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isabvar.isaꞌadvAlso, too, besides, moreover (sometimes used for emphasis).Bukun ba isab aku in nakakāꞌ sin sīn mu.Indeed, I didn’t take your money.Miyadtu da isab kami.We did go.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To repeat (something), do (something) again; reserve or keep (something) for another day (as work, a quarrel, or merriment).Kinsūm magꞌisab kita maghinang.Tomorrow we’ll work again.Pagꞌisaban natuꞌ dakuman in hinang yan kunsūm.We’ll keep that work for tomorrow.Cf.balik
isāratnCommunication by signs, sign language.In isārat ini amu na in bissara sin manga umaw, lima nila in biyaꞌ simud nila.Sign language is the speach of deaf-mute people, their hands are like their mouths.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To use sign language.Unu-unu in kabayaan ku hibissara pa iban ku subay aku magꞌisārat sabab umaw siya.Whatever I want to say to my companion I have to use sign language because he is deaf-mute.
isaynA namesake.vRC ag mag-.(For people) to have the same name.Nagbagay tuud in duwa magꞌisay.The two people who have the same name are close friends.
isbatvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To attend to (something, as children, garden, household activities, health); pay attention to (duties and obligations); be engrossed, absorbed in (something, as reading, attending parties, or playing games).Subay ta isbatun in pagꞌammal ibādat.We should pay attention to our religious obligations.Cf.paruli
isinarkaꞌadjFull of evil, devilish.Isinarkaꞌ in tau namatay ha maas ini.The man who murdered this old man is full of evil.Amura isinarkaꞌ in makapikil mamatay bataꞌ-bataꞌ.It is only a devilish man who can think of killing a child.OV SYN.jahannam 2Cf.jilakaꞌ
iskawalanA (carpenter’s) try square.Kagunahan tuud sin kalpintiru in iskawala bang awn hinangun nila.A carpenter really needs a try square when he is building something.
iskulEng.nA school.Magpatindug iskul dakulaꞌ in parinta ha miskin.The government will build a big school for the poor.vag mag-, -um-; ran pag-…-an.To go to school; learn (something) in school.Hariin kaw nagꞌiskul?Where are you attending school?Pagꞌiskulan in pagtahiꞌ.You need to go to school in order to learn sewing.Paiskulun siya sin amaꞌ niya pa Manila.His father will send him to school in Manila.
iskupitaTag.nAn air rifle.Timbaka in manuk-manuk sin iskupita mu.Shoot the bird with your air rifle.
islam1n(cap.) A monotheistic religion in which the deity is Allah and the chief prophet and founder is Muhammad.Islam na in agama ha Lupaꞌ Sūg sin karatung sin Kastilaꞌ.The religion on Jolo when the Spanish arrived was Islam.adjOf or pertaining to this religion.2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To circumcise (someone, males only).Subay islamun in bataꞌ usug.Male children should be circumcised.npagꞌislamThe male circumcision ceremony.Kahapun in pagꞌislam kaniya.Yesterday was his circumcision ceremony.Cf.sunnat1
ismagulEng.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To smuggle (something).Ismaggula in siga ini pa Manilaꞌ.Smuggle these cigarettes to Manila.nmagꞌiismagulA smuggler.
isparaTag.nA sword (usu. refers to foreign swords).Cf.puddang
ispilnArchaicA cannon (larger than the lantakaꞌ).vag mag-.To use such a cannon.Magꞌispil in manga kamaasan yadtu bang awn bunuꞌ.The people in olden times used a cannon when they had a battle.SYN.kanyunCf.lantakaꞌ
IsrapilnThe angel who in Muslim belief will blow the trumpet (sangkakala) at the end of the world.Cf.Mikail 1Jibrail 1
istaꞌnFish (generic; includes some marine creatures not usu. considered fish. See Appendix 2).Piyalawd kami kābii, wayruun istaꞌ.We went fishing (lit. out to sea) last night, (but) there were no fish.vag mag-; mang-.To fish.In usaha nila, magꞌistaꞌ.Their livelihood is fishing.adjmaistaꞌAbundant in fish.nmangingistaꞌA fisherman.
IstanbulnIstanbul, Constantinople.Laung sin kata-kata bakas nākari pa Lupaꞌ Sūg in anak sin Sultan ha Istanbul.The old stories say that a child of the king of Istanbul came to Jolo.
*istigaparAr.vag mag-, -um-.To beg pardon (from God).Nagꞌistigapar siya pa Tuhan.He is begging pardon from God.Cf.tawbatampun
istihalvar.ihitiyalistiyalnPrecaution or awareness against danger or badness.In tau way istihal niya hangkarayꞌ magmula.If a person has no precaution he will come to grief quickly.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To prepare for the night, close up house.Magꞌistihal na aku sabab dūm na.I have to close up the house, because it’s already nighttime.OV SYN.saddiya
istinjaꞌnPurification (with water) after defecating or urinating.In istinjaꞌ wajib ha katān Muslimin.Purification after defecating or urinating is a necessity for all Muslims.vag mag-, -um-.To cleanse oneself after defecating or urinating.Subay kaw magꞌistinjaꞌ iban tubig.You should cleanse yourself with water after defecating.SYN.pagpawppuꞌ*pawppuꞌ
isturiEng.nA story (whether true or fictitious); account, narration; report, rumor.In isturi yan bukun bunnal.That story is not true.vag mag-, -um-; pat hipag-, -un; goal -an.To tell (someone) a story.Hisiyu in nagꞌisturi kaymu?Who told you the story?Isturihun ku kaniyu in pagtulak namuꞌ pa Borneo.I will tell you the story of our trip to Borneo.Cf.baytaꞌsuysuyhabal
isugnIntrepidity, boldness, bravery, valor, fierceness, masculinity.Tukasun ta in isug niya.Let’s challenge his bravery.adjmaisugBold, brave, intrepid, fierce, violent.vag mag-; ran -an.To be bold, embolden oneself to act with courage.Isugan niya dumā magbissara ha Pirisidinti.He’ll embolden himself to speak to the President.vpat -um-.To become brave, fierce.In tau umisug bang masipug.A man will become fierce if he’s put to shame.Cf.tawakkaldā-isugcomp.vTo display one’s fearlessness, act fearless.
isuknPith (central core of spongy tissue in tree trunks and branches), filling (as in confections or biscuits).Unu in isuk sin siyupaw ini?What is the filling of this Chinese biscuit?vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To stuff, put (loose or spongy material) into (something), put a filling (in something).Isuki kātas in labban bat diꞌ magkimbuꞌ.Put some pieces of paper into the box so that it won’t shake.Isukan ta kapuk in tilam.Let’s put kapok into the mattress.
isunnCounsel, mutual agreement (a result of counsel).Isun sila magtaymanghud.The brothers have a mutual agreement.Unu in isun sin manga maas?What is the counsel of the old folk all about?vag mag-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To counsel with, confer, deliberate (over something), discuss, come to an agreement.Isunun ta in manga kampung.We will counsel with the relatives.Cf.mawpakkatigmaꞌ
itawnA small type of quail.Cf.tabun1: Birds and Flying Insects
itiknA duck (smaller-bodied than patuꞌ and with a longer neck).Malagguꞌ in iklug sin itik dayn ha manuk.A duck’s eggs are bigger than a chicken’s.1: Birds and Flying Insects