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kiskisvar. ofgisgisvTo brush (one’s) teeth.
kissanA story, tale.The traditional form often narrates an account of creation, of origins, of peoples, institutions, historical events and the important heroes involved. The modern form is sung with an end rhyme although it is often arranged in an irregular metric form. The kissa is considered by everyone to be non-fiction (see kata-kata).Diyungug mu in kissa pasal hi Kamlun?Have you heard the story about Kamlun?vag mag-; pat -un; goal -an.To tell such a story.OV SYN.kata-kataCf.salsila
kissilgimb. equiv. ofkussilnSoftness, staleness (of peanuts, pastries, etc.).
kītnA sparking cap of a piece of dynamite, blasting cap.In magdagang kīt langgal saraꞌ sin parinta.To sell blasting caps is against the law of the government.
kitapron(Sg. speaker-hearer topic pronoun) we, us, to us.Hain kita magbāk?Where shall we (two) meet?Dihilan nila kita sīn.They will give us (you and me) money.OV SYN.kitaniyu
kitaꞌ1vag -um-, mang-; pat -un, ka-…an.To see, look at, look in order to verify (something); look for, observe, see or watch without taking an active part.Kitaa bang biyaꞌ diin in paghinang niya.Observe how she works.Miyari kami nangitaꞌ-ngitaꞌ sadja sin pagpanayam.We came just to watch the game.Kitai kita madtu jīp.Kindly look for a jeepney for me.Kitaun ku pa bang sila dimatung na.I’ll look and see if they have arrived.Kitaan ta kaw hambuuk bataꞌ magtabang kaymu.I’ll look for a youth to help you.Kitaun ta ha Bintang Duway Ballas bang hisiyu in nanakaw.We will see in the Tausug almanac Duway Ballas who it was that stole.Way ku siya kītaꞌ ha iskul.I didn’t see her at school.vag mag-.(For people) to see each other.Malugay kami walaꞌ nagkitai.We have not seen each other for a long time.OV SYN.atudilag1*idlapdullagliꞌgat*pandangpatung2npangitaꞌThe sense of sight.2nkitaanPrediction, prophecy, divination, soothsaying (taken from a holy book).Walaꞌ nagsāꞌ in kitaan niya.His prediction was not mistaken.In kitaan niya in bangkaꞌ nalawaꞌ, tiyakaw.His divination was that the boat that was lost was stolen.nmangingitaꞌA fortune-teller, soothsayer.Bantug mangingitaꞌ in apuꞌ sin bagay ku.The grandmother of my friend is a well known fortune-teller.OV SYN.putikaꞌ
kitabAr.nA religious book.Tiyatawꞌ niya in kitab piyusakaꞌ kaniya.He is storing the religious book that was bequeathed to him.adjbalkitabWell-versed in religious books.In manga guru sin agama subay balkitab.The teachers of religion should be well-versed in religious books.
Kitab Injil1nThe holy book (believed by Muslims to have been) revealed (by God) to the prophet Jesus.2nThe New Testament (the second part of the Christian Bible).
Kitab Jabur1nThe holy book (believed by Muslims to have been) revealed (by God) to the prophet David.2nThe (Old Testament book of) Psalms (songs of praise and worship and prayers to God).Dī ha Kitab Jabur kabākan in kalangan magdihil kapudjihan pa Tuhan.You can find the songs of praise to God in the book of Psalms.
Kitab PurkannThe Koran (the last of the four kitab). (see Kuraan)
Kitab Tawrat1nThe holy book (believed by Muslims to have been) revealed (by God) to the prophet Moses.2nThe Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Old Testament), Torah.Duun ha Kitab Tawrat kabākan in hangpuꞌ daakan sin Tuhan.It’s in the Pentateuch where you can find the ten commandments.
kitabul hakimnA biblical book which contains only narratives of the judgments and punishments inflicted by God.
kitalvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To aim, point at a target; practice markmanship (as of shooting).Parayawa in kakital bat mu kugdanan.You perfect your aim at the target so you can hit it.Kitalan ku in manuk-manuk yaun.I will aim at that bird.
kitaniyupron(Pl. speaker-hearer topic pronoun) we, us, to us, for us.Subay kitaniyu magkahagad ha daakan sin Tuhan.We (all) should obey God’s commands.
kitlannTar, pitch.Biyutangan nila kitlan in dān.They put tar on the road.
kitsapEng.nKetchup.Bī kaw kitsap bang kaw manabuꞌ.When you go to market buy ketchup.
kiyabvar. ofkabkabnA hand fan.
kiyakaun simud(from kaun)adjStubborn, calloused to scolding (esp. used of children) (lit. a mouth is being eaten).Kiyakaun simud in bataꞌ ini. Diꞌ magkahagad hinduan.This child is calloused. He won’t listen to teaching.
kiyamvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To lay out (a dead person) with hands folded over the stomach, place the hands on the stomach with left hand over the right (esp. when praying).Kiyamun ta in patay.We will fold the hands of the dead.
kiyamatnThe day of account, resurrection day, day of great or general judgment.Magkitaꞌ da kita ha adlaw kiyamat.We’ll see each other on great judgment day.vpat ma-.To be destroyed by divine judgment.Destruction will be followed by the formation of the new state of things in the present world, thus the creation of the new world.Makiyamat in dunya bang lumanduꞌ na tuud in ngiꞌ sin mānusiyaꞌ.The world will be destroyed by divine judgment when man’s wickedness becomes insurmountable.OV SYN.ahirat
kiyuꞌadjNot straight, crooked, twisted, deformed.Kiyuꞌ in pagsulat niya ha kātas.His writing on the paper is crooked.viact/pat -um-; pat ma-.To become crooked or twisted.Parayawa in pagꞌutud mu sin kakanaꞌ bat diꞌ makiyuꞌ.Cut your material well so that it won’t be twisted.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To render (something) crooked; twist (something).Kiyuun ku sa yan in simud mu bang kaw diꞌ humundung maglata.I’ll twist your mouth if you don’t stop your annoying talk.OV SYN.bingkuk 1
krusEng.nA cross, crucifix.Siyasaꞌlay sin pariꞌ in krus ha liug niya.The priest is wearing the crucifix around his neck.
kupron(First person sg. non-topic actor, causer, and possessor pronoun) I, my, mine, by me.Way ku siya kītaꞌ.I didn’t see him.Nasunug na in bāy ku.My house is burned up.
kūꞌnA reduced price or cost.Way na kūꞌ sin kakana ini.There is no reduced price for this material.vtag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To ask for or give a reduced price.Diꞌ makajari magkūꞌ sin manga dagangan ini.One can’t ask for a reduced price for this merchandise.viact -um-.To decrease or reduce, subside, wane, abate; become less in amount, force, degree, or intensity.Kumūꞌ in susa ku bang kaw yari.My sadness decreases when you are here.Kimūꞌ na in pasuꞌ sin atay niya.Her temper (lit. heat of the liver) subsided.Kimūꞌ-kūꞌ na in pasuꞌ sin pais niya.Her fever is abating.Tagaran ta na kumūꞌ in ulan.We’ll wait for the rain to abate.Kimūꞌ na in kabantugan niya.His fame has waned.OV SYN.kulang2 1*hilangkabus 1
kuꞌkuꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To hit or rap (someone’s head) with one’s knuckles, knock (on a door) with one’s knuckles.Ayaw kuꞌkua in bataꞌ ha ū.Don’t hit the child on the head with your knuckles.Kuꞌkua in lawang makaruwa.Knock on the door twice.SYN.*kudduꞌ