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judnDivision of the Holy Qur’an.The text of the Qur’an is divided into 30 equal parts for the convenience of those who wish to complete the whole reading in a given time.Nabassa niya na in katluanka-jud sin Kuraan.She has already read the thirty divisions of the Holy Koran.
*jugjugvtCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To shake (something).Ayaw jugjuga in sanga taga pugad pussukan.Don’t shake the branch with a beehive in it.vipat ma-.To shake or be shaken, tremble, wobble.Najugjug in bāy namuꞌ sin linug.Our house shook from the earthquake.Cf.*hungkuykimbuꞌ 1
juhil-juhiladjRomantically fond of the opposite sex (esp. of girls).Bang ha Lupaꞌ Sūg pagꞌudjuun in budjang juhil-juhil.In Jolo, a young girl who is romantically fond of boys will be made fun of.Cf.baismalasiglasig
*jūkvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To insult (someone).Bang mu yan jūkun in tau yan makapagkālu kamu.If you insult that person you’ll have a quarrel.adjmangjujūkProne to insult (someone).Bukun marayaw in bataꞌ mangjujūk ha maas.It’s not good when a child is prone to insult his parents.Cf.jamaꞌ-jamaꞌsipug
jukupadjExactly enough, exact or proper (amount of something); (of a period of time) completed.Bukun jukup ha bulanan piyagꞌanak in bataꞌ.The child was born before the months were completed.viact/pat -um-; ran -an.To be or become exactly enough, be or become the exact number or right amount.Subay na jumukup in pasahiru ampa parāganun in jīp.There have to be the right number of passengers before the jeep will leave.Pajukupun ta hangpuꞌ pilak in bayad bat way na paghūg.Make the payment exactly ten pesos so there won’t be any giving of change.
julbahasanAn interpreter, a court official of the sultan who acted as go-between or speaker between the sultan and his subjects.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To interpret (something from one language to another); act as a go-between.Julbahasaha in bissara niya pa Anggalis.Interpret what he said into English.nmagjujulbahasaAn interpreter.Cf.maanasuluhan
JulhadjiꞌnThe twelfth month of the Muslim calendar (having twenty-nine days, except in leap year when it has thirty days).Ha bulan Julhadjiꞌ ini, amu na in waktu paghadjiꞌ sin manga Muslim pa Makka.In the twelfth month, that’s the time Muslims make the pilgrimage to Mecca.bulan
JulkaiddanThe eleventh month of the Muslim calendar, having thirty days.bulan
*jullitvag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To tease, annoy (someone).Ayaw mu siya jullita gana-gana dugalan.Don’t tease her, she might get mad.OV SYN.langugjuri
julupadjFeebleminded, idiotic, imbecile.In tau julup kulang in akkal.An idiotic person is sub-normal in intelligence.OV SYN.dupangCf.babbalasmak
JumaatnFriday.Marayaw magsambahayang pa masjid Jumaat sabab awn maghutbaꞌ.It’s good to pray in the mosque on Friday because there is a sermon (on that day).adlaw
Jumadil Ahilvar.Jumadir AhirnThe sixth month of the Muslim calendar, having twenty-nine days.bulan
Jumadil Awalvar.Jumadir AwalnThe fifth month of the Muslim calendar, having thirty days.bulan
jumlavag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To sum up, total (something, as money).Jumlaha in katān kiyapamīmī ku.Add up all my purchases.njumlahanThe sum, total amount (of something).Pila in jumlahan mu sin untung?What’s the total amount of the profit?
junayvar.humaynSpiced cooked rice with yellow coloring wrapped in a banana leaf.OV SYN.punjung2 Cf.tamu
*junjungvag -um-; pat -un.To beg, implore, beseech (someone).Jumunjung kita pa Allah bang mān kita lappasan dayn ha dusa.Let’s beseech Allah to deliver us from our sins.Junjungun ku kaniyu, ayaw niyu mulaha in manga tau ini.I beg you not to harm these people.Cf.pangayuꞌ
juntaynA few strands of hair hanging loosely (from a woman’s bun), hair hanging down in strands.vact/pat -um-.(For strands of hair) to hang loosely (from a bun).Jimujuntay in kaibanan buhuk niya ha harapan sin mata niya.A few strands of hair are hanging loosely in front of her eyes.Cf.pulukay
junubnImpurity, pollution, the impurity after sexual intercourse, ritual impurity.Cf.hadas
*jungkalvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To raise, force or pry (something with a crowbar or pry).Subay jungkalun in manga batu yan.Those stones need to be pried out.njujungkalA tool for raising or moving (something, as stones buried in the ground).
*jungkatvtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To jerk (something).viact -um-.To jerk (as when startled or alarmed), jerk (as on a bumpy road).Nakajungkat aku dayn ha lingkuran pagdungug ku sin timbak.I jerked out of my seat when I heard the shot.Cf.umpaklaksu
junyavar. ofdunyanThe planet Earth, the world.
juralvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To provoke (someone to become angry), annoy, vex (someone).Ayaw kaw mangjural kansiyu-kansiyu.Don’t you provoke just anybody.Mangiꞌ in bataꞌ mangjural ha maas.It’s bad for a child to provoke parents.Hangkan na kami nakapagkālu pasal jiyural niya aku.That’s why we’re quarreling because he provoked me.
jurinThe tendency to tease someone.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To tease (so as to annoy or provoke someone to anger).Ayaw mu siya juriha bat niya kaw diꞌ lubakun.Don’t tease her so she won’t hit you.adjmajuriGiven to teasing people.Bang kaw majuri malisuꞌ in tau kaymu.If you’re given to teasing people, they’ll be annoyed by you.OV SYN.langugCf.*jullit
jurriyatnDescendant, lineage (used in a religious context).Jurriyat kitaniyu hinda Apuꞌ Adam iban Apuꞌ Hawa.We are descendants of Adam and Eve.Cf.tubuꞌ 2pangkat 1
juruꞌnThe act of conceding or yielding (to something) in anger or spite, anything done in anger or spite.Hangkan da siya nagbana magtuy sabab juruꞌ niya ha maas niya.She got married right away in order to spite her parents.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To concede or yield (to something) in anger, give vent to one’s anger by doing something destructive (even destructive to oneself); spite (someone); (do something) for spite.Ayaw kaw magjuruꞌ sin baran mu.Don’t give vent to your anger by destroying yourself.Diyupang mu in baran mu bang kaw magjuruꞌ diꞌ magꞌiskul.You’re fooling yourself if you stop your schooling for spite.Cf.*kanam