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kukumung1nPincers (used by goldsmiths).Nabaliꞌ in kukumung sin magsasasal bulawan.The pincers of the goldsmith are broken.2nA type of bamboo posthole digger.
*kukusvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wipe, dry (something with a rag or piece of cloth).Nagkukus aku sin lantay nabasaꞌ kaina.I wiped the floor that was wet a while ago.Kukusan ta in lummiꞌ ha lamisahan.Let’s wipe up the dirt on the table.OV SYN.*pahidtarapuCf.*kuskusvag mag-.To wipe the ground (doing something).Nagkukus sila nagluray ha sawm kahuy.They wiped the ground wrestling with each other under the tree.
kukuungvar.kakuungnThe bar of a yoke.SYN.saal
*kulavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bleach (something such as clothes) in the sun.Magkula aku sin diyakdakan ku.I’ll bleach my laundry in the sun.Kulaha in manga badjuꞌ putiꞌ.Bleach the white clothes in the sun.npagkulahanA place for bleaching clothing.Ha taas atup mital sin bāy in pagkulahan nila.The place where they bleach clothing is on the galvanized iron roof of their house.
kulaꞌnA ruffle, pleat (in cloth, lace, etc.).Way kulaꞌ sin badjuꞌ ku.My dress has no ruffles.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To pleat or make ruffles (on cloth, lace and the like).Nagkulaꞌ aku sin badjuꞌ ku.I made ruffles on my dress.Kulai in kurtina yan!Pleat those curtains!
kulabbuꞌgimb. equiv. ofkutabbuꞌnThe sound of something splashing into a liquid.
kulaingnAn indigenous musical instrument.Made of a strip of bamboo about 6-10 inches long with a string tied from one end of the bamboo to the other and played by plucking the string with the finger. It produces twanging tones resembling a Jew’s harp.vag mag-, -um-.To play such a musical instrument.Marayaw dungugun hi Hassan magkulaing.It’s nice to listen to Hassan playing the bamboo stringed instrument.OV SYN.sulingsawnay
kulakub ūnThe cranium, skull, upper part of the head.In kulakub ū amu na in lukub sin ū.The skull is the cover of the head.
kulambuꞌnA mosquito net; any thick net placed over a bed.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To put up or use such a net.Pagkulambuꞌ kaw matūg sabab mahilam.Put up a mosquito net when you sleep because there are lots of mosquitoes.OV SYN.muskitiru
kulampiraꞌ1nAny flatfish having both eyes on the same side (as the brills and soles).2adj(Of a judgment) one-sided.Daugun hadja in hiyukum bang in paghukum sin manghuhukum hukuman kulampiraꞌ.The accused will always be guilty if the judge gives one-sided judgment.
kulampitvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To hang on (something) for support, support oneself (on something, as of a person weak from sickness).Nagkulampit siya miyanaw dayn ha huspital.He was supporting himself when he walked from the hospital.Subay mu kulampitun in buktun mu pa abaga niya.You have to hang your arms on his shoulder for support.
kulanasnA slithering or rustling sound (made by snakes, lizards, rats, etc.).Diyungug mu in kulanas sin hās kabii?Did you hear the slithering sound made by the snakes last night?vact/pat mag-, -um-.To make a hissing sound.Nagkulanas in manga ambaw kabii.The rats made a hissing sound last night.OV SYN.kugaskas
kulang11vag mag-, -um-.To lie down.Mangiꞌ ha tau kumulang bang kiyakansuban.It is not good for a person to lie down with a full stomach.Kulang kaw duun ha tilam.You lie down on the mattress.Pakulanga na in bataꞌ.Lay the baby down.npagkulangan/kulanganResting or sleeping place (as of a bed, berth, mattress, or mat).Malanuꞌ in pagkulangan ku ini.My resting place is clean.2nkulanganA bed made up for a person who has just died.Usu. a mat on the floor. It is believed that the spirit of the deceased remains at this bed for seven days before going to the grave.
