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kapannArchaicA shroud.Kapan in pagputus sin baran sin tau patay.A shroud is used to wrap a dead person’s body.OV SYN.saput
kapanpananadj(With negative diꞌ) unequalled, unparalleled, unsurpassed, incomparable.Diꞌ kapanpanan in isug sin Tausug.The valor of the Tausug is unparalleled.Diꞌ kapanpanan in lanab sin kakaun liyutuꞌ mu.The good taste of the food you cooked is incomparable.OV SYN.*banding
kapangvag; mag-, -um-.To lie in a prone position.Kapang kaw.Lie on your stomach.vgoal -un.To approach (someone) by crawling (with the intention to harm or steal from him).vran -an.To throw oneself on (something) in a prone position.Kiyapangan in manghud sin magulang niya hangkan timangis.The older one threw herself on the younger, that’s why the younger one cried.OV SYN.daub
kapatasnA man in charge of a group of workers in a building, road construction, etc.; foreman.Kapatas in magdihil sin gadji sin manga maghihinang.It’s the foreman who gives wages to those working.vag mag-.To be or act as a foreman.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ magkapatas.He doesn’t want to be the foreman.OV SYN.mandul
kapatusvar. ofsapatusnA shoe.
kapaynA propeller (of a boat or ship).Diꞌ makarāgan in kappal bang way kapay.The ship can’t run without a propeller.vran -an.Does not occur with pa₂.To provide a propeller (for a boat or ship).Cf.bansān
kapaya1nA papaya tree.Carica papaya5: Plants2nPapaya (fruit).Malunuk in unud sin kapaya.The meat of a papaya is soft.
kapilvar.kapirnAn infidel, unbeliever (esp. one not following Islam).Pangayuan ta duwaa in manga kapil.We’ll pray for the unbelievers.
kapinnRemainder, balance, leavings, remnant, ruins, leftovers (as food or clothes).Amu ini in kapin dīhil niya kākuꞌ.These are the leftovers which he gave me.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To leave (something, as food for latecomers or work undone).Ayaw mu na kapinan in mahinang mu adlaw yan.Don’t leave any work undone which you could do today. (Do it now.)Way mu kami kiyapinan.You didn’t leave anything for us.OV SYN.bīn
kapitiranA coffeepot or teapot.SYN.patikuwan
kapituwanadjSeventy.Kapituwan pilak in sukay.The fare is seventy pesos.umbul
kapiyalunSunstroke.vST pat -un.To have or develop a sunstroke.Ayaw na kaw magpasuga kapiyaluhun kaw.Don’t stay long in the sun, you’ll have a sunstroke.
*kapkapvag mang-; ran -an.To touch in such a manner as to feel for (something, as of someone searching someone for a concealed item), grope for a woman in the dark (for illicit sexual intercourse).Mangiꞌ in mangapkap.It is bad to grope in the dark for a woman.Cf.*iyut*wati*usibaꞌ 1jina
kappalnA ship (of modern times, with iron hull).vTR ag mag-; goal -un.To travel by ship.Magkappal kami pa Sungsung.We’ll travel by ship to Hongkong.OV SYN.butiadjunglansakappal lupadcomp.nAn airplane.kappal asucomp.nA steamer.kappal layagcomp.nA sailing ship.
kapsiyunA kettle (for boiling water), teakettle.OV SYN.siliꞌ
kapu-kapunMildew, mold.vpat -un.To be or become moldy, musty.Kiyapu-kapu na in bilik niya.His room is musty.OV SYN.baguꞌbuꞌ
kapug1n./adjLeftover food.Diꞌ siya kumaun kapug kaunun.She won’t eat leftover rice.Cf.kapinvCH 1 ag mang-; pat -un.To eat leftover food.Kapugun ku in kaunun ini bat diꞌ makawgun.I’ll eat this leftover rice so it won’t be wasted.Mangapug kita kaunun bat kita diꞌ hapdiun.Let’s eat some leftover food so we won’t get hungry.vpa-…-unTo hold food over as leftovers.Ayaw pakapuga in kakaun ini. Kaunun ta na.Don’t hold this rice as leftovers. Let’s eat it now.2adj(Of baked goods or confections) stale.vST pat -um-; pat ma-.(For baked goods or confections) to become stale.Makapug in tinapay ini bang mu diꞌ kaunun.This bread will become stale if you don’t eat it.
kapuknTree cotton, kapok.Marayaw paghinangun ūan in kapuk.Kapok is good when made into pillows.Cf.gapasCeiba pentandra5: Plantsnrdp.A name given to several plants with seed pods containing silky hairs, like the kapok.
kapulvag mag-; pat -un.To embalm (someone), stuff (animals).Kapulun ku in manuk-manuk ini.I’ll stuff this bird.Mangiꞌ magkapul patay bang ha Muslim.It’s not good to embalm a corpse according to Muslims.
kapunvag mag-; pat -un.To castrate (an animal).Kiyapun nila in kambing.They castrated the goat.SYN.kabili
kapunyahannUsefulness, worth, value, use.Bīhun ta in lupaꞌ yan karnaꞌ awn kapunyahan niya ha susūngun.Let’s buy that land because we will have a use for it in the future.OV SYN.lagiguna
kaput1var.kamput1.1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To seize, grasp, take hold of, hold on to (something).Kaputi kākuꞌ in lubid ini.Hold this rope for me.Kaput kaw mahugut bat kaw diꞌ mahulug.Hold tight so you won’t fall.OV SYN.ulin1.2vag -um-.To uphold (one’s honor).Subay kaw kumaput sipug sabab sīpug niya kaw ha mayran.You should uphold your honor because he shamed you in public.nThe thing held to (hence one’s honor, integrity, faith or belief).Magkāja in kaput niya.His belief is that he should perform the kāja ceremony.2nThe person in charge (of something).Siya in kaput balanjaꞌ.She is the one in charge of expenses.vag mag-, -um-.To take charge of (something).Siya in magkaput sin paghinang.She’ll take charge of the affair.kaput baliscomp.vThe leader of soldiers, (cap.) armed forces.Subay pakusugun in Kaput Balis sin Pilipinas.The Armed Forces of the Philippines should be strengthened.
kaput2nWaste, trash.Haunu kaw magbugit sin kaput yan?Where will you throw that trash?
*kara-karavag mang-; goal -an.To talk wildly in a loud unpleasant voice (usu. in anger).Miyari hi Abu nangara-kara.Abu came talking loudly.Kiyara-karahan hi Babuꞌ in manga bataꞌ.Auntie talked in a loud, unpleasant voice to the children.OV SYN.lata 1pamūngmūng
karajumadjArchaic(Of the ocean) deep.In dagat karajum amu in malawm tuud.The deep ocean, that’s the very deep place.Cf.tawid