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kaslaadj./advmakaslaHarsh(ly), sharp(ly), curt(ly) (in speech).Makasla in tau yan magbichara.That person speaks sharply.vag mag-; goal -an.To speak sharply, irritably (at someone); snap at (someone in speaking).Ayaw magkasla bang kaw magbissara.Don’t speak sharply when you are talking.Kiyaslahan niya in inaꞌ niya.She spoke sharply at her mother.Ayaw mu aku kaslahi.Don’t snap at me.OV SYN.bungis
kaslugan1adjStiff, tough (of the flesh of some rock fish and other meat).In istaꞌ kaslugan matugas in unud niya bang tugnaun.A fish is tough if its flesh is tough when it is cooked.OV SYN.tugas 1lagting2adj(Of a person’s physique), robust, hardy, muscular.Kaslugan in baran sin tau yan.That man’s physique is robust.
kassaꞌvar.kachaꞌkatsaꞌnA glass, bottle, jar.Kiyapalian siya sin bagbag kassaꞌ.She was cut by a broken bottle.OV SYN.basugarapunsamin 1
kassupnA snap fastener.Butangi kassup in badjuꞌ niya.Put a snap fastener on her dress.vag mag-; pat -un.To snap (something, as a snap fastener or purse).Kassupa ba in badjuꞌ ku.Please snap my dress.
KastilaꞌadjSpanish.Nakaabut in amaꞌ ku sin pagbunuꞌ sin timpu Kastilaꞌ.My father was alive during the war during the time of the Spanish.
kasturiꞌnA tree of incomparable fragrance in heaven.In hamut sin kasturiꞌ wayruun sibuꞌ dī ha dunya.The smell of the kasturiꞌ has no comparison here on earth.OV SYN.ambal
kasuꞌ-kasuꞌadjCareless, reckless (in doing something).Kasuꞌ-kasuꞌ magparagan jīp in sapiyul ini.This driver is reckless in driving jeeps.OV SYN.kulat
kasuddahan(from sudda + ka-...-an)nNature, character, conduct, manners.In tau marayaw kasuddahan mahabaꞌ umul.A person whose nature is good (i.e., is good-natured) lives long.
*kasulvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To quilt a mattress (so as to keep the filling in place).Kasulan ta in tilam dūm ini.We will quilt the mattress tonight.Mangiꞌ in pagkasul niya.Her quilting is not good.
kata-katanA narrative, story (considered by some people to be fictitious).vag mag-; goal -an.To relate such a story.Kata-katahan ta kamu kan Pusung.I’ll relate to you a story about Pusung.nmagkakata-kataA storyteller.OV SYN.kissasalsila*usul
kataꞌ-kataꞌnThe movement to and fro of water, bubbling of water or the formation of bubbles on the surface of water, foam, scum.vact/pat mag-, -um-.(For water or the sea) to ripple or bubble.Bang magkataꞌ-kataꞌ in dagat marayꞌ na kumusug in hangin.If the sea ripples there will soon be a strong wind.OV SYN.bukal
katamnA plane (the carpenter’s tool used for smoothing wood).vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To plane (something).Katami in digpiꞌ.You plane the wood.
katānvar.katantanadjAll, whole, entire, total, gross.Nasunug in katān baran niya.His entire body was burned.Pila katān in sumūd kaymu sīn hangka-tahun?How much gross income do you earn in a year?OV SYN.tibuuk
katarrangannPapers or documents identifying a person, credentials.Subay mu hipakitaꞌ in katarrangan mu ampa kaw makalabay.You should present your credentials, then they’ll let you pass through.
kātasnPaper.In context may refer to pertinent papers as documents, credentials, or certificates.Haunu in manga kātas katarrangan?Where are the authorizing papers?
katawanLaugh, laughter.Mahibuk in katawa niya.His laugh is noisy.vtag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To laugh (at something), be laughed at (by someone).Katawahan kaw sin tau.People will laugh at you.viST pat -un.To be caused to laugh, be struck by something funny with resultant laughter.Kiyatawa hi Saripul sin hinang hi Iri.Iri’s antics caused Saripul to laugh.Makakatawa in dagbus niya.His looks make me laugh.adjmakatawaFull of laughter.Subay bukun makatawa in budjang ha dān.Young girls should not be full of laughter in the streets.OV SYN.uyumpaghakhakhakhak*kikikkakak 2daghay
kātayadjA vagabond (person), stray (animal).Kamawmuhan in tau kātay bulaug.Usually a vagabond person is a prodigal.vag mag-; goal -un.To roam, wander from place to place.Magkātay sila pa kabāyan sin tau sin way kapatutan nila.They wander from house to house even when they have no right at all.Kātayun ku in Manilaꞌ pagkadtu ku.I’ll roam around Manila when I go there.OV SYN.*tāraꞌ*lunsulkadtu karikāmbuyansāsab
kātiannJungle, forest, woods.Nalawaꞌ siya ha lawm kātian.He lost his way in the woods.vag mang-.To go to the jungle, forest, woods.Mangātian in manga tau yaun maglawag ha tau nalawaꞌ.Those people are going to the jungle to look for the missing person.OV SYN.kūmugulangan
KatibinnThe name of one of the two guardian angels who protect all people (one such angel is believed to be at every person’s right hand and the other at every person’s left hand).Hi Katibin in malāikat miyamagad ha tuu sin tau.Katibin is the angel accompanying people on their right side.Cf.Kiraman
katignAn outrigger (of a boat).Nabaliꞌ in katig sin sakayan namuꞌ.The outrigger of our vinta is broken.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To make or attach an outrigger on a boat.Katigan namuꞌ na in sakayan.We are going to attach outriggers on the vinta.Marayaw katigan in bangkaꞌ bat diꞌ malunud magtuy.It’s good to make outriggers on a canoe so that it will not sink easily.
katikvag mag-; pat -un.To drum (with a small stick or fingers).Katikun ku in basu.I’ll drum on the glass.vgoal/ben -an.To catch (someone’s) attention by so drumming.Katikan ta hi Indaꞌ bat diꞌ magtangis.Let’s drum for baby so she won’t cry.nkakatikA drumstick, small stick for drumming.Bulaꞌ-bulaꞌ in hinangun ku kakatik.I’ll use this bamboo as my drumstick.OV SYN.gandingdapuꞌ
katilingkalvar. ofkalingkalnThe entirety (of a place), the circumference (of a circle or circular area).
katingug(from ka3- + tingug)nA sound.Diyungug ku in katingug sin agung.I heard the sound of the gong.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To make or give out sound.Diꞌ kumatingug in radyu bang way batiri.The radio won’t give any sound without batteries.Ayaw pakatinguga in radyu.Don’t play the radio.OV SYN.suwara
katkatnA hand or power saw (for cutting wood metal, etc.).Hariin na in katkat ta bakas dī?Where is our handsaw that was here?vCH 2 ag mag-; pat -un.To saw (something), cut by sawing.Katkatun ku muna in digpiꞌ?Shall I saw the board first?vAR ran -an.To saw off a part of (something).Katkatan ta in lamisahan, mahabaꞌ tuud.Let’s saw off a piece of the table. It’s very long.