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*kudjilvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To touch or move (something) slightly from its place, disturb (something) by touching.Ayaw kudjila in hinang ku.Don’t touch my work.Nagtangis in bataꞌ sabab kiyudjil mu.The child cried because you touched her.OV SYN.*kublithibalGENR.kaput1 1.1
*kudjutvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To kill (someone) with a charge of electricity, electrocute (someone).Pagkudjutun in tau bang makalanggal saraꞌ mabuggat sin parinta.A person who commits a major offense against the law will be electrocuted.
kudkudvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To tie (objects, esp. coconut leaves) together (by winding something around them many times).Kudkud kaw langkay hipangꞌilaw ta pa gimba dūm ini.Tie some dry coconut leaves together. We’ll use them as a light going to the interior tonight.OV SYN.baggutvpat mag-.(For rope) to be wound many times around (something).Nagkudkud in hukut sin kābaw ha kahuy.The carabao’s rope is wound many times around the tree.OV SYN.*libud
kūg(from kuyag)nGladness, happiness, joy, delight, cheerfulness.Landuꞌ in kūg niya pagtabuk niya sin sulat.She was overjoyed when she received the letter.nkakūganThat which causes joy, happiness, gladness, delight.Bukun sadja sīn in kakūgan sin tau.Money is not a person’s only happiness.vag mag, -um-; ran -an.To be happy, glad, cheerful.Kūgan aku bang kaw mari.I would be happy if you’d come.adjmakūgHappy, glad, cheerful.
kūg-bayaꞌnLiking, desire, willingness; approval.Miyari aku bukun ha kūg-bayaꞌ ku.I didn’t come here of my own desire.
kūg-kuyagvag mag-, -um-.To be happy, glad, or joyous; (for a large group of people) to make merry (esp. because of some important thing that has happened).Magkūg-kuyag kitaniyu sabab nalappas na siya.Let’s all be happy because he is already saved.Subay ta pakūg-kuyagun in maas ta.We have to make our parents happy.adjmakūg-makuyagHappy, joyous, glad.
kugangnA crust that forms over a sore or wound during healing, scab.Ayaw aknita in kugang sin ugud mu.Don’t peel off the scab of your sore.vtran -an.To rub off a scab.Kugangan ta in ugud mu ha supaya kaubatan.We will remove the scabs of your wound in order to apply medicine on them.viact/pat mag-, -um-.To become covered with a scab, form a scab.Bang in paliꞌ malagguꞌ, pagtahay magkugang.If a wound is big, when it dries it forms a scab.
kugaskasvar.kagaskasnThe rustling sound (produced by things like leaves brushing against a wall, birds flying, or animals moving through brush).Dimāgan aku pagdungug ku sin kagaskas sin babuy talun.I ran when I heard the rustling of the wild pig.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To make such a rustling sound.Bang lumabay in babuy magkugaskas in manga dahun.When the pig passes by, the leaves rustle.OV SYN.kulanassagingsing
kugdan1vag mag-, -um-; pat -iy-; ran -an.kugdanun and kiyugdanan are not used.To be hit (by something, as a stone, sickness, storm, bullet, or arrow).Kiyugdan siya sin pungluꞌ.He was hit by a bullet.Kiyugdan siya sin sakit ū atay.He was struck by cardiac disease.Kugdanan hunus in Sambuwangan.Zamboanga will be hit by a typhoon.2vag mag-; pat -iy-.To hit or do (something) properly, correctly, exactly.Kiyugdan mu, Utuꞌ.You hit it right, my boy.Kiyugdan sin pamikil mu.You’ve got the correct solution.Pakugdana da kunuꞌ in paghinang mu Indaꞌ.Do your work properly, my girl.Way nagkugdan in pagbutang mu tambuku.You didn’t place the buttons properly.OV SYN.amu1 3vact/pat -um-.To happen, occur.Kumugdan adlaw Sabtuꞌ in pagtiyaun.The wedding will occur on a Saturday.Bang kumugdan kākuꞌ in bihān diꞌ ku hikapagmaap.If that thing happened to me I wouldn’t be able to forgive and forget.vRC act/pat mag-.To be compatible.Diꞌ sila magkugdan.They are not compatible.
