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kambingnA goat.Magsumbayꞌ sila kambing bang haylaya.They’ll slaughter a goat when it’s the festival.4: Animals, Non-flying
kambutnA strap of cloth used as a belt.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To fasten such a belt around one’s waist, furnish (pants) with such a belt.Kambuti in sawwal mu.Fasten your loose pants with a strip of cloth.OV SYN.kanditsinturun
kambut-kambutnAn amulet (tied around the waist).Subay mu ayaran in kambut-kambut mu.You must take good care of your amulet.OV SYN.hampanadjimat
kāmbuyanadjWandering from place to place, living a vagrant life.In tau kāmbuyan way kasūngan niya.A vagrant person has no future.vag mag-; goal -un.To wander from place to place, roam.In tau magkāmbuyan way hulaan niya.A man who wanders from place to place has no home.OV SYN.sāsab
kamdus1nFirmness, durability (of material objects).vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For an object) to be or become firm, strong, durable.Diꞌ kumamdus in hukut bang diꞌ dublihun.The string won’t be strong enough if you don’t double it.adjmakamdusDurable, firm, lasting, strong; (of a person) strong, firm, healthy.Makamdus in tawmpaꞌ bāta.Bata shoes are durable.OV SYN.*paguntatas2vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For one’s heart or mind) to be or become firm and strong.Ayaw kaw masusa, saꞌ pakamdusa in atay mu.Don’t worry, but make your heart firm and strong.vran pang-…-an.To base (one’s) firm trust in (something).Pangamdusan ku in janjiꞌ niya.I base my firm trust in his promise.
kamipron(First person pl. exclusive topic pronoun) we, to us, for us.Diꞌ mu kami dihilan?Aren’t you going to give us some?
kamisitanA T-shirt.In kamisita sagnat way buktun niya.A sleeveless T-shirt has no sleeves.vag mag-; pat -un.To wear a T-shirt.Kamisitahun ku na in kamisita ku baꞌgu.I will wear my new T-shirt.vran -an.To put a T-shirt on someone.Kamisitahan ku in bataꞌ.I’ll put a T-shirt on the child.Cf.kuttang
kamisunnA chemise, slip.In kamisun sin nakauna awn bulsa.The old time chemise had pockets.
kampilnA woven container (of coconut leaves used for keeping fruit or raw or cooked provisions).Butangan ha kampil in manga pagkaun natuꞌ yan.Put our food inside a woven container.OV SYN.tambusaꞌtampipiꞌjapangsuꞌgub
kampilannA long, two-handed, bladed weapon (rarely seen or used in recent times).
kampungnKindred, relatives (not including parents, children, or siblings).Mataud kampung ku ha Manila.I have lots of relatives in Manila.vact/pat mag-.To be related, be relatives.Magkampung kami kay Hamid.Hamid and I are relatives.vag mang-.To determine the kinship relationship between individuals; claim or assert a kin relationship (with someone).Nangampung siya kākuꞌ pagꞌingat niya magpangtungud in apuꞌ namuꞌ.When he found out that our grandparents were cousins then he tried to discover what his relationship was to me.Nangangampung siya kāmuꞌ.He is asserting that he is our kin.OV SYN.lahasiyaꞌ1 1
kamputvar. ofkaput1vTo seize, grasp, or take hold of (something); take charge of (something).
kamupron(Second person pl. topic pronoun) you.Pila kamu in mari kunsūm?How many are you who are coming tomorrow?
kāmuꞌpron(First person pl. exclusive oblique pronoun) ours, to us, for us.Bukun kāmuꞌ in luluwanan yan.That luggage is not ours.Dīhil niya kāmuꞌ in lupaꞌ ini.He gave this land to us.
kamutvar.kawmut1nA handful.Tugnaꞌ kaw hangka-kamut bugas.Just cook a handful of rice.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To scoop (something) with the hand.Kamuti kita hangka kamut asin.Scoop me a handful of salt.Bang kaw magkamut bugas ayaw mu hadja asagan.Don’t just spill out the rice when you scoop it with your hand.
kanrelOblique personal marker (used with proper names and with the personal interrogative pronoun siyu).Kansiyu in bāy ini?Whose house is this?Dāha madtu kan Sali in laring ini.Please carry this knife to Sali.
*kanamvag mag-; ran pag-…-an.To give vent to one’s emotions, go on a spree, (either in a fit of anger [evidenced by sulking or raging and striking out at people and things] or by abusing and lavishly using something which has been suddenly acquired [as wealth or freedom]).Ayaw pagkanami in manga bataꞌ.Don’t strike out at the children when you’re angry.In babai kiyukuddam bang makaguwaꞌ magkanam.A girl who has been kept in and shut up is likely to abuse her freedom when she gets out.OV SYN.juruꞌ
kanaptapannA feeling of peace or assurance.Way kanaptapan sin atay ku bang in tau mangiꞌ diꞌ mamayhuꞌ pa parinta.I have no feeling that there will be peace if the bad elements do not surrender to the government.
kanatadjDispersed, scattered, divided, not intact.vtag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.Often rdp.To disperse, scatter, divide up (people or things).Ayaw kamu magkanat sin kajinisan niyu pawyu-pawyu.Don’t just scatter your things around.Pagkanatan nila sadja lummiꞌ in bilik ini.They are always scattering dirt in this room.Magkanat-kanat kitaniyu ha supaya diꞌ nila katilasan.Let us scatter ourselves so that they won’t recognize us.OV SYN.jagjagvipat ma-.To be or become scattered or dispersed.Ha waktu sin pagbunuꞌ nakanat kami magtalianak.During the war members of our family were dispersed.OV SYN.pulak-paliknkanat-kanatA bill of small denomination, change.Pasambia ba aku kanat-kanat.Please let me change (my bill for) bills of small denominations.OV SYN.pisita
*kanaw-kanaw1.1vact/pat mag-.To be hazy or not clear to one’s vision.Magkanaw-kanaw in pangatud ku bang masuꞌ tuud in suga.My vision becomes hazy when the sun is bright.Magkanaw-kanaw in dagat bang mahangin.The sea is not clear when it is windy.1.2vact/pat mag-.(For one’s eyes) to be close to tears.Nagkanaw-kanaw na in mata niya.Her eyes are close to tears.2vTo change colors (as of some gems).Magkanaw-kanaw in sahaya sin intan.A diamond changes colors.OV SYN.hinu-hinu
kanawaynThe name of a wind that blows from the northwest.hangin
kandarelPl. of kan.
kandangnA plot (of ground set aside for burial purposes), cemetery.Ha Gandasuli in kandang pangubulan ha manga Muslim.The Muslim plot for burying is in Gandasuli.
kandarunA padlock.vag mag-; pat -un; ran -an.To lock (something with a padlock).Kiyakandaru in malita niya.His suitcase is locked.Kandaruhan ku in baul ku ini.I’ll put a lock on this trunk of mine.OV SYN.kunsiꞌkansing
kandīgimb.kandiladjDifferent, separate.Kandī tuud in dagbus niya dayn ha manga taymanghud niya.She really looks entirely different from her brothers and sisters.vag mag-; pat -un.To separate, set apart.Kandīhun ta in itum dayn ha putiꞌ.We will separate the black from the white.OV SYN.dugaing