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hatudvCV ag mag-; pat hi-, -un.To bring or carry (something from one place to another), escort or conduct (someone somewhere), deliver (something to someone).Haturan madtu kaniya in tukul.Take the hammer to him.Hihatud ku in pagkaun ini madtu pa hansipak bāy.I’ll carry this food to the other house.Hihatud ta kaw pa jambatan.I’ll escort you to the pier.Hipahatud ku kaymu in baul ini pa Manila.I’ll send this trunk with you to Manila.Cf.1.1iban 2
hatulvag mag-; pat -un.To arrange (something) in order (as furniture, bedding, or wall decorations); make proper arrangements (with someone, as a deal); settle or negotiate (something, as a dispute, misunderstanding, or allotment of share).Subay hatulun in pagbahagiꞌ sin untung.We have to settle the apportionment of the profit.nkahatulanArrangement, settlement, peace and order.Way na kahatulan sin Lupaꞌ Sūg.There’s no longer peace and order in Jolo.adjmahatulOrderly, well-behaved, tamed, peaceful.Mahatul na in kuraꞌ yan.That horse is tamed now.
haunuvar.hawnuadvWhere? at what place?Haunu kaw naghuhulaꞌ?Where do you live?Diꞌ kaingatan sin tau bang haunu.People don’t know where.SYN.hariin
hawvag maka-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be able to do something with very little proficiency or competence.Makahaw siya magsulat Sūg.He can write inadequately in Arabic (jawi) script.Makahaw siya magbassa Inglis.He can read a little in English.Makahaw isab aku sin hinang yan.I can do that work with a little skill.adjhawhawQuite distant (so as to be hard to distinguish, hence) hard to see, (of sound) quite faint; having very little knowledge of something; (of one’s memory, sight, or hearing) poor.Hawhaw na in kappal dayn ha jambatan, agun na diꞌ kakitaan.The ship is already quite distant from the wharf, it almost can’t be seen.Hawhaw mari in tingug sin pagtimbak.From here, the sound of the shooting was quite faint.Hawhaw na in pangitaꞌ ku.My sight is poor now.
Hawa1nEve, the wife of Adam (usu. prefaced by Apuꞌ or Sitti).2nA female proper name.
hawa-napsuvar.hawal-napsunLust, desire (usu. for material possessions).Makusug in hawa-napsu niya magꞌaltaꞌ.He has a strong desire for possessions.Cf.mulakabnapsu
hawaꞌvag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To move or get out from, to clear a passage (as a path or road).Hawaꞌ kaw dayn ha dān. Yan na in tarak.Keep out of the road. The truck is coming.Cf.īgsimay
*hawakvag mang-.To stand with arms akimbo, hold one’s hands on one’s waist arms akimbo.Manghawak hadja iban magmandu in tau yaun.That fellow just stands with his arms akimbo and commands people.nhawakanWaist, waistline.Sukura in lagguꞌ sin hawakan ku.Take the measurement of my waistline.
hawal-hawaladjDoubtful, vacillating, wavering.Hawal-hawal aku sin bissara niya.I am in doubt about what he said.vag mag-, -um-.To doubt (something).Diꞌ aku maghawal-hawal sin bissara mu.I will not doubt your word.Cf.hagaw-hagawduwa-ruwaduwa 2
hawanvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To clean (a courtyard, garden, lawn, house, etc.).Hawani in halaman bat malummiꞌ tuud.Clean the yard for it’s very dirty.adjmahawanClean, free of clutter or people.Mahawan in lawm bāy.The house is uncluttered.Cf.*lanuꞌlissin
hawasgimb.haꞌwasvAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To unload (something, as cargo from a boat, truck, launch, etc.).Hawasun na in luwan sin kappal mahapun ini.The cargoes of the boat will be unloaded this afternoon.Hawasan ta kaw lima karut bugas.I’ll unload and bring to you five sacks of rice.
hawatiladjSuspicious (of someone talking or plotting against one).Hawatil in tau yan.That man is suspicious.vag mang-; pat -un.To become sulky over an imaginary grievance, brood, be suspicious (of someone) as plotting against (one); misinterpret (one’s) act or behavior.Nanghawatil siya, nanglimut kitaniyu kunuꞌ kaniya.He is suspicious that we are backbiting him.