kughaknA louse (that lives on humans).Kari kaw īgan ta in manga kughak mu.Come here and let me remove your lice.vpat -un.To have lice.Kughakun kaw bang kaw matūg ha daig niya.You’ll have lice if you sleep beside her.OV SYN.kutu
kugitanAn octupus.2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
kugnatvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To start or jump in alarm.Magkugnat aku bang aku pagkublaan.I usually jump in alarm when I’m frightened.Kugnatun ta hi Babuꞌ Sapiya.Let’s make Aunt Sapiya jump in alarm.Makakugnat in tingug sin dawgdug.The sound of the thunder makes me start in alarm.
kugut1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To grate (something, esp. coconut meat, with a grater).Kugutun ku kaymu in lahing.I’ll grate the coconut for you.Kugut kaw lahing hipaggataꞌ.Grate the coconut for making coconut milk.nkugutanA grater, the instrument used for grating.Haunu mu biyutang in kugutan?Where did you put the grater?OV SYN.*liis2vag mang-; pat -un.To get (something, esp. money from someone) by fraud, threats, or misuse of authority, defraud or cheat (someone).Bang kaw kugutun sin nakuraꞌ mu sumbungan pa mataas.If you are cheated by your chief of office, report him to the higher up.adjpangugutProne to extort from others.Pangugut in tau yan.That man is prone to extort from others.nmangungugutAn extortionist.In mangungugut magpabugaꞌ ha manga tau pagpangayuan nila sīn.An extortionist threatens people he asks money from.OV SYN.kungkawkustaw*anyaya
*kuhalvar.huwalvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To mix, stir, or blend (something) with a ladle or spatula.Subay kuhalun in siyanglag bat diꞌ masunug.The roasted cassava should be stirred with a ladle so it won’t burn.Simakit in buktun niya ha pagkuhalan.Her arms became sore because of mixing with a ladle.nkukuhalA spatula.
kuhamChiefly gimb.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To roast (cassava).Nagkuham siya panggiꞌ.She roasted cassava.Kuhamun ta in panggiꞌ ini.We will roast this cassava.nkiyuhamA dish made of roasted cassava.Subay awn istaꞌ diyangdang hilamay ha kiyuham ini.There should be a roasted fish to go with this roasted cassava.Cf.siyanglag*sanglag
kuhibalnActions, movement (see also hibal).Jiyagahan niya in katān kuhibal ku.He is watching all my movements.vag mag-; pat -un.To move, be in motion; move (something).Nagkuhibal in bataꞌ-bataꞌ ha lawm tiyan.The baby moves inside the womb.Diꞌ na magkuhibal in tau nasasakit.The sick person doesn’t move any more.kignut-kuhibalcomp.n(One’s) actions or movements.
*kuhigvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To move or rake (something that can’t be reached with the hand) closer with a stick (or similar object).Nagkuhig aku sin sīn nakasūd pa sawm sin kantil.I moved the money which went under the bed closer with a stick.Kuhiga in suruꞌ ha lawm pisak.Rake the spoon in the mud here with the stick.Hipagkuhig ku in bulaꞌ-bulaꞌ ini.I’ll use this stick to move (it) closer.OV SYN.kās 1*kahig 1
*kuhitvag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To get or pick (something) with a stick or similar object, hook (something).Nagkuhit pa aku sin badjuꞌ nahulug pa pisak.I’m still picking with a stick the clothes which fell in the mud.Kuhitun ku in biyabas naggagantung.I’ll get that guava hanging on the tree with a stick.Kuhita ba in badjuꞌ. Nahulug pa pisak.Hook the dress. It fell in the mud.OV SYN.sungkit
kuk batunA mentally weak or dull person.Mahunit hinduan in kuk batu.A person who is mentally weak is hard to teach.In kuk batu diꞌ makahāti.A dull-minded person can’t understand.
kūkanCollarbone, clavicle.Matampal in kūka sin tau makayug.The collarbone of a thin person is clearly seen.
kukamnAn animal of the monkey family found in Sabah.Usu. inactive in the daytime but very active at night.
kukuvar.kukkunA fingernail, toenail, claw, hoof.adjkukuhanHaving long fingernails or toenails.Kukuhan in tau yaun.That person has long fingernails.OV SYN.janggay 1
kuku putiꞌnWhite light cotton fabric (esp. used for wrapping a corpse).GENR.kakanaꞌ
kukugauknThe sound of the crowing of a rooster.Cf.tagauk
kukuknA creature in oral literature that steals and hides people, esp. children.Usu. takes the appearance of the child’s mother, father, or any relative or friend.OV SYN.lagtawbalbalanapuꞌ bataꞌcomp.apuꞌ