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kahawanCoffee.Bang kaw maghinang kahawa ayaw papīta.If you brew coffee don’t make it strong.vag mag-.To brew or drink coffee.Subay na ubus magkaun ampa kitaniyu magkahawa.We will have coffee after dinner.npagkahawahanA coffee shop.OV SYN.kadday
*kahig1vAQ ag/goal mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scratch lightly to find (something, as of a chicken looking for food).Kahigun sin manuk in ūd.The chicken will scratch for the worm.Nagkakahig in manuk ūd.The chicken is scratching for worms.OV SYN.kās 12vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To gather, scrape lightly to one place (as dirt or trash).Kiyahigan ku na in lummiꞌ.I already scraped the dirt.OV SYN.kās 1*sapu 1Cf.*kuhig
kahuynWood, tree, lumber, timber.Makamdus tuud in kahuy piyaghinang nila bāy.The wood they used in making the house is very durable.OV SYN.digpiꞌvag mang-.To gather firewood (esp. in the woods).Yadtu sila nangahuy.They are there gathering firewood.vpat -un.To use (something) as firewood.Kahuyun ku in batang kahuy yaun.I’ll use that log for firewood.nkakahuyanAn area covered with trees, woody place.Mataud tuud amuꞌ naghuhulaꞌ ha kakahuyan.There are so many monkeys living in the woody place.
kahuy jakkumnThe tree in paradise from which Eve ate.Kiyaun hi Sitti Hawa in bunga sin kahuy jakkum.Eve ate the fruit of the tree in paradise.
kaibanan(from iban ₂)nOthers, the rest.Tawꞌi kakaun in manga kaibanan walaꞌ pa nākaun.Keep food for the others who have not yet eaten.Yari na sila. In kaibanan dumatung gana-gana.They’re here. The rest will arrive later.adjOther, remaining.
kāinaadvFormerly, before, a while ago, recently within the same day.Dī in duktur kāina.The doctor was here a while ago.
kainagun1npagkainagunInterest and support (of someone in someone else in the form of money, knowledge, encouragement, etc.).Kagunahan ta in pagkainagun niya.We need his support.vag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To support (something).Sila in nagkainagun nagpaiskul kākuꞌ.They are the ones who supported me to go to school.Pagkainagunan ta subay in hinang ta.We have to give interest and support to our work.2nOne’s wish or desire.Kainagun ku kakitaan ku siya bihaun.My wish is that I could see him now.OV SYN.kahandak
kājanA type of duwaa performed to appease the spirits of one’s ancestors.When a couple is newly married, if it was the practice in one (or both) spouse’s family to perform this ceremony, they will perform it so that the ancestors will not be offended and cause the couple to be always quarreling or to be sick often. Every time the couple has a child, they will again perform it so that the ancestors will not cause the child to get sick or become deformed. The duwaa is recited by pakil in a certain place and food is offered. Then the food is taken to the family’s house and eaten by them there. It must be eaten by that family only and must be entirely consumed.vag mag-; pat -un; inst/loc pag-…-an.To perform this ceremony.In kami bang awn na paghulaꞌ namuꞌ subay na kami magkāja.We when we are married we must perform the ceremony to appease the spirits of our ancestors.Pagkājahan natuꞌ na in manuk ini.We’ll use this chicken to offer to our ancestors.Cf.duwaa pa taaskaput1 1.1
kajariyanvar.kajarihanannCharacter, behavior, attitude.Bukun marayaw in kajariyan niya.His behavior is not good.Mangiꞌ in kajariyan niya pa manga pagkahi niya.He has a bad attitude towards his neighbors.OV SYN.addattabiatkalakkuwanlaku
kakaꞌvar.kaꞌ2nA term for addressing an elder brother or sister, term of respect for someone who is a few years older than the speaker (but not one’s spouse).Pakain kaw kakaꞌ?Where are you going, older brother?
kakak1nThe quack of a duck.Diyungug mu in kakak sin itik?Did you hear the quack of the duck?vag mag-, -um-.To quack like a duck.2n(A loud, coarse burst of) laughter.vag mag-, -um-.To laugh boisterously.Bukun marayaw ha manga budjang in magkakak ha dān.It is unbecoming for girls to laugh boisterously in public.OV SYN.daghay
kakalvCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To hit with a club or stick (or anything used as a club).Kiyakal siya sin banta niya.He was clubbed by his enemy.OV SYN.*pukpuknkakakalA club, bludgeon, cudgel.Subay magdā kakakal in manga pulis.The policemen should carry clubs.
