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kāgaꞌnA measure of capacity equivalent to ten gantas (as of rice).Namī hi amaꞌ hangka-kāgaꞌ bugas dayn ha tinda.Father bought ten gantas of rice from the store.SYN.lagaꞌ1OV SYN.gantangGENR.tupungantupung
kagangnA crab (generic).Bakas kami nanangbaw kagang pa lawd.We went to trap crabs out at sea.3: Seashells, Seaweeds, etc.
kagasnA slight mark, scratch (caused by something sharp or pointed); break, cut (esp. on a surface).Awn na kagas sin radyu ku.My radio has a scratch on it.vag mag-; pat -un.To scratch, cut, or break the surface of (something).Gana-gana kagasun sin kabataan in lamisahan baꞌgu biyarnisan.The children might scratch the newly varnished table.OV SYN.kamasutud
kagaskasvar. ofkugaskasnA rustling sound.
*kagatvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To scratch a surface or skin (as with a fingernail, claw, or sharp edge of a split bamboo).Ayaw kagata in bayhuꞌ ku sin kukku mu.Don’t scratch my face with your fingernails.OV SYN.kagaskagutkagiskamas
kagawnSmall vermin found in sores, germs, microbes.Tumaud in kagaw ha paliꞌ diꞌ paglanuan.Germs will grow in number if the wound is not cleaned.vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To be or become infected with germs, microbes, small vermin.Ubati in ugud mu bat diꞌ kagawun.Apply medicine on your sores so that they will not be infected with germs.OV SYN.tuma
kagdaꞌgimb. equiv. ofkalaꞌnA time of fasting missed during the month of fasting; a time of prayer missed (of one of the five-times-daily prayers).
kagingkingvar.tayngtingnThe top stem of a bamboo (usu. used as a blower).In kagingking paghinangun sumpitan sin kabataan.The children use the top stem of a bamboo as a blowgun.Cf.patung1vact/pat mang-.(For people) to become skinny.Mangagingking sa kaw yan sin kasusahan.You’ll become skinny because of your worries.Cf.kagkagkayug
kagingkulnThe sound (of glass, earthenware, etc.) jingling, tinkling, or clinking.Unu taꞌ in kagingkul ha lawm kusina yan?What is that clinking in the kitchen?vact/pat mag-.(For glass, earthenware, etc.) to jingle, tinkle, clink.Magkagingkul sadja in manga basu bang siya in maghugas.The drinking glasses always clink when she washes them.Pakagingkula in sīn mu ha bulsa bat siya magkahagad.Cause your money to tinkle in your pocket so he will believe.OV SYN.katingugkagulkul
kagisvag mag-, -um-; pat -un, -an; ran -an.To scrape (something with a knife or similar object to clean it).Kagisi in buling ha putputan yaun.Scrape out the soot in that chimney.Subay laring in hipangagis mu sin sanga kahuy yan.You should use a knife to scrape that twig.OV SYN.*basbas
kagkagadjThin, lean, emaciated.Kagkag in iruꞌ yan.That dog is emaciated.vact/pat mang-.To become thin, lean, emaciated.Mangagkag in tau bang way makaun.The people will become emaciated if they have nothing to eat.OV SYN.kayug
kagud1vtag mag-; pat -un.To scrape, remove (something) by scraping.Kagura in dukut kaunun ha anglit.Scrape off the burnt rice in the pot.2vipat ma-.To be entirely consumed, be totally lost.Nakagud in sīn niya ha pagpanayaman.He lost all his money in gambling.OV SYN.ubus
*kagulvCH 1, AR ag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To hit or rap (someone, esp. on the head as with a can or tin), tap or make a tapping sound (as of dancing in lieu of music or to catch someone’s attention, esp. a crying baby).Nagkagul sibuꞌ-sibuꞌ sin ū nila in manga pallaꞌ yaun.Those jokers are hitting each other’s heads.Kiyagul niya aku sin gayung ha ū.She hit me on the head with a water scoop.Kagul-kagulan ku hi Indaꞌ kalu humundung in tangis niya.I will make a tapping sound for baby, maybe her crying will stop.OV SYN.*pukpukkakal
kagulkulnThe sound of harsh coughing.Way aku nakatūg kabii sabab sin kagulkul hi Indaꞌ.I was not able to sleep last night because of the harsh coughing of baby.Cf.ubu
kagunahan(from ka4 + guna + an₁)vact mag-.Does not occur with pa₂.To need, have need of (something).Magkagunahan aku sin tabang niyu.I need your help.
kagungkungnCuttlebone, internal shell of cuttlefish.In kagungkung kawaun dayn ha taykud sin kulabutan.The cuttlebone is taken from the back of the cuttlefish.
kagutnA mark or scratch (left after scratching the skin).Maytaꞌ awn kagut ha taykud mu?Why is there a scratch on your back?vCH 1 ag mag-; ran -an.To scratch (the skin).Kaguti kunuꞌ in taykud ku.Please scratch my back.nkakagutAnything used to scratch the skin.Hawnu na in kakagut bakas dī biyutang?Where is the scratcher that was just placed here?OV SYN.katulkamas
kagutkutnA sore (produced by a kind of skin disease).Nahipuꞌ sin kagutkut in tau yadtu.That man has lots of sores.vpat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To be infected with sores.Kagutkutun kaw bang kaw diꞌ maglanuꞌ sin baran mu bakas kiyadapawan.You’ll be infected with sores if you don’t clean your body from that dirt.
kahaꞌnA frying pan.Marayaw in kahaꞌ ini paglandang-landangan sabab diꞌ magpikit in liyandang-landang.This frying pan is good for frying because the food fried does not stick.OV SYN.simpiꞌ
kahagadvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To believe or obey (something).Kahagad kaw kākuꞌ, way bihadtu bunuꞌ.Believe me, (I’ve never seen) such a war before.Diꞌ aku makakahagad sin bichara mu.I can’t believe what you’ve said.Diꞌ aku magkahagad bang ku diꞌ kakitaan.I won’t believe till I see it.Subay kaw magkahagad sin hinduꞌ sin maas mu.You must obey the counsel of your parents.OV SYN.paratsaya
kahakvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To clear the throat, cough and spit.Kahak kaw bat gumuwaꞌ in kunhad.Clear your throat so the phlegm will come out.Subay kahakun in kunhad ha liug.We have to cough and spit out the mucus in the throat.Cf.ighamluraꞌ
kahālan(from ka-...-an + hāl)nThe (general) condition, situation, state (of something).Makaluuy-luuy in kahālan sin manga miskin.The condition of the poor is pitiful.OV SYN.parasahan 1
kahandaknWill, intention, purpose, desire, wish.Kahandak dayn ha Tuhan walaꞌ kami nagmula sin bunuꞌ.Through God’s will we’ve been delivered from the war.Kahandak ku namaytaꞌ kaw bang kaw pakain.I wish you had told me where you were going.vag mag-.Does not occur with pa₂.To will, intend, desire, wish (something); have control over, decide upon.Tuhan in magkahandak sin kadal sin tau.God is the one to decide upon a person’s fate.Cf.kainagun 1
kahangadjSpoiled, rancid.Of cooking oil or anything cooked with such oil, esp. indigenous confections.Kahang na in tinapay binī ku kahapun.The bread that I bought yesterday is already spoiled.vact/pat -um-.To spoil.Kimahang in bawlu sabab malugay na tiyatawꞌ.The small molded sponge cakes are spoiled for they have been kept for a long time.OV SYN.baꞌlus 1baꞌngug
kahapunnYesterday.Dimatung siya kahapun.She arrived yesterday.Cf.kuꞌnisataꞌkisakunsūm