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katluanadjThirty.Katluan in taud sin istaꞌ.There are thirty fish.umbul
katsaꞌvar. ofkassaꞌnA glass, bottle, jar.
kattinA unit of weight (625 grams, used in Borneo and understood by Tausug traders to Borneo).nkattihan(With ha) by 625-gram units.Magdagang sila bawang ha kattihan.They will sell garlic by 625-gram units.In pagbī sin unu-unu pagtimbangun dittu ha Borneo ha kattihan.The buying of all items weighed is by 625-gram units in Borneo.OV SYN.kīlu
kattuvar. ofkadtuvTo go to (a place remote from both speaker and hearer).
kātuꞌpronThe sg. speaker-hearer pronoun kātuꞌ is many times substituted for the pl. speaker-hearer one katuꞌniyu but not vice versa.(Sg. speaker-hearer oblique pronoun) ours, to us, for us.Bukun kātuꞌ in lupaꞌ yan.That land is not ours.Diꞌ sila dimihil kātuꞌ.They won’t give to us.
kātuꞌniyupron(Pl. speaker-hearer oblique pronoun) ours, to us, for us.Dīhil kātuꞌniyu sin mayul in katarrangan magdā sinapang.The mayor has given us the authority to carry firearms.Bukun kātuꞌniyu in manga bangkuꞌ ini.These chairs are not ours.OV SYN.kāmuꞌ
katulnItchiness (as of skin disease, lice, or prickly heat).Diꞌ ku kasandalan in katul sin dapaw.I can’t stand the itchiness of the dust.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un, -an.To scratch (esp. with the fingers).Magkatul pa aku sin taykud ku.I’ll have to scratch my back.viST pat -um-; ran ka-…-an.To be or become itchy.Bang mahaluꞌ in istaꞌ kumatul na in simud ta bang kita kumaun.If fish is rotten, our mouth becomes itchy if we eat it.adjmakatul/katulunItchy, rotten (as of fish).Makatul in taykud ku sin bunga hulas.My back is itchy with prickly heat.
katumbanganadjFavorable, prepossessing, attractive, captivating, enticing.Katumbangan in lingkat sin babai yaun.The beauty of that maiden is captivating.OV SYN.ibug
*kaubvpat papag-…-un.To fit (something) over (something else) face to face (so that the edges meet).Papagkauba in duwa pastan ini.Fit this basin over face to face with the other one.
kaun1vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To eat (something).Kaun na kaw, mataas na in suga.You better eat now, it’s already noon time.Magkaun na kitaniyu.Let us all eat.Kaunun ku in tinapay ini.I’ll eat this bread.Pakaunun ku na in manga bataꞌ.I’ll feed the children.OV SYN.sungit2.1nkakaun/pagkaunFood, meal.Masarap in pagkaun ha pagtiyaunan kahapun.The food at the wedding yesterday was delicious.2.2nkaunun(Cooked) rice.Marayaw in katugnaꞌ sin kaunun ini.The rice is well cooked.
kawaꞌ1var.kāꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To get, take (something).Kawai ba aku hangka-basu tubig.Will you get me a glass of water.Kawaꞌ kaw madtu utak.Go and get a bolo.Magtuy niya na kiyawaꞌ in suling niya.Right away he got his flute.OV SYN.pūt1 1
kawaꞌ2nA (large, rounded-bottom) caldron (of different shape and larger than the kawaliꞌ).Lutua in manuk ha kawaꞌ.Cook the chicken in the caldron.Bang awn paghinang kawaꞌ in paglutuan tiyulaꞌ sapiꞌ.When there’s a special occasion, the rounded-bottom caldron is the thing used for cooking beef soup.Cf.kawaliꞌ
kawaliꞌnA large iron pot (smaller than the kawaꞌ).Masuhul pagtugnaan kaunun in kawaliꞌ.The large iron pot is often used to cook rice.Cf.kawaꞌ2
kawaluwanadjEighty.Kawaluwan in taud nila.There are eighty of them.umbul
kawasvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To jump down from, leap down, spring down on (something), jump against (something).Kimawas siya dayn ha taas tarak.He jumped down from the truck.Kiyawasan aku sin iruꞌ ha ū.The dog sprang down on my head.OV SYN.laksunA sudden and forceful striking (of wind and waves).Makusug in kawas sin hangin.The sudden striking of the wind was strong (i.e., a strong wind suddenly came up).
kawasanPower, ability, authority, strength.Makusug in kawasa sin tau yan.That man’s power is great.adjPowerful, capable, strong, able to do something without fail.In tau kawasa mataud in pilak niya.A powerful man has much money.vag mag-.To rule over, be in power over, have jurisdiction over.Diꞌ kami mabayaꞌ magkawasa kāmuꞌ in tau guwaꞌ hulaꞌ.We don’t like people from outside to rule us.OV SYN.kusug 1
kawatnWire (as for conducting electric current, stringing musical instruments, barbed wire, fence, snares).Bīhi aku kawat hinangun ta bubuwaran.Buy me wire to make a place to dry things (clothesline).
kawgunadjWasted (because of not having done, utilized or taken advantage of something at the proper time, an expression of regret).Kawgun in sīn mu piyamī sin mutur mangiꞌ yan.Your money is wasted in buying that bad motorcycle.Kawgun tuud. Walaꞌ ku tiyabuk in hinang dīhil niya kākuꞌ.It’s really a waste! I didn’t accept the job he offered me.vpat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.To be or become (shamefully) wasted.Makawgun in pagkaun mu bang hibugit.Your food will be shamefully wasted if it’s thrown away.SYN.luppasCf.sāyang
kawhaanadjTwenty.In sumunud ha hangpuꞌ tag siyam amu na kawhaan.After nineteen comes twenty.umbul
kawilnA large fishhook used for trolling.
kawinvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To solemnize a marriage.Kawinun sila ha simbahan kunsūm.Their marriage will be solemnized in the church tomorrow.Imam in magkawin kanila.The Muslim religious leader will solemnize their marriage.OV SYN.*tiyaun 1
kawitnDiabetes gangrene.Mahunit kaulian in paliꞌ sin tau awn kawit.The wound of a person with diabetes gangrene is hard to heal.8: Diseases
kawkadjHaving an inward curvature (as in the manner of walking), knock-kneed.Kawk in panawan niya.Her way of walking is knock-kneed.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To make a turn or curve (as in paddling a canoe or cutting the armhole of a dress or a round-shaped neckline).Kawka in pagbugsay mu.Curve your paddling (so that the boat will turn).Pakawka in pagꞌutud sin lungag buktun.Make a sharp curve when you cut the armhole.OV SYN.kallukbiluk
kawkatiknPolyuria (excessive secretion and discharge of urine).Siyakit siya kawkatik.He is sick with polyuria.8: Diseases
kawlnThe power or ability to speak, expression or communication of thoughts and feelings by spoken words.Nalawaꞌ in kawl sin tau yan.That man has lost his power of speech.OV SYN.kabtanganbissarahilalaunganderv.laung1 lapalpamungway kawlcomp.nSpeechless (due to sickness, shock, sorrow, etc.).Diꞌ siya maasubu sabab way kawl niya dayn kaina.We can’t question her for she has been speechless ever since.