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kuꞌlusgimb. equiv. ofkullus1adjWithered.2vTo feel ill at ease, embarrassed.
kuꞌnisavar.kunisaadvThe day after tomorrow.Kuꞌnisa kitaniyu magbāk.We’ll meet on the day after tomorrow.Sampay pa kuꞌnisa dī pa sila.Even until the day after tomorrow they will be here.vpagkukuꞌnisahun(To do something) two days before (something else).Pagkukuꞌnisahun in adlaw pitu subay kamu dī na.You should be here two days before the seventh day death celebration.Cf.kunsūmtaꞌkisa
kuꞌnuadvWhen (referring to future time).Kuꞌnu siya dumatung?When will he arrive?Cf.kaꞌnu
kuba-kubanThe pounding of the heart, act of throbbing, beat or pulsation, particularly the strong pulsation of the heart.Marayꞌ awn kiyabugaan hangkan da kimusug in kuba-kuba niya.Maybe there was something to be afraid of. That’s why the pounding of his heart got stronger.vpat -un.(For one’s heart) to throb strongly.Kuba-kubahun aku magtuy bang aku makarungug timbak.My heart begins to throb strongly when I hear shooting.OV SYN.hanggaw
kubaꞌnA humpback, a hunchbacked person.vpat ma-.To become hunchbacked.Makubaꞌ kaw bang kaw maas na.You’ll become hunchbacked when you get old.SYN.buggul
kubalnA callus.In tau patihinang awn kubal ha lima.A working man has calluses on his hands.vact/pat mag-; ran -an.To form or develop calluses.Nagkubal in lima ku ha pagpalahan.My hands got calluses because of shoveling.Kubalan sa yan in lima mu.Your hand will develop calluses.
kubbanThe grave or tomb (of a prophet).Wayruun tau nakabāk sin kubba hi Nabi Musa.Nobody has found the tomb of the Prophet Moses.OV SYN.kubultampat
kubbingnHip, hipbone.Kiyugdan aku sin pungluꞌ ha kubbing.My hip was hit by the bullet.OV SYN.pigiꞌ 1hugpuꞌ
kubbungadjHollow, concave (as of dishes, scoop, or ladle).Butangan in kaunun ha lāy kubbung.Put the rice on a concave plate.OV SYN.lubbaklubbung
*kubiꞌvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To grimace, make a face in anger or when annoyed, make a face (at someone in order to irritate or provoke someone to have a quarrel).Ayaw kaw magkubiꞌ bang kaw hinduan sin maas mu.Don’t make a face when your mother is giving you some advice.Kubiun niya in simud niya bang siya dugalan.She makes a face with her mouth when she is angry.Cf.kibiꞌ 2
*kubkubvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To chew, bite into (food such as meat on a bone, whole fruit, etc.); gnaw.Kiyubkub sin iruꞌ in bukug.The dog gnawed on the bone.Ayaw na kaw magsuruꞌ, kubkuba sadja in paa manuk yan.Don’t eat with a spoon, just bite into that chicken leg.OV SYN.kibang
kublaꞌnSurprise, astonishment; a start (with surprise).Nakalanduꞌ in kublaꞌ ku.My start was great (i.e., I was greatly startled).viact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be startled, surprised, astonished.Kiyublaan aku sin langay mu kahapun.I was surprised by your behavior yesterday.Magkublaꞌ in atay ku awn adlaw.There are days that my heart is startled.Makakublaꞌ in katingug sin dawgdug.The sound of the thunder startles one.vtCH 1 pat -un.To startle, surprise (someone).Ayaw siya kublaa.Don’t startle her.OV SYN.bugaꞌhanggaw
*kublitvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To touch and immediately withdraw the hand (in order to call someone’s attention or to communicate something tacitly).Kublita hi Nurhadan, awn hibaytaꞌ ku kaniya.Touch Nurhadan. I have something to tell her.Hisiyu in nagkublit kākuꞌ?Who touched me and immediately withdrew the hand?
kubuꞌnA well-fortified house, rampart.Subay mahugut in kubuꞌ bat diꞌ makasūd in atu.The rampart should be strong enough so that the enemy can’t enter.Cf.kutaꞌ
kubulnA grave.Nahipuꞌ na sin kubul in pagkukubulan.The cemetery is already full of graves.SYN.paliyanganliyangvag mag-, -um-; pat hi-; ran pag-…-an.-un is also used to focus patient, but considered substandard.To bury (a corpse or carcass).Kubulan ha sawm kahuy in patay manuk!Bury the dead chicken under the tree!Hain hikubul in patay?Where shall we bury the dead?npagkubulan/pangungubulanA burial place, graveyard.Dugaing in pagkubulan sin manga Muslim iban Lannang.The graveyard of the Muslims is different from that of the Chinese.OV SYN.*lubungtampatkandangkubba
kubulanadjInvulnerable, cannot be wounded by any bladed weapon or bullets.Laung nila hi Jikiri kunuꞌ yattu kubulan.They said that Jikiri was invulnerable.
kūbung-kūbungnA small lean-to shelter (built as a shade or resting place for field workers).In manga nagꞌuuma maghali-hali ha kūbung-kūbung.The farmers are taking rest in the small lean-to shelter.
*kubutgimb. equiv. ofkibitvTo pinch or squeeze (someone).
kudaratnThe power (of God).Way na makaliyu dayn ha kudarat sin Tuhan.There’s nothing greater than the power of God.OV SYN.kawasakusug 1
*kuddamvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.ArchaicTo place (someone) in a cloistered place (esp. a maiden), conceal (someone).Magkuddam kita ha lawm kakātian hangka-tahun.Let’s conceal ourselves in the jungle for a year.Kuddamun ta in dayang-dayang ha taas sin astanaꞌ.We will conceal the princess on the top of the castle.Ha waktu kamaasan in manga dayang-dayang kiyukuddam ha taas sin astanaꞌ.In olden times the princesses were cloistered in the attic of the palace.nkuddamanA place of concealment, cloistered place, vault.Tiyatawꞌ in dayang-dayang ha kuddaman.The princess is kept in a cloistered place.
*kudduꞌvag mag-; pat -un.To hit or rap someone’s head with one’s knuckles.Ayaw mu kuddua in bataꞌ.Don’t rap the child’s head with your knuckles.SYN.kuꞌkuꞌ
kuddum1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look sternly, frown.Nagkukuddum na siya imatud kākuꞌ.He is looking at me sternly.
kuddum2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To look down and cover one’s face or eyes (as in playing hide and seek).Kuddum na kaw bat kami makatapuk.Look down and cover your face now so that we can start hiding.
kuddusvar.kudusadj(Of God) holy.Hambuuk-buuk da Tuhan in kuddus.It’s only God who is holy.Ruhul Kudduscomp.adjThe Holy Spirit (of God).
*kudjapvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal -an.To raise the eyebrows or wink the eyes (as a signal).Bang aku magkudjap na īg na kaw.When I wink then it is time for you to go.Kudjapan ta kaw bang kita madtu na.I’ll wink at you when it’s time to go.OV SYN.kullap*kindat