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kiblatnThe direction toward which a Muslim faces when praying; west (from Jolo orientation).Bang in Muslim magsambahayang subay humarap pa kiblat.A Muslim must face west when he prays.OV SYN.magrib 3sadlupan*sadlup 2
kibutnA small jar (made of baked clay).Hipua in kibut sin tubig.Fill the small jar with water.OV SYN.puga
kīdnSide, flank.Masakit in kīd ku.My side is sore.vag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To be on one’s side, move to someone’s side.Nagkikīd siya matūg.He is on his side when he sleeps.Pakīra in digpiꞌ yan.Place the board on its side.
kidjang1nRareA dress, shirt (and the like).Malingkat in iyusal niya kidjang sin haylaya yaun.She wore a beautiful dress during the festival.SYN.badjuꞌ
kidjang2nA wing (of a skymaiden [biraddali]).Magkaīg in kidjang sin biraddali.The wings of a skymaiden are removable.
kidjibvag mang-, -um-; pat -un.To obtain (something) by deception or fraud.Subay diꞌ mu kidjibun in altaꞌ sin pagkahi mu.You shouldn’t defraud your companions of their property.Langgal saraꞌ pa Tuhan in mangidjib.It’s against God’s laws to defraud.adjkidjibanAcquired through cheating, trickery, lying, deceit.In altaꞌ kidjiban diꞌ da tumatas.Articles of wealth acquired through deceit will not last long.OV SYN.akkal 1kugut 1kungkawkulliꞌ 1
*kidnapEng.vag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To kidnap (someone).Nakidnap in anak sin mayul.The mayor’s child was kidnapped.
kīg-kīgvag mang-; ran/goal pag-…-an, pang-…-an.To shudder with aversion or (extreme) disgust (esp. on seeing something filthy or horrible), show contempt (for someone by some action [e.g., covering one’s face or a motion of one’s head and shoulders] and/or vocal expression of rejection).Nangīg-kīg siya pagkitaꞌ niya sin hās dakulaꞌ.She shuddered with aversion when she saw the big snake.Mangīg-kīg in baran ku bang aku makasūd pa kasilyas malummiꞌ.I shudder with disgust when I go into a dirty comfort room.Subay in tau dayahan diꞌ mangīg-kīg ha tau miskin.Rich people should not show contempt for poor people.OV SYN.babaꞌ 2
kigaꞌadjNo longer perfect in shape, out of shape.Of an object of any shape whose shape has been changed or is not perfect in size or shape, as shirts made with one sleeve wider than the other.Kigaꞌ na in saub sin garapun.The cover of the jar is out of shape.vag mag-; pat -un.To cause (something) to go out of shape, make (something) uneven.Kigaun ku na in buktun sin badjuꞌ ku.I will make the sleeve of my shirt uneven.OV SYN.kibakkibiꞌ 1
kigkignSandpaper, anything (such as sharkskin) used to polish or smooth a rough surface.vag mag-; pat -un, -an.To smooth or polish a rough surface (esp. wood).Kigkigi in puhan kalis.You smooth the kris handle.Kigkigun ku in gahaꞌ ha kalis ini.I’ll polish the rust on the kris.OV SYN.hagupit
kignutnAn involuntary movement of the muscles, twitch.Makusug in kignut niya bang siya paggitukun.The twitch in her is strong when she is tickled.vact/pat -um-, mag-.To move involuntarily (as of muscles).Kimignut in abaga ku.My shoulder moved involuntarily.OV SYN.hibalbadlak
kignut-kuhibalnActions.Diꞌ tuud aku mabayaꞌ magkitaꞌ sin kignut-kuhibal bihaun.I really don’t want to see that kind of action.Ha kignut-kuhibal sadja kahātihan ku na.Through action only I already understand.In addat sin tau kaingatan dayn ha kignut-kuhibal niya.A person’s conduct is known through his actions.OV SYN.hibal
kīkiadjEager, enthusiastic.Kīki na aku yan muwiꞌ pa hulaꞌ.I’m now eager to go home.Bang kaw kīki na una na kaw panaw.If you’re already eager you may go ahead.OV SYN.igut 1hingas2
