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igsuꞌvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To move slightly (so as to accomodate someone to enter or sit with one), move.Igsuꞌ kaw bat makalingkud hi Bapaꞌ Kamlian.Move a little so Uncle Kamlian can sit.Way na kaigsuan ku.There’s no place that I can move to.
igudgimb.ibudvag mag-.To waddle, shake the hips (esp. of women); wobble.Magꞌigud in buliꞌ sin tau matambuk bang manaw.The hips of a fat person wobble when he walks.Nagꞌigud in jīp niya sabab mahaluy in siput silikan.The jeep wobbles because the bolt is loose in the wheel.adj./advmaigudShaking one’s hips (as one walks), waddly.Maigud siya magpanaw.She is waddly as she walks.Diꞌ aku kalingkatan sin babai maigud manaw.It’s not pretty to me to see a lady walk hip-shaking.Cf.*sampigay
iguk-igukadvLittle by little, one by one.Iguk-iguk in paghawas nila sin manga luwan.They unloaded the pieces of cargo one by one.vaux mag-, -um-, -an.Little by little.Dāhun na magꞌiguk-iguk in paghinang natuꞌ.We’ll do our work little by little.OV SYN.inut-inutinut
*igulvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To growl.Īgulan aku sin iruꞌ.The dog growled at me.npagꞌigulThe growling (of a dog).Makusug in pagꞌigul sin iruꞌ.The dog’s growl is noisy.Cf.*tanghul
igut1nCoccyx, the fleshy tail (of birds, people, animals).Masūb siya magkaun igut manuk.She loves to eat the fleshy tail of a chicken.2adjīigutanOvereager or overanxious to do something (derogatory term).Īigutan na in babai ini magbana.This woman is overanxious to get married.Īigutan na siya manaw.He is overeager to be travelling.
īhinA drive shaft (of a car or boat).Nagkakangiꞌ in īhi sin jīp niya yan.The drive shaft of his jeep is not good.
ihiꞌnUrine.Bahuꞌ pangak in ihiꞌ.Urine has a urine odor.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To urinate, wet (something with urine).Ayaw kaw mihiꞌ ha giꞌtung dān.Don’t urinate in the middle of the street.Īhian sin bataꞌ in baluy.The child wet on the sleeping mat.vST pat -un.To need to urinate, have the feeling of needing to urinate.Ihiun aku.I need to urinate.
ihilasadjFrom the heart, without reservation, sincere.Ihilas tuud in kiyapakaun ku kanila.The food I gave them was heartily given.vag mag-.To have an attitude of unreserved giving.Subay kita magꞌihilas bang amu na in gantaan niya matay.We should unreservedly give him up (to God) if this is his destiny to die.
ihitiyalvar. ofistihal1nPrecaution or awareness against danger or badness.2vTo prepare for the night, close up house.
ijājaꞌvar. ofhijājaꞌnAn explanation.
ikagadjmaikagEnvious or jealous (of something).Maikag siya sin badjuꞌ nabī ku.She is envious of the dress that I bought.vact/pat -um-, mag-, mang-; ran ka-…-an.To envy (something).Bang in bataꞌ dāhun pa lawm tinda umikag sadja siya ha manga panayaman.If a child is taken into a store he will always envy the toys.Kaikagan sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ in munyikaꞌ ha tinda.The doll in the store will be envied by the children.Cf.abughuꞌ
ikang-ikangnChains, fetters, shackles.Malagguꞌ in ikang-ikang sin manga pilisu.The shackles of the prisoners are big.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To chain, fetter, or shackle (someone).Ikang-ikangan ku in siki pilisu.I will chain the prisoner’s feet.Cf.kadinabilangguꞌ
ikatnAn abscess (in the area of the jaw).Tagnaan sin ikat niya dayn ha ipun.The beginning of his abscess was from his teeth.8: DiseasesvST pat -un.To develop an abscess (in the area of the jaw).Bang mu pasāran in hubag sin ipun mu ikatun kaw.If you just neglect the swelling of your teeth, you will develop an abscess.Makalummiꞌ magkitaꞌ ha tau īikat.It is dirty to look at a person who has an abscess in the area of the jaw.
