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*kuskusvAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To scour or polish (something, as dirty cooking pots), scrub (something, as a floor).Kuskusi in bangaꞌ yan sin bunut.Scour the casserole with a piece of coconut husk.Cf.tarapulampasu*pahid*kukus
kuskus balungusnNeedless things to do (that prevent one from work or finishing one’s work), many needless troubles and disturbances, red tape.Mataud tuud kuskus balungus amu na in diꞌ hikatalus sin hinang ta.The many needless things to do are the things which prevent us from finishing our work.
kussilgimb.kissilnSoftness, staleness (as of peanuts or pastries).Biyaꞌ da ha yan in kussil sin bātung binī ku.The staleness of the peanuts I bought was like that.adjmakussilNo longer brittle or crispy.Makussil na in bātung yan.Those peanuts are no longer crispy.vact/pat -um-, mag-.To lose crispness or brittleness.Kumussil in bangbang bang kahanginan.The cookies will lose their crispness if they are exposed to air.ANT.lapuk
*kussuꞌvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To poke (something, usu. with a finger or some elongated object).Ayaw kussua in pagkaun.Don’t poke the food.Kiyussuꞌ niya in mata sin bataꞌ yaun.He poked the eyes of that child.
kustawnEmbezzlement.Tiyuntutan siya sin parakalaꞌ kustaw.He was taken to court for embezzlement.vag mang-; pat -un, -an.To embezzle (something, esp. money).Ayaw kustawa in sīn sin iban mu nagbisnis.Don’t embezzle the money of your business associate.npangustawProne to embezzle.Kamayaꞌ kaw ha tau yan sabab pangustaw.Be careful of that man because he is prone to embezzle.OV SYN.kugut 2kulliꞌ 1kungkaw
kusuvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To move or rub (one’s hand, a cloth, etc. on a surface or object with pressure and friction).Ayaw kusuha in mata mu.Don’t rub your eyes.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To remove (something) by brushing off or rubbing.Kusuhi in lummiꞌ ha badjuꞌ mu.Rub off the dirt from your dress.
kusug1nStrength, power, vigor.Kiyalawaan aku kusug.I lost strength.adjmakusugStrong, vigorous, powerful; (of rain, coughing) heavy.Anak siya sin sultan makusug.He is the son of a powerful king.OV SYN.basag 1kawasavtCH 1 pat -un.To make stronger, more powerful, exert a greater effort.Kusugun ta in pagtūd sin jīp.Let’s make the pushing of the jeep stronger (i.e., push it harder).viST pat -um-.To become strong.Diꞌ kaw kumusug bang kaw diꞌ kumaun.You won’t become strong if you don’t eat.2vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To support (something, as a candidacy, argument, or lawsuit).Subay mu kusugan in pagdāgan niya mayul ha kawman ini.You should support his candidacy for mayor in this district.OV SYN.bawgbugmakusugderv.vTo work hard or use one’s influence, money, etc. (to help or hurt someone).
kusutadjWrinkled, not smooth, not pressed, not tidy (as of clothing and the like).Diꞌ aku manaw bang kusut in badjuꞌ ku.I’ll not go out if my clothing is wrinkled.viST pat ma-.To become untidy, not pressed.Ayaw kamu magpanayam ha kulangan bat diꞌ makusut.Don’t play on the bed so it won’t become untidy.vtCH 1 pat -un.To render (something) untidy, wrinkle (something).Bang mu yan kusutun way na hipagbadjuꞌ mu kinsūm.If you wrinkle it, you won’t have anything to wear tomorrow.OV SYN.kumutkunut 1
kutaꞌnA fort, stone wall, fortifications.Mapagun in paghinang nila kutaꞌ.The way the fort is made it’s durable.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To build a fort or stone wall, fortify (a place).Magkutaꞌ na kitaniyu bat diꞌ kita magubat sin banta.We will build a fort so we won’t be attacked by the enemy.vCH 1 pat -un.To enclose (something) within a fort.Kutaun sin tau in bāy.The people will make a fort around the house.Kiyukutaꞌ in lugal nila.Their place is enclosed within a fort.
kutabbuꞌgimb.kulabbuꞌnThe sound of something splashing into a liquid.vact/pat -um-, mag-.To splash, make a splash (referring to the sound).Dūm-dūm magkutabbuꞌ in istaꞌ ha lawm dagat.Every night the fish splash in the sea.
kutadadjStraight, smooth, well-pressed (as of clothes or sheets). (also makutad).Bukun kutad in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress is not well pressed.Makutad tuud in kapilinsa sin badjuꞌ niya.The ironing of her dress is very smooth.vag mag- -um-; pat -un.To straighten, smooth (something, as a bed); press (clothes).Kutara in kulangan mu pagbatiꞌ mu.Straighten your bed as soon as you get up.Pakutara in badjuꞌ mu bang kaw magpilinsa.Make your dress smooth when you iron.OV SYN.*hutadbitadhinit*bisudANT.kunut 1
kutinExtreme anger, indignation; scorn.vact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To become extremely angry, indignant; become scornful.Kutihan kaw tuud bang mu kaingatan in karupangan niya.You’ll get extremely angry if you know his foolishness.OV SYN.amādugalastulbunsi
kuti-kutinAn animal disease (esp. of cattle and carabao, characterized by a falling off of fur and swollen granules on the skin).OV SYN.kawtkut
*kutikvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To snap two fingers (together making a sound).Kutikun ku in gulamay lima ku.I will snap my fingers.vgoal -an.To give a signal by snapping one’s fingers, to snap fingers (at someone).Kutikan ku sadja siya, mari na.I’ll just snap my fingers at him and he will come.Cf.kulapuꞌlagpiꞌ
kutingnA cat.Laung sin kamaasan makabusung in magpamatay kuting.The old folks say it brings retribution to kill a cat.4: Animals, Non-flying
kutkutnA bite.Dihili aku hangka-kutkut tinapay.Give me one bite of bread.Mabisa in kutkut lahipan.A centipede’s bite is painful.vag mang-; pat -un; ran -an.-an refers to biting a small portion.To bite (something).Bang mu aku kutkutun bagahun ta kaw.If you bite me, I’m going to slap you.Hipakutkut ta kaw ha iruꞌ ku.I’ll let my dog bite you.
