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kandiisnDimples (on the face).Kiyalingkat in kandiis niya.She looks nice with her dimples.adjkandiisanHaving dimples.
kanditnA man’s sash.Worn at the waist esp. in conjunction with the tight-fitting pants of the olden days.OV SYN.kambut
*kanduꞌvact/pat mag-.To droop the head (as of someone sleepy).Nagkanduꞌ siya sin karuꞌ.He is drooping his head with sleep.
*kandungvag mag-; pat -un.To carry (a baby) in the womb, carry (something in one’s skirt).Siyam bulan in lugay sin bataꞌ kandungun sin inaꞌ ampa hipagꞌanak.A baby is carried nine months in the womb before it’s born.Kandunga in buwahan ha badjuꞌ mu.Carry those lanzones in your skirt.
kandutvag mag-; pat -un.To carry (a child) in the womb; carry (something) in something tied around (one’s) waist.Magkandut siya sin mampallam dayn ha gimba pa bāy.She is carrying the mangoes in something tied around her waist from the interior to the house.Siyam bulan in bataꞌ kandutun sin inaꞌ.The mother carries her child nine months (in the womb).
kanilapron(3rd person pl. oblique pronoun) theirs, to them, for them.Kanila in istaꞌ.The fish are theirs.Dāha na madtu kanila.Take it to them.
kaniyapron(3rd person sg. oblique pronoun) his, hers, its; to him/her/it, for him/her/it.Kaniya in būk yan.That book is hers.Tiluan madtu kaniya in būla.Throw the ball to him.
kaniya-kaniyapronEach one.Kaniya-kaniya kitaniyu magsukay.Each of us will pay his own fare.
kaniyupron(Second person pl. oblique pronoun) yours; to you, for you.Kaniyu in bāy ini?Is this house yours?
kanjiꞌnPaste, glue, wrapping paper (esp. used for kites).vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To paste paper on a frame (as a kite or star).Kanjian ku na in tāguriꞌ.I’ll paste the paper on kite frames.OV SYN.*pikit 1.1luway-luway
*kannalvag mang-; pat -un.To think deeply or seriously, reflect, contemplate, meditate, ponder.Subay mu kannalun in pagꞌammal ibādat mu.You should think seriously of your spiritual life.OV SYN.pikiltaliꞌpangannalderv.nMistaken thought, presumption; way of thinking, consciousness.
kansangnPersistence, strong and rapid frequency, seriousness (of illness).Way bihayan in kansang sin pagtimbak!The rapidity of the shooting was really something!vST aux mag-; ran -an.To be or become frequent, persistent, prevalent, strongly addicted to; (for illness) to become serious.Kiyansangan siya sin sakit tiyan.His stomachache became serious.adjmakansangFrequent, persistent, incessant, addicted to.Makansang in pagtakaw ha tabuꞌ.There’s frequent stealing in the market.Makansang siya magꞌinum alak.He is strongly addicted to drinking liquor.OV SYN.duhun
kansingnA hook or bolt.Way kansing sin tandawan ini.There are no bolts on these windows.vag mag-; pat -un.To lock, hook, bolt, or zipper (something) shut.Kansinga in lawang.Bolt the door.OV SYN.tambul 1vST pat magpang-.(For one’s teeth) to be clenched (as in anger or pain), (for one to) have lockjaw.Magpangansing in ipun sin tau taga titanus.A person with tetanus has lockjaw.OV SYN.*agiut
kansisilyuTag.nMen’s underwear, drawers.OV SYN.sannyawa
kansubvST pat mag-; ran -an.To be or become full or satisfied (by eating food or enjoying something such as wealth or sex).Kaun kaw pagpakansub.Eat your fill (satisfy yourself).Kiyansuban tuud in manga bisita.The visitors are well satisfied (with food).Kiyansuban tuud in manga sugarul yaun sin hulas sangsaꞌ ku.Those crooks are really satisfied with (the wealth) I worked for.
kantilnA bed, bedstead.Bukun kantil in katān pagtutūgan.Not all sleeping places are beds.OV SYN.kama
kāntingnAnkle.Aruy! masakit in kānting ku.Ouch! my ankle is painful.6: The Parts of the Body
kanuusnA large squid.Magꞌanggil in kanuus iban kulabutan.Large squids and cuttlefish look alike.OV SYN.tābulla2: Fish and Swimming Marine Creatures
kangiꞌ(from ka-3 + ngiꞌ)viact/pat mag-, -um-.To become bad, go wrong.Kimangiꞌ in kawman pasalan mu.The community became bad because of you.Bang kumangiꞌ in makina yan ikaw in magdayaw.If something goes wrong with that machine you have to fix it.Bang lumugay in armi mamarinta mataud magkangiꞌ.If the army will stay long to govern many people will become bad.Nagkangiꞌ in hīhinang niya.Her work went wrong (i.e, she made mistakes in it).vtpat -un.To make (something) bad, defective, undesirable; destroy (something).Piyarayaw ku in makina ku kaniya, gam mān niya kiyangiꞌ.I had him repair my engine, instead he destroyed it.OV SYN.larak
kangkangadjPointing or sticking outward (as of toes or fingers), disheveled (as of hair).Kangkang in gulamay siki sin tau yan.The toes of that fellow are sticking outward.OV SYN.kabagvact/pat mang-.To stick out the arms and hands (as of someone shot, electrocuted or extremely afraid), (for one’s) limbs to become stiff and distorted.Mangangkang in tau bang kudjutun.The limbs of people being executed become stiff and distorted.Nangangkang siya sin bugaꞌ ha lutaw.His limbs became stiff and distorted with fear of the ghosts.
kāngug1adjCrazy, insane, psychopathic, mad, lunatic, frenzied.Piyagtiluꞌ sin manga bataꞌ in tau kāngug.The children threw stones at the crazy fellow.vpat -un.To be or become insane, lose one’s senses or reason, go mad.Kiyangug siya sabab sin anak niya miyatay.She lost her reason because her son died.nkakanguganCraziness, insanity, madness, senselessness.In kakangugan niya way miyaguy.His senselessness was such that he didn’t even flee.OV SYN.dupang8: Diseases2vag mag-.To do foolish or wrong things.Magkāngug in manga tau bang way na saraꞌ.People do wrong things when there’s no more law.
kanyamunnA big coiled rope (usu. used for a big anchor), anchor cable, hawser.Subay kanyamun in paghukut bahudjiꞌ bat diꞌ mabugtuꞌ.We should use a big coiled rope to tie an anchor so it (the rope) won’t break.OV SYN.lubid
kanyunnA cannon.vag mag-; goal -un.To fire a cannon; shell (something).Itungan adlaw-adlaw in magkanyun ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.They shell almost every day in Jolo.OV SYN.ispillantakaꞌ
kapanAn ax, hatchet.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To cut (something) with an ax.Kapaha kunuꞌ kākuꞌ in kahuy ini.Will you cut this wood for me with your ax?
kapālanMaster, leader, head (of an organization).Hi Sulayman in kapāla sin parhimpunan.Sulayman is the head of the organization.OV SYN.nakuraꞌhalipa