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kimmatnAssessment, estimation.Ha kimmat mu pila in altaꞌ mu naluppas ha sunug yadtu?In your estimation how much property did you lose in that fire?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To assess, estimate (something).Karpintiru in magkimmat sin hikagastu sin paghinang bāy.The carpenter will estimate the cost for constructing the house.Kimmatun ku kaymu in hikabayad mu pa parinta sin manga altaꞌ mu.I’ll assess for you how much (tax) you’ll pay to the government on your property.OV SYN.*kumpas
kimmitvar.kummitnThriftiness.Nakalanduꞌ in kimmit niya.His thriftiness is excessive.adjmakimmitThrifty, sparing, economical.In tau makimmit māhang magꞌutang.One who is thrifty seldom runs into debt.vag mag-; pat -un.To be thrifty, sparing; economize (expenses) or limit the use (of something as food or money).Kimmitun ta in pagbalanjaꞌ.Let’s economize our daily expenses.OV SYN.ikutkaykitkuriputpaysiꞌ
*kimuꞌvag mag-; ran -an.To clean spots off cloth without washing the whole garment, launder (a part of a garment).Kimuan ku in liug badjuꞌ ku.I’ll launder the collar of my shirt.OV SYN.*dakdak 1hugas 1linug2
kimus1vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To wash (someone’s) mouth.Tagad, kimusan ku naa hi Utuꞌ.Wait, I will wash Sonny’s mouth.Cf.paꞌmus2vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To squeeze (someone’s) mouth (usu. done in anger).Subay kimusun in simud sin tau malata.You should squeeze the mouth of one who is talkative.OV SYN.tabid
kimut-kimutvag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To murmur, mumble, mutter a complaint.Way makarungug kaymu bang kaw magkimut-kimut sadja.Nobody hears you when you just murmur.Kīmut-kimutan niya in inaꞌ niya.He just mumbles at his mother.OV SYN.*dubdub
kinam1vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To taste (something, esp. food).Tumaka siya nagkinam naubus in pansit.The more he tasted the noodles they were finished.Kīnaman niya in pansit.He tasted the noodles.Kinam kaw sin kindi ku.You taste my candy.Kinami bang sarang da in asin sin sayul.Taste (to see) if the salt of the vegetables is enough.Cf.nanam 12vran ka-…-an.To have a slight experience (of something), taste (something, fig. sense).Kakinaman mu da sa yan in parasahan sin miskin.You’ll then taste the living conditions of the poor.OV SYN.sulaylabay
*kindatvar.kundatvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; goal -an.To raise an eyebrow, wink at (someone).Kindati sadja siya. Kahātihan niya da sayan.Just wink at her. She knows what it means.OV SYN.*kudjapkullap
kinkinvag mag-; pat -un.To tuck or gather up in folds, (as pants or skirts).Kinkina in pantalun mu bat diꞌ mabasaꞌ.Tuck up your pants so they won’t get wet.OV SYN.*utung*sintak
kinsūmvar.kinsumvar. ofkunsūmadvTomorrow.
kintasnA sheet of paper.Pilangka-kintas kātas in hambuuk pilak?How many sheets of paper for one peso?
kinug-kinugvact/pat mang-, mag-, -um-.To quiver, twitch, squirm; (for the ground, a house, etc.) to shake.Manginug-kinug sa kān sin haggut.You’ll quiver with the cold.Manginug-kinug in ūd ha lawm kassaꞌ yan.The worms are squirming in that jar.Nanginug-kinug in bataꞌ sin sakit.The child is twitching in pain.OV SYN.*iggualpidpid
kīngadjTipped, slanting, leaning, turned or twisted onto one side, awry, askew (in relationship to the vertical).Kīng in pagbutang sin kibut.The placement of the jar is slanting.vact/pat mag-, -um-; pat ma-.To be or become turned or twisted to one side; become awry, askew; lean to one side.Nakīng in kappal sin buggat sin luwan.The boat is leaning to one side because of the heavy load.Pakīnga pa hansipak in kumpit supaya kalanuan in hansipak niya.Make the boat lean to the other side so that the other side can be cleaned.OV SYN.tunggang
kingkiadjTightly curled, frizzy, kinky (as of hair).Kingki in buhuk sin Milikan itum.A black American has kinky hair.vpat ma-.To become tightly curled, frizzy.Diꞌ aku mabayaꞌ makingki in buhuk ku.I don’t want my hair to become frizzy.OV SYN.kulungkumassalun
kingkingnThe little finger.In kingking amu na in gulamay lima asibiꞌ.The little finger is the smallest digit of the hand.Cf.bakul2 1tudluꞌlāsuꞌjaymanis
kipadavar. oftupāranGoggles for diving.
*kiparatvar.tipalattiparatvag mag-.(For family members or families) to forgive (one another) and forget (misunderstandings and grievances by both offended parties, done by performing the ceremony sugsug tawbat by an imam).Subay na miyatay hi amaꞌ ampa kami nagkiparat.It took father’s death to make us forgive each other.OV SYN.tawbat
kiputnNarrowness (in size or space).adjmakiputNarrow, limited in space or size, tight; crowded.Makiput in dān liyabayan sin tarak.The street the truck passed through is narrow.viST pat -um-.(For a space) to become narrow.Kimiput in simud sin kassaꞌ.The mouth of the bottle became narrow.vtran -an.To make (a space) narrow.Kiputan ta in lalabayan.Let’s make the passageway narrower.OV SYN.nahutasibiꞌANT.luag
kira-kiranThinking, imagination, calculation, guess.In Tuhan diꞌ maabut sin kira-kira sin mānusiyaꞌ.God cannot be reached by the imagination of man.OV SYN.pikil
KiramannThe name of one of the two guardian angels who protect all people.Hi Kiraman amu in malāikat miyamagad ha lawa sin tau.Kiraman is the angel accompanying people on their left side.Cf.Katibin
kiridaTag.nA lover or mistress (esp. the illicit sexual partner of a married man or woman).Makarusa pa Tuhan in tau awn kirida niya.It’s a sin against God for a person to have a lover/mistress.vag mag-; pat -un.To have an illicit affair with a married man or woman, take a mistress.In kauwian sin tau magkirida kālu.The result of having a mistress is a quarrel.
*kirugvag mang-; ran pang-…-an.To blink (and then remove one’s gaze from someone) as an expression of anger or disapproval (usu. spoken of women).Piyangirugan siya sin banta niya.Her enemy blinked at her in anger.SYN.*lirung
kīsEng.nA (court) case.Unu in kīs mu hangkan kaw najīl?What was your case that caused you to be jailed?OV SYN.parkalaꞌ 1
kisasnSomething that someone unjustly belittles, detests, despises, or treats with contempt which in due time will show on his person.In kisas diꞌ marā matay.The thing that you unjustly despised goes back to you before you die.OV SYN.subaꞌ2 vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To become or do what one belittles, treats disparagingly, detests, or despises.Ayaw kaw magꞌiyan diꞌ kaw magꞌasawa bisayaꞌ, pagkuwan kisasun kaw.Don’t say you won’t take a Christian for a wife, for you might do just that.
kisiꞌ1vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To smile broadly, grin.Kisiꞌ sadja kaw bang kaw pagꞌamahan sin inaꞌ mu.Just grin at your mother if she scolds you.Kisian ta siya.We will smile broadly at him.OV SYN.uyumCf.katawapaghakhakhakhakhikhikdaghay2vpat -un.To deform (one’s mouth).Kisiun ku in simud niyu yan bang kamu diꞌ humundung maglata.I’ll deform your mouths if you don’t stop jabbering.