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indayintjI don’t know.Haunu hi inaꞌ mu? Inday.Where’s your mother? I don’t know.
inditvag mag-; pat -un.To be thrifty, economical.Inditun ku na in sīn-sīn ku ini, diꞌ dalasun.I’ll be thrifty with my little bit of money. I’ll not squander it.npagꞌinditAct or manner of being thrifty.Cf.kimmitikut
indulagvag mag-, -um-.(For a snake, esp. its head) to move or undulate.Bang imindulag na in ū sin hās mangutkut na.If the head of the snake moves it will bite.adjmaindulagFond of moving.Maindulag isab in babai ini.This girl is very fond of moving.
indungnA salt-water eel (generic).2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
inipronThis (close to the speaker).Ini in bāy ku.This is my house.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ sin kātas ini, subay yan.I don’t want this paper; it should be that.Cf.yanyaunyadtu 1
*inivmakainihanTo be enough or sufficient (to do some particular task).Diꞌ makainihan in sīn dīhil mu kākuꞌ. Kawhaan pilak in ubat.This money that you gave me is not enough. The medicine is twenty pesos.Cf.sarang
inignGloss, luster, shine.Diꞌ hikasipat in inig sin tawmpaꞌ mu!The shine on your shoes is really something!adjmainigShiny, glossy, lustrous, sleek (as of a polished surface).Mainig in tawmpaꞌ mu.Your shoes are shiny.vST pat mag-, -um-.To be or become shiny, lustrous, glossy.Painigun ku in pagkuskus sin lantay.I’ll scrub the floors till they’re shiny.Cf.singlabsiꞌnag 1silakidlap
injiksiyunEng.1nA hypodermic injection, a shot.vAR ag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To give (someone) a hypodermic injection or shot.Īnjiksiyunan sin duktul in bataꞌ.The doctor gave the child a shot.Cf.langgit2nMedicine injected by such an injection.
InjilnThe gospel (story of Jesus), the holy book believed to have been revealed by God to Jesus.Kitab Injilcomp.nThe New Testament Scriptures, the second part of the Holy Bible.
inniꞌnGrandfather, grandmother, granduncle, grandaunt. (A kinship term of reference and address used only of salip or royalty).Buhiꞌ pa in inniꞌ mu?Is your grandparent living?Cf.apuꞌ 1.1
insa AllahAr.If God wills.Insa Allah ikaw iban aku makapagkitaꞌ da magbīng minsan kita naglalayuꞌ.If God wills, you and I will see each other again even though we’re far from each other.
insiꞌnAn inch.sukud1
intan1nA diamond.Cf.kumalaꞌmussaꞌ 12n(cap.) A feminine name.
*intawꞌvag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To defecate, move one’s bowels.Paintawꞌa in bataꞌ ha pagjambanan.Let the child defecate in the comfort room.Cf.*jambannpagꞌintawꞌStools, bowel movement.Mapitak in pagꞌintawꞌ niya.His stools are sticky.suka intawꞌcomp.nCholera, dysentery.
intawꞌ-intawꞌnDiarrhea.8: Diseasesvag mag-; pat -un.To have diarrhea.Magꞌintawꞌ-intawꞌ kaw bang kaw makainum tubig malummiꞌ.You’ll have diarrhea if you drink contaminated water.
intihaꞌnEnd.In kusug sin Tuhan wayruun intihaꞌ.The power of God has no end.Cf.tubtub 1hinapusan
*intulvpat pa-…-un.To care for, take care of, attend to (something).Paintula marayaw in pagꞌiskul mu.Take good care of your study.In babai yan diꞌ maingat magpaintul sin pagkaun sin manga anak niya.That woman doesn’t know how to care for the feeding of her children.Aku mayan in magpaintul kaniya bang siya tumulak.I’ll be the one to attend to her if she leaves.Cf.*ayura*ayuputparuli
*intusvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To grind or press the juice (from sugar cane).Kunsūm ku na intusan in manga tubu yan.Tomorrow I will press the juice from the sugar cane.Cf.*pugaꞌ
inu-inu1nWonder, astonishment, surprise.Way minsan inu-inu sin inaꞌ pasalan sin anak niya nalawaꞌ.The mother has no astonishment in spite of the loss of her child.vST pat mag-, ma-.To be stunned, be in wonder, overwhelmed, bewildered, surprised, astonished.Nainu-inu sila tuud ha pasal mu.They are really in wonder about you.adjmakainu-inuAmazing, astonishing, surprising.Makainu-inu isab bang biyaꞌ diin in kapaguy niya ha jīl.It’s really astonishing how he was able to escape from prison.OV SYN.tarsangngang*tahamul2.1vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To be curious and sometimes doubtful (about something), wonder or want to know (about something).Maytaꞌ kita inu-inuhun sin tau dugaing malayngkan diꞌ kita magꞌinu-inu minsan unu in hinang nila?Why are other people wondering about us, when we don’t wonder about anything they do?Magꞌinu-inu in manga tau bang hain kaw nakakawaꞌ sīn.People will wonder where you got plenty of money.2.2vag mag-; pat -un.To pay attention (to something), care (about something).Diꞌ siya magꞌinu-inu minsan da way pagkaun ha bāy.She doesn’t care even if there’s no food in the house.Bagay, walaꞌ mu na īnu-inu bayaran in utang mu?Friend, don’t you care about paying your debt?