kakanaꞌnCloth, material.Bīhi aku kakanaꞌ ha tabuꞌ.Buy me cloth at the market.SPEC.kuku putiꞌgadja hilawdiyandibuwallanaysutlaꞌdasubilduꞌ 1
kakapvag -um-; goal -un.To stop by, visit (someone).Pagkakapa in bāy namuꞌ minsan walaꞌ kami dī.Stop by our house even if we are not here.Kumakap kaw madtu kanda babuꞌ mu?Will you go to visit your aunt?Hisiyu in kakapun mu?Whom will you visit?OV SYN.bisita
kakās(from CV rdp. + kās)nA rake.Mahayt in kakās kiyabūsan ku ha bagay ku.The rake that I borrowed from my friend is sharp.
kākasnRingworm.Awn kākas niya ha buliꞌ pugay.He has ringworm on the nape of his neck.8: Diseasesvexp -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To have or become infected with ringworm.Kākasun kaw bang kaw diꞌ magbunglaw.You will be infected with ringworm if you don’t rinse with fresh water.Kiyakākas in tau yaun.That fellow has ringworm.Makakākas in magpayguꞌ ha sapaꞌ malummiꞌ.Taking a bath in a dirty river causes ringworm.OV SYN.kulapbulitmanuk
kakat1vRC ag mag-.(For girls or young women) to chase one another playfully and noisily, tease one another by chasing; (for cats) to chase one another.Makasasat in manga budjang sabab nagkakakat sadja sila.The young girls are disturbing us because they’re always chasing each other.2vag mag-; pat -un.(For a groom) to chase the bride and catch her (during the wedding ceremony), for newlyweds to chase one another playfully.In traditional Tausug marriage as a part of the wedding celebration, the bridegroom after the wedding ceremony starts courting his bride by running after her. She is shy and evasive and runs away from him while the guests watch and shout encouragement. This hilarity and playful chasing is the highlight of a wedding celebration.Magkakat in manga pangantin.The bride and bridegroom will chase each other playfully.Pagꞌubus magkawin, in addat sin manga Tausug, subay kakatun sin usug in asawa niya.After a wedding ceremony, the Tausug custom is the man must chase his wife and catch her.
kakatinScissors for cutting betel nut.Būsi ba aku sin kakati hi apuꞌ mu maas.Borrow me from your old granny scissors for cutting betel nut.OV SYN.gunting 1
kakaunan(from CV rdp. + kaun + -an₁)nPlates, dishes.Malanuꞌ tuud in kakaunan piyagbutangan sin lamay.The dishes used as the container for the viand are very clean.OV SYN.lāy
kakawaꞌtuwavar.kakaꞌtuwanPliers.Diꞌ na makautud in kakawaꞌtuwa sin kawat madakmul.The pliers can’t cut the thick wire.
kakayaannWealth, property, belongings.Giyuwaꞌ sin ugangan niya in kakayaan nila.All their property has been exposed by her mother-in-law.Miyanaw siya ha āyan, wayruun kakitaan kakayaan.sayingnHe traveled all over to look for a profitable business, but he didn’t find any (lit. He walked in outer space, he didn’t find any wealth).
kakkaladjEverlasting, forever, eternal.In tau katān muwiꞌ pa hulaꞌ kakkal.We are all bound for the eternal world.vact/pat -um-.To remain forever.Diꞌ kumakkal in manusiyaꞌ dī ha dunya.People do not remain forever here on the earth.OV SYN.kasaumulansaumulsalama-lama
kakkangnA bit (used in a horse’s mouth).In kakkang para ha kuraꞌ.The bit is for the horse.vag mag-; ran -an.To place a bit in (a horse’s) mouth.Kiyakkangan niya in kuraꞌ usug.He put the bit in the stallion’s mouth.
kākuꞌpron(First person sg. oblique pronoun) mine, to me, for me.Kākuꞌ sān!That’s mine!