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*kulatupnpagkulatupThe act or sound of crunching.Karungugan sampay mari in pagkulatup sin bātung ha lawm simud niya.You can hear the crunching of the peanuts in his mouth way over here.vact/pat mag-.To make a crunching sound when chewed.Magkulatup dakuman in mampallam bang bulak pa.Small green mangoes make a crunching sound when chewed.
kulaub matanThe socket of the eyeball, the eyehole.In kulaub mata amu na in kiyabubutangan sin mata.The socket of the eyeball is the place where the eye is lodged.
kulaytnA kerosene pressure lamp.Sūi na in kulayt sabab tigidlum na in hulaꞌ.You light the kerosene pressure lamps because it is already dark.vag mag-.To use a pressure lamp.Magkulayt in manga tau bang wayruun ilaw dayn ha kurinti.People use pressure lamps when there are no electric lights.vag mang-.To fish by the light of a pressure lamp.Mangulayt kami dūm ini.We’ll fish tonight by the light of a pressure lamp.OV SYN.lampu
kulbanvar.kurbannA ritual slaughtering of an animal (preferably a male goat).Usu. performed on the tenth day or so of the month of Julhadjiꞌ. Performed so that the offerer may have something to ride on to heaven when he dies.Mahalgaꞌ in kulban ha manga tau sin timpu kamaasan.The ritual slaughtering of a goat was very important to the people of olden times.vag mag-.To perform such a ritual.In manga tau nakauna bang makarusa pa Tuhan subay magkulban.When the people of olden times committed sin against God they had to perform a ritual slaughtering.Cf.paghakikahakika
*kuliꞌsungvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To frown (at someone), knit or wrinkle the brow, show disapproval or disappointment by frowning.Masiglaꞌ kaw lumaas bang kaw nagkukuliꞌsung sadja.You’ll become old very soon if you are always frowning.Kiyuliꞌsungan niya sadja aku. Diꞌ mabayaꞌ hinduan.He just frowned at me. He refused to be taught.
kuligkignA bargainer, esp. one who bargains for something too much.adjmakuligkigDriving a hard bargain, insisting on a discount.Makuligkig in tau yan mamī-mī.That lady insists on a discount whenever she buys things.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To bargain (for something) too much, drive a hard bargain.Bang mu yan kuligkigun ha magdaragang makawaꞌ mu da kayꞌman pilak.If you keep bargaining for it from the seller you’ll get it for fifty pesos only.OV SYN.kūꞌ
*kulihikvAR, AQ ag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No apparent difference between -un and -an.To remove (something), pick (something) out (as a splinter, earwax, or food in a cavity of a tooth).Magkulihik aku sin tinga ha ipun ku.I’ll remove the food particles from my teeth.Kulihika in kaunun ha lungag ipun niya.Pick the rice out of the hole in his tooth.OV SYN.īg
kuliiknA shriek, whinny; sharp, shrill outcry (from a person or animal, usu. in pain).Diyungug ku in kuliik sin anak babuy.I heard the shrill cry of a baby pig.vag mag-, -um-.To shriek, whine, cry out in a sharp, shrill manner.Nagkuliik sadja in anak iruꞌ kabii.The puppy kept crying shrilly last night.OV SYN.silawaktulik
kulikutvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To connect two edges with an irregular whipstitch, interweave (as in crocheting).Nagkulikut in babai sin dagmay.The woman sewed the ragged clothes with an irregular whipstitch.In pagꞌanyam kulikutun sin hūk in tanud.In crocheting the loops of thread are interwoven by means of a hooked needle.OV SYN.bagsaꞌ
*kulikutvtag mag-; pat -un.To twist, coil, twirl (something, as hair or a mustache).Ayaw mu na kulikuta in buhuk mu.Stop twisting your hair.vipat ma-.To be or become twisted or entangled.Ayaw pagpanayami in bannang yan bat diꞌ makulikut.Don’t play with that string so it won’t become twisted.OV SYN.kallitCf.*libudgumunsagut
kulintangannA musical instrument (consisting of eight or eleven small brass gongs graduated in size and arranged in a row on twine strung between two wooden holders).Makakitaꞌ kaw manga kulintangan bang awn pagtiyaun.You will be able to see a musical instrument of brass gongs when there is a wedding.vag mag-, -um-.To play such an instrument.Diꞌ aku maingat magkulintangan.I don’t know how to play the musical instrument of brass gongs.OV SYN.agung
*kulisivag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To shell (something, as peanuts and corn).Tabangi kita magkulisi sin gandum ini.Help me shell this corn.Kulisiha in bātung yan, Indaꞌ.Shell those peanuts, Girlie.SYN.pisi
kulitadjOrange (in color).Kulit in sumping ini.These flowers are orange.vpat -un.To make something orange.Anjibihun ta kulit atawa kulitun ta sibuꞌ da.To dye something orange or to cause something to become orange means the same.
