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kūp1nDusk, twilight.Buhia na in ilaw kūp na.Turn on the light, it is already dusk.OV SYN.magrib 2mahapun*hapundūm2vST pat -um-.(For the moon) to wane.Kimūp na in bulan.The moon is now waning.nkūpanThe waning moon.Hangka-adlaw dayn ha damlag, hangka-kūpan na.One day after the full moon is the first day of the waning moon.ANT.subangansubang 1.2
kupkupvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To hold (something) against one’s chest (as a mother holding a child), hide oneself (on or against something).Kupkupi in bataꞌ-bataꞌ bat diꞌ kublaan sin dawgdug.Hold the child against your chest so she won’t be startled by the thunder.Kupkup kaw ha inaꞌ mu.Hide against your mother.OV SYN.*gulgul
kuppangnA mollusk.Awn da isab kuppang way pais niya biyaꞌ na sin kanuus iban kugita.There are also mollusks that don’t have shells, like the squids and the octopuses.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
kuppiꞌadjFlat, having little or no depression or elevation.Kuppiꞌ in ū sin bataꞌ yaun.That child’s head is flat.vtCH 1 pat -un.To flatten (something).Kiyuppiꞌ ku in mital sin tukul.I flattened the can with a hammer.Nakuppiꞌ in mital sin tukul.The can was flattened by the hammer.Cf.kummiꞌkuppis
kuppisadjThin, lacking thickness, empty, (as of the stomach, a pillow, tire, balloon, or sack of rice).Kuppis in tiyan sabab walaꞌ nakakaun duwa adlaw.Her stomach is empty for she has not eaten for two days.vST pat -um-.To be or become thinner.Pakuppisun ta in ūan ini matugas tuud.Let’s make the pillow thinner. It’s very hard.Cf.kuppus
kuppiyanA brimless skull cap (usu. worn by an imam or hadjiꞌ), fez.vag mag-, -um-.To wear this type of cap.Subay in hadjiꞌ magkuppiya atawa magsurban.A pilgrim should wear a skull cap or a turban.Pagkuppiya kaw bang magsambahayang.Wear your fez when you pray.OV SYN.saruksurban
kuppungnA well, pit (dug to obtain water).Sawk kaw tubig ha kuppung.You fetch water from the well.SYN.tubig kaliꞌOV SYN.tubig lunggang
kuppusadjSubsided (of a boil, abscess, swelling on the body).Kuppus na in bawtut niya.His boil is subsided.vST pat -um-.To subside.Kumuppus da sa yan in hubag.The swelling will subside soon.Cf.kuppis
kupuladjBlasphemous.Ayaw kaw magbichara kupul pa Tuhan.Don’t say what is blasphemous to God.Kupul in imiyan way Tuhan.To say that there’s no God is blasphemous.vpat ma-.Agent can only be God or God’s law. Agent is not focused. Does not occur with pa₂.To commit blasphemy, become blasphemous.Makupul kaw bang kaw imiyan mabuhiꞌ mu in patay.You’ll commit blasphemy if you say you can restore a dead man to life.OV SYN.pangkal
kuraꞌ1nA horse.Malingkat in kuraꞌ sin sultan.The horse of the king is beautiful.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an, pang-…-an.To ride (on the back of a horse, cow, carabao, etc.).Manguraꞌ kita ha kuraꞌ-kuraꞌ.Let’s ride on a merry-go-round horse.Papanguraa aku ha taykud mu.Let me ride on your back.nkuraꞌ-kuraꞌA bench, hobbyhorse, merry-go-round.Masūb in manga bataꞌ-bataꞌ magꞌagad ha kuraꞌ-kuraꞌ.The children are fond of riding a merry-go-round.vrdp. TV ag mag-, -um-; goal -un.To crawl on all fours.Nagkuraꞌ-kuraꞌ in bataꞌ ha lantay.The child is crawling on the floor.Kuraꞌ-kuraun ta kunuꞌ madtu bang sila yaun pa.Let’s crawl and see if they are still there.2n(In chess) the knight.3n(Of engines) horsepower.Hangpuꞌ kuraꞌ in kusug sin makina niya.The power of his engine is ten horsepower.
