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lāsuꞌnMiddle finger.Nagsisingsing in babai yaun ha lāsuꞌ niya.That woman is wearing a ring on her middle finger.Cf.bakul2 1tudluꞌjaymaniskingking
lata1nTalkativeness, loquaciousness, garrulousness.Bang in lata mu biyaꞌ sin ingat mu awn da mān kasūngan mu.If your talkativeness is like your knowledge, then you’ll have a great future (ironic).vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To talk lengthily (so as to cause annoyance), nag.Naglalata sadja in babai ini.This woman is always nagging.adjmalataTalkative, loquacious, garrulous.Malisuꞌ aku sin maas malata.I loathe a garrulous old person.Cf.bichara 12vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To rebuke (someone).Bang kaw latahun niya ayaw na kaw magkaybaꞌ.If she rebukes you, just be quiet.Cf.amā
latagadjWidespread, prevalent.Latag in sakit yan ha kahulaan.That sickness is widespread in the country.Cf.saplagvag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -un.To cover (an area) thoroughly; (for information, gossip, sickness, etc.) to spread, disseminate, diffuse; go to every (store, etc. looking for something).Latag kaw ha katindahan bang awn kabākan mu kakanaꞌ biyaꞌ ha ini.Cover the stores thoroughly looking for cloth like this.Naglatag na in kahiluhan bihaun pa kahulaan.The confusion is now spreading throughout the country.Naglatag aku pakain-pakain ha bataꞌ yan.I went everywhere (searching) for that child.Cf.kalingkal
latalnFood set on a brass tray (ready for serving).Tanaman niyu in latal ha manga tau ini.Prepare the food on the tray for these people.vag mag-, mang-, -um-; ran -an.To prepare or set food on a brass tray.Hi inaꞌ in maglatal ha manga luruk huli.Mother will set food on a brass tray for the late guests.Cf.dulang
latapnA flood.vact/pat mag-, mang-, -um-; ran -an.To flood, (for a boat, etc.) to be filled with water.Maglatap dī bang makusug in ulan.It floods here when it rains hard.Liyalatapan in bangkaꞌ nila.Their dugout canoe is full of water.OV SYN.dunukhipuꞌlasay 1
latiguTag.nA whip with a rod and a lash attached at one end.vag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To whip (something).Latiguhun ku in kuraꞌ ini sabab malisuꞌ dumāgan.I whip this horse because he doesn’t want to run.OV SYN.lalagut*lagut
latik-latikvar.lattik-lattik2nMosquito wigglers.Bang awn tawas matay in latik-latik ha tubig.Mosquito wigglers will die if there’s alum in the water.vpat -un.To become infested with mosquito wigglers.Latik-latikun in tubig ulan bang malugay na.Rain water becomes infested with mosqito wigglers if it sits a long time.SYN.tilaw-tilaw
lattapvar.lantapnSomething that floats to the top of a liquid into which it was originally mixed, scum (as of coffee or cooking oil in soup).Īgi in lattap sin kahawa ha basu mu.Get rid of the scum of the coffee in your glass.vact mag-.(For a liquid) to have a film of scum or something that floats to the top.Naglattap na in sabaw sin lana.The soup has a film of oil on the top.OV SYN.lantupvact/pat mag-, -um-.To float.Maglattap in lana lahing ha tubig.Cooking oil floats in water.
lattik-lattik1nA disease of babies in which the stomach swells and the baby continually cries.8: Diseases
lattik-lattik2var. oflatik-latiknMosguito wigglers.