kulitisnA firecracker.Diꞌ makajari magdagang kulitis.Selling of firecrackers is prohibited.vag mag-, -um-.To play with firecrackers.Ayaw kamu magkulitis. Saggawn kamu sin pulis.Don’t play with firecrackers. The police will arrest you.
kullapadjCharacterized by habitual blinking of the eyes.Kullap in tau yaun.That fellow habitually blinks his eyes.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bat or blink the eyes.Magkullap-kullap sadja siya bang ku asubuhun.She just simply blinks her eyes when I ask her.Kullapun hi Indaꞌ in mata niya bang siya mabayaꞌ ha pangasubu mu.Baby will blink her eyes if she wants what you asked of her.viact/pat mag-.(For a light or flame) to flicker.Awn ilaw magkullap ha puntuk būd.There’s a light flickering on top of the mountain.OV SYN.*kudjap*kindat
kulliꞌ1vag mang-, mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To inveigle, persuade (someone) by trickery; cheat, deceive (someone, usu. pertaining to money and other forms of wealth).Kiyullian niya in sīn ku.He got some of my money by trickery.OV SYN.akkal 2*anyaya2vag mag-; pat -un.To tease, joke with (someone).Ayaw na mayan magkulliꞌ. Maas na kamu.Stop teasing each other. You are too old for that.Kulliun nila na mayan in bataꞌ bat tumangis.They keep on teasing the child so that it will cry.
kullukadjBent, curved, warped.Kulluk in sanga kahuy ini.This twig is bent.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To bend, curve (something).Magkulluk siya matūg.He curves when sleeping.Wayruun tau makakulluk sin bawgan panaꞌ ini.No one can bend this bow.Bang mu kullukun in bulaꞌ mabaliꞌ.If you bend a bamboo strip it will break.Makulluk sadja in bawgan panaꞌ ini bang tau makusug.This bow can only be bent by a strong man.Kullukan ku in duhul sin panaꞌ ini.I’ll bend the end of this bow.OV SYN.bingkuk 1kallukCf.kawk
kullungadjCurved, bent inward, bent over.Kullung na in taykud sin maas usug yaun.The back of that old man is already bent over.OV SYN.dungkugvag -um-, mag-; pat -un.To curve one’s back or bend oneself, curl up.Subay kamu kumullung bat kitaniyu magtuput ha kulangan.You should curl up so all of us can be accomodated in this sleeping place.OV SYN.kawkkullukkallukCf.lantik
kullusgimb.kuꞌlusvar.*kūs1adjWithered.Bukun na marayaw bang in mampallam kullus na.It’s not good if the mangoes are withered.vact/pat -um-.To wither; (for a swelling or bump) to subside; (for a person or animal) to lose weight; (for a tire, balloon, etc.) to lose air (and so get smaller).Subay na kumullus in hubag ampa ta larutan in ipun mu.The swelling should subside and then we can pull your tooth.Diꞌ kaw kumullus bang bihān in basag mu kumaun.You won’t lose weight if you keep on eating that much.OV SYN.kuppus2vact mang-.To feel ill at ease or embarrassed.Aku in mangullus bang siya magpaandig sin pasal sin dalas sin pagkaun.I am the one embarrassed if she insinuated about wasting the food.
kulungnA curl, ringlet (as of hair).Malingkat in kulung sin buhuk niya.Her curls are pretty.adjCurly, in ringlets.Kulung in buhuk niya.She has curly hair.OV SYN.kingkikumassalunvag mag-; pat -un.To curl (someone’s hair).Matagi in manga babai magkulung sin buhuk nila.Women are fond of curling their hair.Kulungun ta in buhuk mu.I’ll curl your hair.OV SYN.*kulikutgumun
kumalaꞌnA fabulous gem (often mentioned in legends).Laung nila sukuran in tau makabāk kumalaꞌ.They say that a person who finds a fabulous gem is lucky.OV SYN.intan 1dilamgīkyakut
kumandilEng.nCommander, commanding officer.
kumassalunadj(Of the hair of people’s heads) naturally curly or wavy.Kumassalun in buhuk niya.Her hair is naturally curly.OV SYN.kulungkingki
kumbanThe lungs (of animals).Diꞌ siya magkaun kumba sin manuk.He does not eat the lungs of chickens.
kumbatul1nA tumor (any swelling and hardened mass of tissue in any part of the body).vact/pat mag-, -um-; pat -un.To swell and harden like a tumor.Awn magkumbatul unud ha abaga niya.There’s a mass on his shoulder that has swollen and hardened.Cf.butikul 1.1adjkumbatulanHaving many hardened places (as of fruit, esp. ripe bananas).Kumbatulan in sayng binī ku.The bananas I bought have hard places in them.2vag mag-.To keep one’s feeling or sentiment to oneself.Lindu kan Mussaꞌ taktak, nagkumbatul waꞌ mustak.He silently kept his love for Mussaꞌ (lit. Romantic love for Mussaꞌ was like a tumor not breaking).