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kuwanAn intimate term of endearment (used by husband and wife in speaking to or calling each other).Kuwa dayang, kāa ba yadtu kākuꞌ.Honey, get that for me.
kuwakuꞌnA pipe (for smoking tobacco).Kuwakuꞌ in pagsigahan sin apuꞌ ku.My grandfather used a pipe for smoking.OV SYN.hungsuy
kuwannThingamajig, thingamabob, what’s-it, what’s-his/her-name (a word used for whatever one cannot immediately or exactly express, but is usu. understood).Yadtu ku kiyabīn in ubat kan kuwan.I left the medicine there with what’s-his-name.vHas the affixes of the word for which it is put.To __________; to ___________ (something); to do ___________ (to something).Ayaw kuwana yan.Don’t ___________ that.
kuwatnArchaicPhysical power, might, strength.Biyaꞌ siya sin kuwat hi Bagindaꞌ Aliꞌ.He has the strength of Baginda Ali.OV SYN.kusug 1
kuyagSee also kūg.nHappiness, gladness, mirth, gaiety.Landuꞌ in kuyag sin kabataan bang adlaw Haylaya.The children’s happiness is great on the festival day.adjmakuyagHappy, glad, cheerful.Makuyag aku sin yari kaw.I’m glad you are here.vST pat -um-; ran -an.To be or become happy or glad.Kumuyag tuud aku bang ku sila kakitaan.I’ll be very happy if I can see them.vrdp. ag mag-.To enjoy oneself, be happy.Magkuyag-kuyag kitaniyu pa Tiyanggi adlaw yan.Let’s go to Jolo town today and enjoy ourselves.
kuyangnGiddiness (the throbbing feeling caused by an approaching danger, the sight of something fearful, or fear of high places).vST pat -un.To develop or have such a feeling.Kuyangun kaw bang kaw umatud pa babaꞌ dayn ha hangpuꞌ pangkat bāy.You’ll feel giddy if you look down from a ten-story building.OV SYN.kublaꞌhanggawkuba-kuba
kuyumadnThe young of the common hair louse.Makalummiꞌ kitaun in kuyumad ha buhuk sin bataꞌ ini.It’s really dirty to look at the young lice in the hair of this child.OV SYN.kututumaCf.lisaꞌ