kulang21adjMissing, less, lacking.Kulang pa hambuuk.One is missing yet.vpat mag-; ran -an.(For something) to become less, be reduced; reduce, deduct, subtract (something).Nagkulang in sīn piyatawꞌ ku kaniya.The money which I kept with him was reduced.Kulangan ta in hinang ta bihayaun.We will reduce our work now.OV SYN.kabus 1*hilangadvkulang-kulangA few less than, almost (in number or amount).Kulang-kulang kayꞌman in miyatay sin sakit suka intawꞌ.There are almost fifty persons who died of cholera.2adjkulang-kulangPeculiar, irrational, eccentric, unbalanced, mentally handicapped.In bataꞌ kulang-kulang asal malugay umingat.A mentally handicapped child is naturally a slow learner.
kulang labiadvMore or less, approximately.Nakabalanjaꞌ aku kulang labi hangibu pilak.I’ve spent more or less one thousand pesos.
kulang siputadjPeculiar, eccentric, unbalanced, having a screw loose; mentally handicapped.Kulang siput in Milikan yan.That American has a screw loose.Bang kaw tawagun sin tau naynti nayn in hāti niya kulang in siput mu.If someone calls you ninety nine it means you have a screw loose.
kulangan bataꞌnUterus, womb.In kulangan bataꞌ iban kulangan sin bataꞌ diꞌ magsibuꞌ.The womb and the sleeping place of a child are not the same.
kulapnIchthyosis (a congenital disease in which the outer skin continually flakes off in large scales or plates).8: Diseasesvpat -un.To become affected with such a disease.Bukun malugay kulapun kaw.Before long you’ll get ichthyosis.Makakulap in dagat bang diꞌ bunglawan sin tubig.Sea water can cause the outer skin to flake off if you don’t rinse with fresh water.adjkulapanAfflicted with such a disease.Kulapan in tau yaun.That man is covered with ichthyosis.
kulapuꞌnThe sound produced by cracking or snapping (something).Bang makarungug kulapuꞌ ha taytayan tagama kaw malarak.If you hear a cracking sound on the bridge be alert, it might break off.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To make such a sound.Diꞌ magkulapuꞌ in bakul siki niya.His big toe won’t make a snapping sound.Pakulapuun ku in manga gulamay lima ku.I’ll crack my knuckles.Diꞌ aku maingat magpakulapuꞌ.I don’t know how to crack my knuckles.
kularaknThe staccato sound, rattle, roar, or drumming (made by something falling in quantity, as rain falling on a galvanized iron roof, or sustained gunfire).Nakabatiꞌ aku sin kularak sin ulan kabii.I woke up last night because of the drumming of the rain.vact/pat mag-.To make such a sound.Magkularak in timbak bang dūm Tahun Baꞌgu.The shooting on New Year’s Eve makes a staccato roar.Cf.hulanuganduhudlagungkad
kulasaꞌnAn irregular succession of soft sounds, rustling sound (as of dry leaves moved by soft breeze or being stepped on).Way ku diyungug in kulasaꞌ sin manga dahun.I didn’t hear the rustling of the leaves.vact/pat -um-, mag-.To make a rustling sound.Bang mahangin, kumulasaꞌ in manga dahun.When it’s windy the leaves rustle.OV SYN.kulanaskugaskas
kulasugadjmakulasugPhysically strong, having great strength.Makulasug in tau yan.That fellow is very strong.Subay tau makulasug in muhat sin hāg yan.A person should be strong in order to lift that post.
kulatadjUsu. rdp.Careless, inattentive, neglectful, clumsy (in doing something).In tau kulat diꞌ kapangandulan sin unu-unu hinang.A careless person can’t be trusted with any work.OV SYN.kasuꞌ-kasuꞌ
*kulātay1vag mag-, -um-; ran/inst pag-…-an.To swing (from one branch or vine to another), cross (something) hand over hand.Nagkulātay in amuꞌ ha kabāgun-bāgunan.The monkey swung from one vine to another.Marayaw pagkulātayan in bāgun.Vines are good to use for swinging.2vag mag-, mag-…-an.To go from one house or place to another (in the same community).Magkulātay sadja sin kabāy-bāyan in hinang mu.All you do is go from one house to another.OV SYN.sāsab*tāraꞌ
kulatiknA drumming, a jingling or tinkling sound.Makusug in kulatik sin ulan ha atup mital.The drumming of the rain on a metal roof is loud.vact mag-, -um-.(For something) to jingle or tinkle (as of money in one’s pocket).Diyungug ku in sīn mu nagkulatik.I heard your money jingling.OV SYN.katik