kuttangadj(With kamisita) sleeveless.A sleeveless undershirt is also called kamisita sagnat.In kamisita kuttang binī ku sarang kaniya.The sleeveless T-shirt I bought fits him.
kutunA flea, louse (as on human hair or animal’s flesh).viST pat -un.To be or become infected with lice.Kutuhun in iruꞌ bang diꞌ payguan.The dog will be infected with lice if not given a bath.Kutuhun kaw bang kaw magtūg ha daig sin kiyukutu.You will get lice if you sleep beside someone who has lice.vtAR ag mag-; ran -an.To delouse (someone).Kāꞌ kaw dunggut. Kutuhan ta kaw.Get the bamboo stick for delousing. I will delouse you.Kutuhi in bataꞌ yan. Mataud in kutu niya.Delouse that child. She has a lot of lice.OV SYN.tumaCf.lisaꞌkuyumad
kutuꞌ-kutuꞌ1nA queasy feeling in the stomach.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To feel queasy in the stomach.Magkutuꞌ-kutuꞌ in tiyan bang hapdiun.The stomach feels queasy when it’s hungry.2nAn uneasy feeling, doubts, misgivings.Bang awn kutuꞌ-kutuꞌ sin atay mu kari kaw kākuꞌ.If you have any doubts come to me.Bang awn kutuꞌ-kutuꞌ sin pangatayan mu pasal sin sīn piyarā mu kākuꞌ baytai aku.You tell me if you have any doubts concerning the money you sent through me.vact mag-, -um-.To feel uneasy, have doubts or misgivings.Magkutuꞌ-kutuꞌ in atay ku ha tau yan.I have misgivings about that fellow.OV SYN.hawal-hawalduwa-ruwaduwa 2
kutubibangnA tick.1: Birds and Flying Insects
kutuladj(Of branches or twigs, fruit, vegetables) broken off (from the tree or plant).Iyambat ku kiyawaꞌ in kutul kahuy nakanat ha lupaꞌ.I gathered all the broken twigs that scattered on the ground.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To break off (fruit from a branch, vegetables from a stalk, or a small branch with the hand).Nagkutul siya bunga mampallam dayn ha sanga asibiꞌ.He is breaking mangoes from the small branches.Nagkutul siya sanga asibiꞌ.He is breaking small branches.Kutula in sanga.Break the branch.OV SYN.pusuꞌ1baliꞌ 1
*kutupvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To bite or take a nip of (something, usu. hot chili peppers).Awn tau masandal magkutup lara.There are people who can stand to bite hot peppers.Kutupun ku in lara yan.I’ll bite that hot pepper.Cf.supaꞌ
kuugadj(Of the shoulders) bent forward.Kuug in tau yaun.That man is bent forward.vpat ma-.For one’s shoulders to be bent forward.Lumugay makuug kaw bang kaw naglilingkud sadja.Sooner or later your shoulders will be bent forward if you’re always sitting down.OV SYN.dungkug
kuuknA cockroach.Mataud tuud kuuk ha lawm sin paradul namuꞌ.There are so many cockroaches inside our closet.1: Birds and Flying Insectsvpat -un.To be or become infested with cockroaches.Lumugay kuukun in bāy ini.After a while this house will be infested with cockroaches.adjmakuukHaving plenty of cockroaches.Makuuk in lawm sin budiga.The inside of the warehouse has plenty of cockroaches.
*kuut1vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To draw or pick (something) out (of the mouth, a pocket, bag, container, etc.) with the hand.Kiyuut ku in apul ha lawm simud niya.I drew the coagulated blood out of her mouth.Kuuta in sīn ha lawm bulsa niya.Pick the money out of his pocket.OV SYN.hublut*kulihiknmangunguutA pickpocket.Nasaggaw sin pulis in manga mangunguut ha tabuꞌ.The police arrested the pickpockets at the market.2.1vag -um-, mag-.To buy a piece of paper bearing one of the numbers in a lottery type game of chance; draw (a number).Bang kaw mabayaꞌ kumuut karian in hambuuk pilak mu.If you want to draw (a number), give me your peso.2.2nrdp.A punch board, a game of chance played by drawing lots.Masūb in kabataan magpanayam kuut-kuut.Children enjoy playing games of chance by drawing lots.vrdp. ag mag-.To play a game of chance; draw a lot (as in deciding a matter by chance).Subay magkuut-kuut bang magdihil sin manga tamungun yan.When those clothes are given out, it should be by drawing lots.OV SYN.rīpa