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kumbunvar. ofkimbunvTo hide (something), shade or cover (something so as to hide it).
*kumkum1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To close (the hand) into a fist, hold (something) in one’s fist.Kumkuma in lima mu.Close your fist.Kumkuma mahugut in sīn.Hold the money tightly in your fist.nkiyumkumanA fistful.2nkiyumkumanPower, jurisdiction, authority (always with ha lawm [sin]).In unu-unu katān yadtu ha lawm kiyumkuman sin Tuhan.Everything lies in God’s power.OV SYN.kapatutanpatut
kummiꞌadjHaving a hollow (made in a surface by a blow or pressure), dented.Kummiꞌ in ū sin awtu.The hood of the car is dented.vtag mag-; pat -un.To make (something) hollow, dent (something, as a box or tin can).Hisiyu in nagkummiꞌ sin mital ini?Who dented this can?Ayaw kummia in mital-mital yan.Don’t dent that tin can.viST pat ma-.To be or become hollow or dented.Makummiꞌ sa yan in labban bang mu lingkuran.That box will become dented if you sit on it.OV SYN.kuppiꞌ
kummitvar. ofkimmitnThriftiness.
*kummusvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To cover (someone who is cold or chilly) with a thick blanket.Kummusi in bataꞌ-bataꞌ. Mahaggut in hulaꞌ.Cover the child with a thick blanket. It’s cold.OV SYN.siub
*kumpasvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To think about (a matter), reckon, calculate.Kumpasa naa marayaw ampa kaw manaw.Think well about it first before you go.Kiyumpas ku in layuꞌ sin Bangngas pa jambatan.I calculated the distance of Bangngas from the wharf.nkumpasanThinking, reckoning, calculation.Ha kumpasan ku, manga duwangka-jam bugsayun harap pa Bangngas.By my calculation it’s approximately two hours paddling to get to Bangngas.OV SYN.pikiltaliꞌ*bista
kumpiꞌnA fold, hem (as of the edge of a garment).Tastasa in kumpiꞌ sin badjuꞌ niya.Rip out the hem of her dress.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To fold or hem (something, as a garment).Subay kumpian in duhul badjuꞌ mu bat sumarang in habaꞌ.You must hem the edge of your dress so the length will be right.OV SYN.lupiꞌ
kumpit1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To clutch, hold, grasp, seize, hold on to (something).Magkumpit aku ha iban ku bang sumakat pa lansa.I hold on to my companion when I get on a launch.Kumpit kaw mahugut bat kaw diꞌ mahulug.You hold on tight so that you won’t fall.Kumpiti mahugut bat diꞌ mahulug.Hold it tight so it won’t fall.OV SYN.kaput1 1.1ulin
kumpit2nA large boat similar to a launch (normally having no motor and usu. propelled by a sail).Mabiskay in kumpit piyagꞌagaran namuꞌ pa Bongao.The large sailboat that we sailed on for Bongao is fast.OV SYN.lipapiddasCf.lansa
kumpul1vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To mold or press (something) into a ball (with the hands, as fine, soft earth, or sand).Nagkumpul siya sin lupaꞌ.He is molding the soil into a ball.Kumpul kaw buhangin, magtiluꞌ-tiluꞌ kita.Press sand into a ball, we will play toss and catch.Kumpulun ta in lupaꞌ.Let’s mold the dirt.vipat ma-.To coagulate, clot (as of blood).Nakumpul in duguꞌ.The blood clotted.2vag mag-.To gather together (for mutual care and protection, esp. during a crisis).Nagkumpul in katān maglahasiyaꞌ ha hambuuk bāy ha waktu sin pagbunuꞌ.All the relatives gathered together in one house during the fighting.3nA unit of weight (for silver and gold) equiv. to about 37 grams. (One kumpul = 100 sussuk.)Dīhilan siya sin inaꞌ niya hangka-kumpul bulawan.She was given by her mother one 37-gram unit of gold.Cf.sussuk1
kūmunUnderbrush, heavy undergrowth, thicket.Didtu kita ha kūmu tumapuk.We’ll hide there in the underbrush.adjmakūmuCovered with bushes, thick with undergrowth.Makūmu in lugal piyagtapukan namuꞌ hangkan way kami kītaꞌ.The place where we hid is covered with bushes that is why we were not seen.OV SYN.kātiangulangan
kumuꞌadjCrumpled, having creases.Kumuꞌ in badjuꞌ mu, subay pilinsahun.Your dress is crumpled, it needs to be pressed.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To crumple, wrinkle (something), make creases (in something).Ayaw kumua in badjuꞌ mu.Don’t wrinkle your dress.Subay diꞌ kumuun in tamungun bat marayaw kitaun.Clothes should not be crumpled so that they will look good.viST pat ma-.To be or become crumpled or wrinkled.Ayaw lupia in badjuꞌ yan bat diꞌ makumuꞌ.Don’t fold that dress so it won’t become wrinkled.SYN.kumutOV SYN.kunut 1kusut
kumutadjCrumpled, having creases.Kumut in badjuꞌ niya, walaꞌ napilinsa.Her dress is crumpled, it was not ironed.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To crumple (something), make creases (in something).Kumutun ku sān in kātas yan.I’ll crumple that paper.viST pat ma-.To be or become crumpled or creased.Pilinsaha bang yan makumut.Iron that if it becomes crumpled.SYN.kumuꞌOV SYN.kusutkunut 1
kundatvar. of*kindatvTo raise an eyebrow (at someone), wink (at someone).