inum1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To drink (something).Inum kaw hangka basu tubig.Drink a glass of water.Inumun ku.I will drink it.Cf.*limuꞌ-limuꞌadjmainumDrinkable.Mainum ka in tubig ini?Is this water drinkable?npagꞌiinumanA drinking container.2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To have breakfast, (often rdp.) have refreshments.Batiꞌ na kaw, magꞌinum na kitaniyu.Wake up, we’ll have breakfast.ninumanBreakfast or refreshments (the food).Unu in inuman ta mahinaat ini?What will our breakfast be this morning?3npagꞌiinumanAn establishment or room for serving alcoholic drinks.adjmagꞌiinumA drunkard.
inumpungPatikul, Luukvag mag-; goal pag-…-an.To meet (and discuss something), gather together.Magꞌinumpung in manga mastal adlaw ini supaya pagbissarahan in pagpataas sin gadji nila.The teachers will meet today so that they can talk about the increase in their salaries.npagꞌinumpungA meeting.In pagꞌinumpung, lisag tū sin mahapun.The meeting will be at three o’clock this afternoon.OV SYN.isuntipun
inutadjinut-inutSlowly, one by one, step by step, little by little.Inut-inut in pagdā niya sin labban.He carried the boxes one by one.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To do something little by little, step by step, bit by bit; (gradually) start walking (esp. after a rest).Iminut na kita bābā hulaw.We better start walking while the rain has let up.Cf.hangkatiyuꞌ*tiyuꞌiguk-iguk
inuwak(from uwak)1adjArrogant, too proud.vag mag-; pat/inst (hi)pag-.To be proud.Mangiꞌ ha tau magꞌinuwak sawkat dayahan.It’s not good for a person to be proud just because he is rich.Bukun ku da isab pagꞌinuwak in pagtabang ku ha tau.I’m not proud about my helping people.2vag mag-. goal pag-…-an.To introduce oneself (to others).Nagꞌinuwak na aku pagdatung ku pa Basilan.I introduced myself when I arrived in Basilan.OV SYN.Mataud in uwak.sayinguwak
ingatnKnowledge, wisdom, intellect.In ingat, altaꞌ mahalgaꞌ.Knowledge is a great treasure.vtag -um-; pat -un.To learn or come to know (something), be aware of (something).Subay mu ingatun in hal hiwal sin hulaꞌ.You should be aware of the happenings of your country.Paingata sila sin yan na kaw.Let them know that you’re already here.Walaꞌ kami piyaingat sin pagdatung mu.They did not inform us of your arrival.viag maka-; ran ka-…-an.To know (someone or something), be knowledgeable about (something); know how (to do something).Diꞌ aku makaingat magdayaw sin makina yan.I don’t know how to fix that machine.Kaingatan ku in bāy sin mayul.I know the mayor’s house (i.e., know where it is).adjmaingatNegative is diꞌ, not bukun.Wise, intelligent, knowledgeable.Bassaha kunuꞌ bang kaw bunnal maingat.Read this if you are really intelligent.Diꞌ aku maingat magbissara Bisayaꞌ.I am not knowledgeable in speaking (i.e., don’t know how to speak) Cebuano.Cf.mapaham*pahamhātinpangingatKnowledge, awareness (of something).Way pangingat ku pasal sin pagꞌīg nila.I have no knowledge about their departure.OV SYN.pangirab*irab
ingat-kapandayannAbility, capacity, or skill (to accomplish something).Dīhilan kita sin Tuhan ingat-kapandayan.God has given us ability.