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kakuungvar. ofkukuungnThe bar of a yoke.
kalaꞌgimb.kagdaꞌnA time of fasting or praying missed during the month of fasting or during one of the five times of daily prayer.Pila in kalaꞌ mu?How many times did you miss fasting?vag mag-; pat -un.To lose or miss out (on a time of fasting or praying).Sumambahayang aku sin sambahayang nakalaꞌ ku kahapun.I will pray to make up for the prayer time I missed out on yesterday.Kalaun ku in sambahayang ku mahapun ini sabab awn panawun ku.I will miss my prayer time this afternoon because I have someplace to go.Nakalaꞌ ku in sambahayang subu.I missed the dawn prayer.OV SYN.tinggal2
kalabbiyannWork (done by God).In kalabbiyan sin Tuhan diꞌ kaliyuhan.God’s work can’t be surpassed.
kalabusunJail, prison.vag mag-; pat -un.Does not occur with pa₂.To jail, imprison (someone).Nakalabusu siya minsan way dusa.He was imprisoned in spite of his innocence.Kalabusuhun in mundu sin pulis.The police will put the outlaw in jail.OV SYN.bilibidjīl
kalagihan(from ka4 + lagi + -an₁)nWhat is needed, state of need or necessity, usefulness, value.Kalu bahaꞌ awn kalagihan namuꞌ sin atup mital ha dugaing adlaw.Maybe we will have a need for the galvanized iron roof on another day.vact/pat mag-.To need (something).Magkalagihan aku bāy.I need a house.Tawaga aku bang kaw magkalagihan kākuꞌ.Call me if you need me.Magkalagihan duguꞌ in tau iyupirahan.A person being operated on needs blood.OV SYN.kagunahanderv.guna
kalakkuwannHabit or (habitual) character, behavior (esp. of men).Marayaw in kalakkuwan niya.He has a good character.OV SYN.kajariyan
kalamatgimb. equiv. ofkaramatnThe power (of a person) to perform miracles.
kalang1nBroken pieces of dead coral along the shore, coral grit.Pūt kaw kalang ha higad dagat.You pick up coral grit at the sea shore.adjmakalangHaving plenty of broken coral.Makalang in higad dagat.The seashore is full of broken coral.
kalang2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; goal/ben -an.To sing (normally of people only).Kalang kaw.You sing.Kalanga in Hanugun.Sing the song Hanugun.Kalangi kami.Sing for us.OV SYN.baatluguꞌsailtarasulnkalanganA song.Malingkat tuud in kalangan pasal sin lasa sin Tuhan ha mānusiyaꞌ.The song about the love of God for man is really beautiful.nmangangalangA singer.Mangangalang in anak babai sin bagay ku.The daughter of my friend is a singer.
kalapvact/pat -um-.To become greater, increase in degree or extent.Kimalap in karupangan niya.His foolishness has increased.Kimalap in lasa niya kākuꞌ.His love for me increased greatly.Kimalap in kusug sin hinglaw niya.The strength of his fever is increasing (i.e., his fever is getting higher).OV SYN.landuꞌduhunkansangkaruksūng 2
kalapiyanRareA rubber band.Kalapiya in iyusal niya piyaghukut sin buhuk niya.She used a rubber band to tie her hair.OV SYN.gūma
kalarinTaro (a large tropical plant of the arum family with shield-shaped leaves and edible tuber); the tuber of this plant.Colocasia esculenta5: Plants
kalasadjPinkish, pink (in color).Kalas in badjuꞌ niya kahapun.She wore a pink dress yesterday.
kalasussunAny type of empty gun or cannon shell, a blank cartridge without powder or bullet.In kamawmuhan sin kalasussu tumbaga.Most empty shells are of brass.Cf.pungluꞌ 1
kalawaliꞌnA hinge.
kaldangnStilts.Mataas in kaldang ku.My stilts are tall.vTR ag mag-; goal -un.To walk on stilts.Nagkaldang hi Bada.Bada is walking on stilts.
kaliꞌnA hole, excavation.Awn kaliꞌ sin dān paglabayan sin manga sasakatan.There is a hole on the road where vehicles pass.nkakaliꞌA tool for digging.Kāa ba in kakaliꞌ biyutang ku ha buriga.Please get the tool for digging I put in the warehouse.OV SYN.pālavAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To dig a hole.Kalian ku in lupaꞌ ini ha supaya kapagbutangan basura sunugun.I’ll dig a hole in this soil so that there’ll be a place to put garbage to be burned.vAQ pat -un.To dig for (something), locate (something) by digging, dig (something) up.Kaliun ta in lubung ha babaw būd.Let’s dig up that old hole on top of the mountain.OV SYN.kalut
kalimahAr.nWord, message.nkalimatullahThe word of God.nkalimatuꞌl-ssahadatThe word of testimony, Muslim creed (i.e., the formula ‘I testify that there is no god but God, and that Muhammad is the apostle of God.’)
kalingkalvar.katilingkalnThe entirety (of a place), circumference (of a circle or circular area).Awn lingug ha kalingkal sin dunya.There is trouble in the entirety of (i.e., throughout) the world.
kalisnA kris (the famous two-edged sword of Sulu).Tiyakus niya in kalis niya.He sheathed his kris.OV SYN.barungpuddang
kalisanA light, two-wheeled carriage with a hood, drawn by one horse; local-style cabriolet.vag mag-.To ride on such a carriage.Mabayaꞌ kaw magkalisa?Do you want to ride on a cabriolet?OV SYN.karitaꞌ
kalkawtharAr.nThe heavenly fountain, fountain of blessings.Of unbounded grace and knowledge, mercy and goodness, touch of wisdom that satisfies a person’s highest spiritual thirst.tubig kalkawtharcomp.nThe holy water in heaven.
Kallam1nWord or message of God.Kallam sin Allah in ha lawm Kitab.The Holy Scripture is the word of Allah.OV SYN.lapalkabtanganbichara 1himumunganderv.pamungamanatparman2nThe Mystical Pen spoken of in the Holy Koran.
kalling1adjVery dark-complexioned (esp. of black people).Kalling in Milikan itum.Black Americans are very dark-complexioned.Cf.mairum*irumitum2vact/pat mang-.(For bread, cookies, fish, and other foods) to get badly burned.Nangalling na in tinapay.The bread got badly burned.Cf.tutungsunug
kallitnThe end (of thread, cord, ribbon, crepe paper, wire) that is curled, twirled, or twisted; the curly end (of the hair of one’s head).Uturi in kallit sin buhuk niya.Cut the curly end of her hair.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To twirl, twist, or curl (the end of something such as the hair of one’s head, thread, cord, ribbon, crepe paper, wire).Ayaw kallita in buhuk ku.Don’t twist the ends of my hair.Mahunit makallit in kawat ini.It’s hard to twist this wire.Cf.lantik