kunisavar. ofkuꞌnisaadvThe day after tomorrow.
kunsivag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To conspire with another (in wrongdoing).In sundalu iban sin mundu nagkukunsi.The soldier and the outlaw conspired.OV SYN.sapali
kunsiꞌnA key (for locking or unlocking something).Haunu mu biyutang in kunsiꞌ?Where did you put the key?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un, -an.To unlock or lock (something).Kunsiun ku in lawang bat kaw diꞌ makaguwaꞌ.I’ll lock the door so you can’t come out.
kunsūmvar.kinsūmkunsumadvTomorrow.Kunsūm ku na dāhun in pattaꞌ mu.I’ll just bring your picture tomorrow.advkakunsūmanTill tomorrow.Tagaran ta kaw kakunsūman.I will wait for you until tomorow.advpagkukunsūmunA day before; soon.Pagkukunsūmun in adlaw pitu subay kamu dī na.You must be here a day before the seventh day death celebration.Subay kitaniyu magsakap-sakap na sabab pagkukunsūmun na in datung nila.We should get ready now because their arrival will be soon.
kuntaraTag.nAn opponent, adversary.Diyaug niya in kuntara niya.He defeated his opponent.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To oppose (something), contradict (a statement).Ayaw kuntaraha in bissara niya.Don’t contradict what he says.OV SYN.sulang
kuntawn(Indonesian) judo.Awn bagay ku ha Batu-batu maingat magkuntaw.I have a friend in Batu-batu who knows judo.vag mag-.To perform such an art of self-defense.In magkuntaw kandī dayn sin magbayla.Judo is different from dancing.
kunuꞌ1advQuotative particle for indirect speech, he/she says, they say, according to.Disclaims responsibility for speech quoted.Mari siya kunuꞌ kunsūm.He will come, he says, tomorrow.Laung kunuꞌ hi Abdul, dumatung hi amaꞌ adlaw ini.According to Abdul, father will arrive today.vran -an.To include this particle in one’s speech.Hi Abdul kunuꞌ in namunuꞌ. Kunuan ku sadja, sabab walaꞌ ku kītaꞌ.They say Abdul was the killer. I just said ‘they say’, because I didn’t see it.2advEuphonic particle for politeness.Kari kaw kunuꞌ.Please come.
kunut1adjWrinkled, having creases, crumpled.Kunut na in bayhuꞌ niya.Her face is wrinkled.Kunut in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress is crumpled.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To crumple (something), make creases (in something).Kunutun ku in kātas ini.I’ll crumple this paper.viact/pat mang-, -um-; pat ma-.To be or become wrinkled.Mangunut na in pais mu bang kaw maas na.Your skin will become wrinkled when you grow old.Kumunut in bayhuꞌ ku.My face will become wrinkled.OV SYN.kumuꞌkumutkusut2vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To pleat or make ruffles (on something, as a dress or curtain).Bang hinangun palda subay kunutan.If you make a skirt you should pleat it.OV SYN.*kula
kūngannA cage for animals (esp. birds and fowl).Luunan in agap ha kūngan.Put the parrot inside the cage.OV SYN.kuralpagal
kungkawnSwindling.Mangiꞌ in hinang kungkaw.The act of swindling is bad.vag mang-; pat -un.To swindle (something).Ayaw mangungkaw altaꞌ sin tau.Don’t (be tempted) to swindle the property of others.nmangungungkawA swindler.Kamayaꞌ kaw ha tau yan; mangungungkaw.Be careful of that man because he is a swindler.OV SYN.kulliꞌ 1kustaw
kungkungadjBent over, curled up (from illness, age, fear, or joy, thus fearful, trembling, cowering).Kungkung na siya dimāgan sabab sin bugaꞌ.He runs bent and trembling because of fear.Kungkung in gulamay lima niya.Her fingers are curled up.Kungkung na siya timabuk sin sīn.He was curled up (with joy) when he received the money.viact/pat mang-, -um-.To curl up or cower (as from cold or fear).Mangungkung sa kān sin haggut ha Nasuli.You will curl up from cold at Nasuli.OV SYN.kullung