kikiꞌnYellowish dirt on the teeth, tartar.vpat -un.(For the teeth) to develop tartar.Bang kita diꞌ manggumgum, kikiun in ipun ta.If we don’t rinse our mouth, our teeth will develop tartar.OV SYN.bākaꞌtinga
*kikikvag mag-, -um-.To giggle.Bang ha Sūg mangiꞌ in budjang magkikik ha dān.In Jolo it’s not good for girls to be giggling on the street.OV SYN.katawapaghakhakhakhakuyumdaghayhikhik
kilanHydrocephalus (a sickness characterized by the enlargement of a baby’s head).Bang sakit kila maglagguꞌ in ū sin bataꞌ-bataꞌ.In hydrocephalus, a child’s head becomes enlarged.8: Diseases
kilāgimb.kilal1.1nRecognition.In kilā ku in lansa ini kan Jul.I recognize this launch to be Jul’s.vag mang-, -um-; pat -un.To look at (something) in order to recognize it or see whose it is, identify (something).Kimilā sila mari sin manuk.They came here to see if the chicken was theirs.Kilāhun ku in patay yaun bang hisiyu.I will see who that corpse is.vag mag-; ran -an.To recognize (something) (ka-…-an), (for people) to be acquainted or familiar with each other (mag-).Magkilā kami kay Al-Shamir.Al-Shamir and I are acquainted with each other.Kakilāhan ku in tau miyari kaina.I recognize the fellow who came this morning.OV SYN.atudkitaꞌ 11.2vag mang-.To claim (something).Mangilā kaw sin bukun kaymu.You are claiming what is not yours.2vag mang-.To shy from (someone, esp. spoken of a baby).Mangilā in bataꞌ-bataꞌ kaymu sabab iyampa niya kaw kītaꞌ.The baby shies from you because it’s her first time to see you.
kilatnA (slight) streak of lightning (without thunder), heat lightning; any flash of light.Way mu kītaꞌ in kilat kabii?Didn’t you see the streak of lightning last night?vnone mag-, -um-.For a flash of lightning to occur.Magkilat naa ampa magdawgdug.The flash of lightning occurs before the sound of thunder.OV SYN.lutiꞌ
kilaynEyebrow.Malabung in kilay niya.Her eyebrows are dark and thick.6: The Parts of the Body
kili-kilinA chain of small size (as a key chain).Bī kaw kili-kili bat diꞌ malawaꞌ in manga kunsiꞌ mu.Buy a key chain so your keys won’t be lost.
kiliꞌadjMuddleheaded, addled.In tau kiliꞌ maluhay mapinda in pikilan niya.A muddleheaded person easily changes his mind.
kīlunA kilogram (the weight).Pila kīlu sukal in bīhun mu?How many kilos of sugar will you buy?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To weigh something (by kilograms).Subay kīluhun magbalik in tirigu yan.That flour should be weighed again.adjkīluhan(With ha) by the kilo.Ha kīluhan na bihayaun hipagdagang in bugas.Rice is now being sold by the kilo.npagkikīluhanA kilogram scale.Subay awn pagkikīluhan sin tau magdaragang.People who are selling should have a kilogram scale.
kilulnMalunggay (a small cultivated tree with pinnate leaves, the leaflets of which are eaten as vegetables).Moringa oleifera5: Plants
kimbuꞌ1vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To shake (a container with something inside it).Kimbua in labban bat ta kaingatan in ha lawm.Shake the box so that we will know what is inside.viact/pat mag-.(For objects) to rattle or jiggle around noisily (in a container).Magkimbuꞌ in batu ha lawm mital bang majugjug.The stones rattle in the tin can when it is shaken.2nA game of chance (played with dice which are shaken in a container).Often played during the end-of-Ramadan festival.vag mag-.To play this game.
kimbunvar.kumbunvag -um-; ran -an.To hide (something), shade or cover (something so as to hide it).Kumimbun aku dayn ha puun kahuy ini.I’ll hide behind this tree.Kimbunan ta kaw bat kaw diꞌ kakitaan.I’ll shade you so that you will not be seen.OV SYN.*libun