at Special Occasions
haluꞌ1adjRotten.Ayaw kaw magbī sin istaꞌ haluꞌ.Don’t buy rotten fish.vST pat -um-, ma-.To become rotten.Mahaluꞌ in baran sin tau bang siya patay na.The body of a person will rot when he dies.OV SYN.dugdug 12nAny sexually transmitted disease.8: Diseases
haluꞌ atayadjUngrateful.In tau haluꞌ atay diꞌ magpanumtum buddi.An ungrateful person doesn’t remember a debt of gratitude.atay
halubilunA great disturbance or disorder, trouble, confusion (as of country and people).Halubilu in lawm hulaꞌ.There is a great disturbance in the country.vpat ma-.To be or become disorderly, troubled, confused, chaotic, upset.Mahalubilu in hulaꞌ bang matay in pirisidin.The country will become chaotic if the president dies.Cf.lingughiluhalaꞌ
halukvact/pat -um-, mag-.To sleep soundly.Nakahaluk sila natūg walaꞌ minsan kiyasayuhan in sugarul.They slept so soundly that they didn’t even notice the thief.adjmahaluk(Of sleep) deep or sound.Mahaluk pakarayaw in pagtūg niyu kabii.Goodness but your sleep was sound last night.
halulgimb. equiv. ofhawladjWounded.
halul-akkaladjVery intelligent.Hi maas Arula tau halul-akkal.The respected Mr. Arola was a very intelligent man.Cf.balꞌakkalpandikalbayan-buddiman
*halulayvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To reunite, reconcile (as husband and wife).Subay halulayun in magtiyaun bat diꞌ makapagbugit.We should reconcile the married couple so they won’t divorce.
haluy1nLooseness.Awn manga hangka-insiꞌ in haluy sin pantalun niya.The looseness of his pants is about one inch.vST pat -um-, mag-.To become loose.Ayaw mu yan siputa bat diꞌ humaluy.Don’t turn that so it won’t become loose.Pahaluya in paghinang mu sin buktun.Make the sleeve loose.adjmahaluyLoose (as of clothing, jewelry, screws, bolts).Mahaluy in tawmpaꞌ ku.My shoes are loose.ANT.sigpit 1Cf.*hukaꞌ 1mahaluy in siputidiomadjLacking in wit (lit. having one’s screws loose).Mahaluy in siput niya.He’s lacking in wit.2adjmahaluy(Of one’s mind) uncluttered and at ease.Mahaluy in pikilan ku.My mind is uncluttered and at ease.3adjmahaluy(Of one’s pockets) empty (i.e., penniless).Mahaluy in bulsa ku adlaw ini.I’m penniless today.
hamaꞌnA kind of small mosquito that gives a stinging bite.Mabisa mangutkut in hamaꞌ.The bite of the small mosquito hurts.Cf.hilam1: Birds and Flying Insects
*hamanadjmahamanNot paying attention, neglectful, procrastinating.Mahaman siya ha hinang niya.He is neglectful of his work.vag mag-; pat -un.Often rdp.To disregard, fail to pay attention, neglect (something), procrastinate (something).Haman-hamanun niya sadja in hinang.He is used to procrastinating his work.Cf.*sād
hambanA slave (as of a sultan).In manga hamba hi ampun yari na.The slaves of the sultan are now here.adj(With raayat) humble.Ampun, yari na in hamba raayat mu.Your highness, here are your humble subjects.Cf.patik
hambāꞌvar. ofambayaꞌadvAlmost, nearly, about to happen but prevented.
*hambinvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To carry (a child) on the hip (with the child’s legs straddling one’s hip and usu. with only one arm supporting the child).Hambina in bataꞌ-bataꞌ sabab awn diyarā ku pamutus.Carry the child for me on your hip because I’ve got this bundle to carry.
hambugnHealthiness, stoutness, chubbiness.Diꞌ hikasipat in hambug sin pamaranan niya.The healthiness of his body is really something.adjmahambug(Of people) fat, stout; (of flowers) healthy, blooming.Mahambug in jambangan nila.Their flower garden is blooming.Cf.tambuk
hambuuk(from hang- + *buuk)1adjA single (thing or unit), one.Hambuuk da in asawa niya.He has only one wife.OV SYN.isa1 Cf.tunggalvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To join (a group), put or bring (things) together; (for people) to unite or live together.Mabayaꞌ kaw humambuuk kanila?Would you like to join them?Subay kitaniyu maghambuuk pikilan ha hikahatul sin hulaꞌ.We should unite our thinking to achieve peace for our country.Hambuukun na in pamī-mī natuꞌ ha labban ini.We’ll put the things we have bought together in this box.2vag mag-.(For a man and a woman) to live together (as husband and wife).Subay diꞌ maghambuuk in usug iban babai bang sila bukun halal kawin.A man and a woman should not live together if they’re not legally married.
hambuuk-buuk(from hang- + *buuk)adjAlone-of-its-kind, unique, the only; only.Hambuuk-buuk Tuhan in nakaingat sin ha lawm atay ku.Only God knows what is in my heart.
hamisgimb.haꞌmisnMoistness, dampness.Nakalanduꞌ in hamis sin badjuꞌ ku.The dampness of my dress is excessive.adjmahamisUndried, damp, moist (of fabrics only, as cloth, lace, thread, etc.).Mahamis in manga badjuꞌ ha pagpahayangan.The clothes on the clothesline are still moist.vST pat -um-.To become damp.Pahamisun ku in badjuꞌ bat diꞌ masulug.I’ll dampen this dress so it can’t be worn.OV SYN.basaꞌhimmil
hamiyunA faint but pervasive smell, scent.Kiyahamutan ku in hamiyu sin suwaꞌ.I smelled the scent of oranges.Cf.bahuꞌ1 1hamut
*hammiladjSlightly runny and muddy, (of batter) soft.Mahammil in addun.The batter is soft.Cf.pitak
HammisnThursday.In dūm Hammis amu na in Wednesday night bang ha manga Milikan.The night of Thursday is Wednesday night according to the Americans.adlaw
hampannAmulet, charm, talisman (generic term).Subay awn hampan mu bat kaw diꞌ kugdanan panghinang-hinang.You should have an amulet so you won’t be injured by some sorcerous doings.SPEC.habay-habayadjimatmanik 1buku 2papakan
hamparannRareA carpet rug.Malingkat in nabī niya hamparan ha bartil.She bought a beautiful carpet rug at the barter trade market.Cf.palmaddaniꞌsudjarakarpit
hampatvar.hapatnClearness.In hampat sin mastal namuꞌ maghinduꞌ diꞌ hikasipat.The clearness of the teaching of our teacher is wonderful.adjClear, discernible.Mahampat in bichara niya.His speech is clear.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un, ka-…-an.Variant is hapat.To understand (something) clearly; explain (something) fully, elucidate (something).Pakusuga in pagbichara mu bat ku kahampatan.Speak loudly so I can understand it clearly.Pahampata in pagsulat mu bat da mabacha.Make your writing clear (i.e., legible) so it can be read.Cf.hantap