ikawpron(Second person sg. topic pronoun) you (sg.); the emphatic second person sg. pronoun.Mabayaꞌ siya magbunyug iban ikaw.She wants to go together with you.Ikaw in kītaꞌ ku nagdā sin būk.You are the one I saw carrying the book.Cf.kamu
iklug1nAn egg.Malanab in diyaral iklug.The fried egg is delicious.vAR ag mang-, mag-, -um-; ran -an.To lay eggs.Mangiklug na in manga manuk ta.Our chickens are going to lay eggs.Iklugan sin manuk in taas lamisahan ini.The chickens will lay eggs on this table.2nPupae (of certain insects).Nagdarā in manga sanam sin iklug nila pa dugaing.The ants are carrying their pupae to another place.
ikrarnA confession (as in declaring one’s faith).vag mag-.To confess, profess (a religion).Marayaw bang magꞌikrar in tau sin agama niya.It’s good for a person to confess his religion.
ikug1.1nA tail or something resembling a tail (of an animal).Mahabaꞌ in ikug kuting.The cat has a long tail.vAR ran -an.Does not occur with pa₂.To provide a tail or something taillike on (something).Ikugi in taguriꞌ mu.Place a tail on your kite.1.2vrdp. ag mag-.To trail along (with someone), accompany (someone).Magꞌikugꞌ-ikug sadja siya ha bana niya.She is trailing along with her husband.2vag magka-…-an.(For someone formerly poor and humble who has become rich) to become boastful.Magkaikugan in tau miskin bang magkarayahan.A poor man becomes boastful when he becomes rich.
ikug matanThe outer eyelid.
ikuladjRareLast born, youngest, last.In ikul amu in anak kamanghuran.The ikul is the youngest child.SYN.kamanghuranmanghud
ikutnSelfishness, stinginess.Biyaꞌ diin in ikut sin tau yan?How stingy is that person?adjikutan/maikutSelfish, stingy.In tau ikutan diꞌ kapamūsan sīn.A selfish fellow won’t lend money to anybody.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become selfish or stingy.Subay kaw diꞌ imikut ha manga kampung mu.You should not become stingy with your relatives.Cf.*ūgkuriputpaysiꞌ
ilanA birthmark.In ila ku dapit pa lawa.My birthmark is on my left side.adjilahanHaving a birthmark.Ilahan in taymanghud ku babai.My sister has a birthmark.
ilag1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To look suddenly, take a quick look, detect, spot (something).Ilagi sadja siya bang harap pakain.Just take a quick look (to see) where she’s going.Kiyailagan ku siya ha lawm tabuꞌ.I spotted him in the market.Kiyailagan ku nagdarā siya pistul.I detected that she’s carrying a pistol.Cf.atud
ilag2vag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To be cautious, wary, on one’s guard; look out, be on the watch (esp. for people that intend to harm).Ilag kaw dayn ha banta mu.Look out for your enemy.adjmailagCautious, wary, watchful and alert to danger or trouble, on guard.Subay mailag in tau mataud banta.A person with many enemies should be on guard.Cf.*ilatjagamaanib*anibhalliꞌ 1
IlanunnA name used by Tausugs for Muslim people groups in Mindanao (Maranao, Iranun, and Maguindanao).
*ilatvag -um-.To watch out for (danger or trouble), be vigilant, on guard.Umilat na sa yan siya kātuꞌ sabab kiyaingatan niya na in dusa niya.He’s watching out for us because he knows what he’s done wrong.adjmailatAlert to danger or trouble, vigilant, on guard.Subay kaw mailat dayn ha banta mu.One should be on guard against one’s enemies.Cf.jagailag2 maanib*anib