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kalluꞌadjUnable to speak well, having an impediment in the speech, tongue-tied.Asal siya kalluꞌ dayn ha kapagꞌanak kaniya.She has a congenital impediment in her speech.Cf.umaw8: Diseasesvpat ma-.To become tongue-tied.Bang in tau magbissara mabiskay tantu makalluꞌ siya.If a person speaks fast he will become tongue-tied.
kallukadjCurved, bent.Kalluk in bingit.A hook is curved.vtCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To curve or bend (something).Kallukun ku in ini.I’ll bend this.Hisiyu in makakalluk sin basiꞌ ini?Who can bend this steel?Diꞌ makalluk in basiꞌ ini.This steel cannot be bent.viST pat ma-.To be or become bent, curved.OV SYN.kulluk*lūkCf.kawk
kalnaꞌgimb. equiv. ofkarnaꞌnA reason; cause.
*kalsavag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To set the hammer (of a gun) in firing position, cock (a gun).Ayaw kaw magkalsa sinapang ha bāy. Kublaan in manga bataꞌ.Don’t cock a gun in the house. The children will be startled.
kalsitinvar.karsitinnA sock (short stocking reaching only part way to the knee).vag mag-.To wear socks.Magkalsitin aku iban magtawmpaꞌ.I will wear socks and shoes.
kalsunSomething used to elevate an object slightly from the ground or something on which it is resting.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To elevate an object slightly, put a wedge underneath (something).Kalsuhi in hāg hawpuꞌ bat magsibuꞌ in taas sin katān hāg sin bāy.Put a wedge underneath the short post so that the height of all the house posts will be the same.SYN.tingal
kālunTrouble, quarrel.Unu in puun sin kālu nila?What was the cause of their quarrel?vag mag-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.To provoke or cause trouble, quarrel (with someone).Kiyālu niya aku.He picked a quarrel with me.Maytaꞌ kaw mabayaꞌ magkālu iban aku?Why do you want to quarrel with me?OV SYN.lingugnpangāluA quarrelsome person, troublemaker.Pangālu siya.He is a troublemaker.
kalu-kaluadvPossibly, maybe, perhaps.Kalu-kalu aku makauwiꞌ kunsum.Perhaps I’ll be able to come home tomorrow.vag mag-.To be uncertain of something.Ayaw kaw magkalu-kalu bang kītaꞌ mu.If you saw it then don’t be uncertain.Cf.marayꞌhatiku
kaluanA co-wife, the relationship between wives of the same man.vact/pat mag-.(For women) to be co-wives (i.e., married to the same man at the same time).Magkalua in duwa magbagay.The two friends are co-wives.
kalugnAscaris, parasitic roundworms.adjmakalugInfected with many worms.Makalug in bataꞌ yan.That child is infected with many worms.vpat -un.To become infected with roundworms.Kalugun kaw bang kaw diꞌ maghugas marayaw.You’ll get roundworms if you don’t wash well.OV SYN.ūdsassingkalug lupaꞌcomp.vAn earthworm.Ayaw kaw magkaput lupaꞌ sabab mataud kalug lupaꞌ.Don’t touch the ground, there are many earthworms.
kalulaynWhite marks (left on a woman’s stomach, legs, or thighs after delivery or first menstruation).Mataud in kalulay niya ha paa pagꞌubus nagꞌanak.She has a lot of white marks after she delivered her baby.
kalungnDirt or grime in the wrinkles of the body (i.e., around the neck, in the armpits, behind the elbows and knees, and in the groin).Lanui in kalung ha liug mu.Wash away the grime from around your neck.vpat -un.To get dirt in the wrinkles of the body; be grimy.Pamayguꞌ kaw madtu kiyakalung kaw.Go take a bath (for) you’re grimy.OV SYN.lubag
kalutnA hole or excavation in the ground.Malawm in kalut hīnang nila.The hole they made is deep.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To dig (a hole in the ground), dig for (something in the ground), dig the surface (as a chicken or dog scratches); scratch one’s head or an itch on any part of the body.Jagahi in jambangan, kalutun sin manuk.Keep watch on the plants, the chickens will dig for them.OV SYN.kaliꞌ
kamanA cot, small bed for one person.Tawꞌi kami kama ha kappal.Reserve cots for us on the boat.Cf.kantil
kamalignA (private) storehouse (for harvested grain).Tawꞌan in pāy ha kamalig.Keep the unhusked rice in the storehouse.OV SYN.bāy-bāybāy
kamamaunThe lower abdomen.Masakit in kamamau niya.His lower abdomen is painful.6: The Parts of the Body
kamanyannIncense.Pagtugtug kaw kamanyan bang Jumaat bat maguy in saytan.You burn incense on Fridays so the demons will leave.OV SYN.hiyu
kamasnA scratch.Awn kamas ha bayhuꞌ niya.He has a scratch on his face.vCH 1 ag mag-; pat -un.To scratch (something).Kamasa ba in taykud niya.You scratch his back.Nakamas aku sin kuting.The cat scratched me.nkakamasSomething used for scratching, scratcher.Nabaliꞌ in kakamas ku.My scratcher is broken.OV SYN.kagas
kamattiyan1nThe death remembrance celebration held on the thousandth day after a person’s death.In kamattiyan amu na in hinang katapusan ha tau miyatay.The 1000th-day remembrance celebration is the last celebration for a person who has died.hinang2nA death remembrance celebration held on the first and subsequent anniversaries of a death.hinang
kamayaꞌvag mag-, -um-.Often unaffixed.To be careful, cautious, discreet.Kamayaꞌ kaw maghugas sin manga kakaunan bat diꞌ mabagbag.Be careful in washing the dishes so they won’t be broken.adjmakamayaꞌCareful, cautious, discreet.Subay kaw makamayaꞌ sin hibissara mu kaniya.You must be discreet with what you say to her.OV SYN.*agak
kamayunAn infection (of a wound or sore).Siyūd kamayu in hubag niya.Infection has set in in his swelling.OV SYN.ulꞌulvpat -un.(For a wound or sore) to be or become infected.Ubati in paliꞌ mu bat diꞌ kamayuhun.Apply medicine on your sore so that it doesn’t become infected.
kambal1nMultiple births (esp. twins), a double-yoked egg, a double banana.Nagꞌanak hi Amina kambal.Amina delivered twin babies.OV SYN.dublikambal suutcomp.nSiamese twins.2nA spirit-being believed to be the twin of one’s own spirit.adjkambalanHaving a twin spirit.Kambalan in bataꞌ yan, hangkan nasasakit sadja.That child has a twin spirit, that’s why he’s always sick.
kambang tulinA tree 5-10 meters high (the leaves of which are (1) mixed with rice and then ground into powder and used as a cosmetic, (2) boiled and the water is drunk as medicine).5: Plants
kambayvag mag-; pat -un.To wave (with the hand).Hisiyu in nagkambay yadtu kākuꞌ?Who is there waving at me?Kambaya siya bang makalabay.If she passes by wave to her.Kaingatan mu bang sila duun bang kaw kambayun sin lima.You’ll know if they are there when they wave to you with their hands.