*hawaygimb.haꞌwayvact/pat mang-, -um-.(For someone) to turn pale (in complexion).Nanghaway siya pagkitaꞌ ha banta.He turned pale when he saw his enemy.Cf.putiꞌ
hawidvag mag-; ran -an.To hold, hinder, restrain (someone from going away or doing something); hold (something being pulled away).Hawiri siya. Ayaw mu siya paguwaa.Hold him. Don’t let him go out.Cf.*utunglāng
hawlgimb.haluladjWounded.Mataud hawl sundalu.There are many wounded soldiers.vST pat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be or become wounded.Upat in patay. Inday bang pila in nahawl.Four died. I don’t know how many were wounded.Bang awn mahawl subay dāhun pa uspital.If some become wounded they should be taken to the hospital.
*hawnvag mag-; pat -un.To remove (something) from (something else, as clothes from the clothesline, a baby from a cradle, a cooking pot from the stove, food from a frying pan or cooking pot).Hawna in bataꞌ-bataꞌ dayn ha buwahan bang magtangis.Take the child out of the hammock if she cries.Cf.īg
hawpvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To share or cooperate (in the purchase or payment of something), help (someone) pay for (something).Maghawp na kita sin bayad sin pagpadjak sin jīp.We will share the payment for hiring the jeep.Humawp aku hangpuꞌka-gantang ha hangka-karut bugas nabī mu.I’ll pay for ten gantas as my share of the sack of rice which you bought.Hawpan ku na kaymu in hangpuꞌ gantang bugas.I’ll help you with ten gantas of rice as my share.
hawpuꞌadjShort.Diꞌ manjari in badjuꞌ ini. Hawpuꞌ tuud.This dress can’t be! It’s too short.vtpat -un; ran -an.To shorten (something).Hawpuan ta in hapun.We will shorten the kite string.Hawpuan ku in buktun badjuꞌ.I will shorten the sleeve of the shirt.viST pat -um-, mag-.To contract or become short.Bang mu yan uturan humawpuꞌ.If you cut that it will become short.ANT.mahabaꞌhabaꞌ 1Cf.pandak
haws1adjSuperficially or slightly burned (due to poorly heated cooking oil, as in frying fish, vegetables, doughnuts, etc.).Haws in istaꞌ.The fish is slightly burned.vpat ma-.To be or become slightly burned due to intense heat.Kūi in laga bat diꞌ mahaws in juwalan.Reduce the heat so the fried bananas won’t get burned.Cf.sunughanglustutung
haws2nCurrent, specifically the strong current in Sibutu Passage during the northeast monsoon.
hawtadjmahawtThin, slender, slim, slight (of the waist).Mahawt tuud in hawakan niya.Her waist is very slight.In babai mahawt malingkat aturun.A girl who’s slender is good to look at.Cf.kayug
hawyungnhawyunganA funnel (the instrument used in pouring liquids).Bang maghayn lana gās pa kassaꞌ subay awn hawyungan.There should be a funnel when pouring kerosene into a bottle.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To pour (something) using a funnel.Hawyungi aku lana gās.Pour me some kerosene using the funnel.
hayaꞌvag mag-.To lie on one’s back with stretched-out limbs.Naghahayaꞌ na siya natūg.He is lying on his back with stretched-out limbs while sleeping.
hayanatadjUnreliable, irresponsible (esp. of people who fail to deliver something or convey a message).Ayaw kaw magparā bichara ha tau hayanat.Don’t send a message by an unreliable person.vpat ma-.To be irresponsible, shirk, disregard, fail to do (something) or fail to convey (something, esp. a message).Pasampaya in amanat bat kaw diꞌ mahayanat.Please convey the message so you won’t be (regarded as) irresponsible.Cf.baldapat
hayang1nSpaciousness.In hayang paghulaan sin bāy dakulaꞌ!The spaciousness of a big house for living in (i.e., how spacious it is to live in…)!vST pat -um-, mag-.To become roomy or spacious.Cf.luagvpat pa-…-un.To dry something by air (as wet clothes).Pahayanga ha lawm in diyakdakan gana-gana umulan.Dry the wet clothes inside, it might rain.OV SYN.buwadadjmahayangSpacious, roomy (as a room); fresh, cool (as a veranda, porch, seaside).In bilik siyukayan namuꞌ mahayang.The room we rented is spacious.2nFreedom from trouble, difficulty, or worry.vST pat -um-.To be or become free from trouble or anxiety.Humayang in pagnapas mu bang dumatung na in gadji mu.You’ll be free from anxiety when your salary arrives.adjmahayangFree from trouble, difficulty, or worry.Mahayang in pagꞌusaha ta bihaun.Our business is free from difficulty now.vrdp. ag magpa-.To relax, take a break, refresh.Magpahayang-hayang siya bat marayꞌ na in tīs.He is relaxing a little because he’ll soon have his test.