KuraannThe Holy Koran (the holy book believed by Muslims to have been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad).Magkahagad subay in katān Muslimin ha Kuraan.All Muslims should believe the Holy Koran.OV SYN.kitabkaban1
kurakadjA few, little amount or quantity (always preceded by hangka).Hangka-kurak da istaꞌ in lamay namuꞌ kabii.We only had a little amount of fish for meat last night.SYN.janningtiyuꞌ-tiyuꞌ*tiyuꞌ
kuralEng.nAn enclosure, corral, pen (for large animals).vag mag-; pat -un.To make an enclosure, corral, pen; confine (animals) in a corral.Kuralun ta in manga sapiꞌ.We’ll corral the cows.OV SYN.pagal
kurapEng.vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To swindle, embezzle (something).Mangiꞌ ha tau mangurap sīn sin tau.It’s not good for a person to swindle the money of people.Kiyurap niya na isab in sīn ku kahapun.Again he swindled my money yesterday.
kurbanvar. ofkulbannA ritual slaughtering of an animal.
kuriꞌ1nA piece, fragment from a whole bundle (as of fish, cake, or bread).Dihili ba aku hangka-kuriꞌ istaꞌ.Will you give me a piece of fish?vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To tear off (something), take a piece or a bit (of something).Ayaw kuria in tinapay yan.Don’t take a piece of that bread.2nA bundle (of sarong, usu. 20 pieces in one package).Pilangka-kuriꞌ tadjung in bīhun mu?How many bundles of sarong will you buy?
kurintiTag.nElectric current.Mahunit maghinang bang way kurinti.It’s hard to work when there is no electric current.adjElectric.In manga tau mamumunuꞌ pagpalingkurun ha lingkuran kurinti.Murderers are made to sit on an electric chair.viST pat ma-.To be injured or killed with a charge of electricity.Kamayaꞌ kaw makurinti in baran mu.Be careful, your body might be injured by a charge of electricity.vtpat -un.To electrocute (someone), shock (someone) with electric current.Kurintihun nila in pilisu.They’ll electrocute the prisoner.OV SYN.*kudjut
kuriputTag.adjMean in spending or giving money, stingy.In tau kuriput kulang in bagay niya.A stingy person lacks friends.OV SYN.ikutan/maikutikutpaysiꞌ
*kurrukvAQ ag/goal mag-; pat -un.To call a chicken (with a clucking sound; onomatopoeic).Kurrukun ta in manuk.Let’s call the chickens.OV SYN.tawag
kursiꞌnThe throne of God.
*kurtivag magpa-.To have one’s hair cut.Kunsūm na aku magpakurti.I’ll have my hair cut tomorrow.OV SYN.gunting 1
kurtinaTag.nA curtain.Hinangan ta kurtina in tandawan.We’ll make a curtain for the window.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To curtain off (a place), provide or decorate with a curtain.Kurtinahi in tandawan.Put a curtain on the window.OV SYN.tabil
kuruꞌ1vag mag-, -um-.To hang down one’s head and look eagerly at something for quite a time (usu. of someone who gambles or stays in a gambling den and watches other gamblers for quite a time).In tau nagkukuruꞌ sadja ha pagpanayaman mahinang pananayam.A fellow who is always looking eagerly at the gambling den will become a gambler.OV SYN.*aruꞌ2vag mag-; pat pag-…-un.To try to stay awake.Minsan siya naglinggayuꞌ na sin karuꞌ masi namān siya nagkukuruꞌ ha pagꞌinuman.Even though his head keeps dropping from tiredness he’s still trying to stay awake at the drinking session.
*kūsvar. ofkullusadjWithered.
kusiꞌvag -um-; pat -un.To make a face, grimace (usu. in pain).Masandal in tau yan, bang huyaun sin duktur in paliꞌ niya kumusiꞌ sadja.That fellow can stand a lot (of pain). When the doctor cuts into his wound he just grimaces.