*latugvAR ag -um-, mag-; ran -an.To have the penis erect; desire intensely for sex.Magtuy latugan in usug yaun bang makakitaꞌ babai malingkat.That fellow desires sex whenever he sees a pretty girl.Ayaw kaw magsuuk ha tau liyalatugan.Don’t go near a fellow who intensely desires sex.Cf.bais
*latunvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.Often rdp.To move, jump around, go from one (place or person) to another; deviate or digress from.Naglatun-latun in pagbissara niya.He jumped around from one topic of conversation to another.Maglatun-latun siya hulaꞌ.He goes from one place to another.Naglatun in bissara dayn ha hambuuk tau pa hambuuk.The word passed from one person to another.Cf.pindanlatunanA bridge.OV SYN.taytayantaytay
latusvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.No difference in meaning between -un and -an.To go in one side and out the other, pierce, penetrate, go through (to the other side of something, as of a bullet, knife, or nail).Liyatus sin pungluꞌ in atay niya.The bullet penetrated his heart.Limatus in pungluꞌ pa lawm bāy nila.The bullet went through (the wall) into their house.Kamayaꞌ kaw bat diꞌ makalatus in lansang pa lima mu.Be careful so the nail won’t pierce your hand.Cf.*lagbas
*laugvAR ag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To do physical harm (to an innocent person); make someone suffer for the fault of another, victimize, frame (someone).Laugan niya in tau mataud sīn.He will victimize the people with plenty of money.Kiyalaugan in tau najīl sin way dusa niya.A person is victimized if he is jailed when he is not at fault.Cf.mulalakbuꞌ2
laulnTiredness, weariness, fatigue.Paghali-hali kaw bat maīg in laul mu.Take a rest so you will overcome your tiredness.vST pat -un.To become tired or weary.Hangkarayꞌ da kaw laulun maghinang bang way hali mu.You will become easily tired from work if you don’t take a rest.adjmakalaulTiresome.Makalaul in magbakal pāy.It is tiresome to plant rice with a dibble stick.adjmalaulTired, weary, exhausted, worn out.Malaul tuud aku pagꞌuwiꞌ ku dayn ha hinang ku.I’m very worn out when I get home from work.Cf.hapus*lunagluug
launvag mag-; ran -an.To let the marriageable age pass by, become too old to get married.Pasal sin hinang niya naglaun na siya, walaꞌ nakabana.Because of her work she let the marriageable age pass, she didn’t get married.
laung1var.lawng2vUnaffixed.To say (something); think (something).Laung nila, marayaw pa in maghinang ha parinta.They say it is better to work with the goverment.Hundung kaw, laung ku.Stop, I said.Laung mu yan, siya in nakuraꞌ, malayngkan tindug sadja siya.You would think he was the boss, but he’s only an underling.Cf.titaparmansabdapamungbichara 1agi 1hilalaunganderv.nA formal speech, statement, remark.vTo give a remark, statement, or speech.
laung2var. oflawng1vTo make a mistake or error, be mistaken; deceive, delude, mislead.
laupnThe facing of a woman’s dress.Subay tulibas in pagꞌutud sin laup.The cutting of the facing should be on the bias.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To sew a facing (on a dress).Subay laupan in buktun sin badjuꞌ ini bat diꞌ magjablut.We should put a facing on the sleeve so it won’t fray.Cf.kumpiꞌbingkul
lausvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To proceed (with something), continue (something), continue, go on, press forward.Diꞌ ta na hilaus in hinang.We will not continue the work.Lausan in bissara mu minsan siya dugalan.Go ahead with what you are saying even if he is angry.vTV goal -un.To proceed to (a place).Walaꞌ kami limaus pa bāy nila.We did not proceed to their house.Lausun ku in bāy nila.I’ll proceed to their house.OV SYN.lanjal
*lāwvag mag-, -um-; pat pag-…-un.To long earnestly (for someone).Ayaw mu bīnan in manga anak mu, maglāw sa yan kaymu.Don’t leave your children, they’ll long earnestly for you.npaglāwAn earnest longing for someone.Dūm adlaw in paglāw ku kaymu.Day and night I’m longing for you.OV SYN.*tumtum 2sandung
lawanleft side; left limb, hand, or foot.Napukul in lawa niya.His left hand was amputated.Sūd kaw pa bilik harap pa lawa.Enter the room on the left side.ANT.tuu
lawaꞌ1nA spider.4: Animals, Non-flyingbāy lawaꞌcomp.nA cobweb.
lawaꞌ2nLoss.Subay bistahun in lawaꞌ mu.We should make an inventory of your losses.viST pat ma-; exp ka-…-an.To be or become lost.Ayaw kaw malawaꞌ ha pangannal.Don’t lose consciousness.Nalawaꞌ aku sin dān pa tabuꞌ.I lost my way to the market.Nalawaꞌ in bataꞌ ha lawm katauran tau.The child got lost in the crowd.Cf.*lanyapvtpat -un.To forget (something), put (something) out of one’s mind.Lawaun ku na ha atay ku in dusa mu kākuꞌ.I will put out of my mind the wrong you did me.
lawagvar.lāg11vag mag-; pat -un.To find, seek, search, look for (something).Lawagi aku bāy pagsukayan.Find me a boarding house.Lawag kaw hinang.Look for work.Cf.*lungkad*kadkad2vag mang-; goal pang-…-an.To suspect (someone over the loss of something, esp. money).Maytaꞌ aku in panglawagan mu sin sīn walaꞌ aku nakasūd pa bilik mu?Why am I the one you suspect about the money when I didn’t even enter your room?