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lāg1var. oflawagvTo look for (something).
lāg2adjBlond.Lāg in buhuk sin Milikan.Americans have blond hair.
laganFlame, a burning with a blaze of light.Diꞌ kita sumuuk sampay diꞌ kumūꞌ in laga.We won’t go near until the flame subsides.vtag mag-; pat -un.(For a flame) to ignite, ignite (a flame).Bang mu bagid-bagirun in duwa batu maglaga.If you rub two stones a flame will ignite.viact/pat mag-, -um-; pat ma-.To burst into flame.Malaga sa yan bang mu asagan gasulina.It will burst into flame if you pour gasoline on it.Cf.baga1 atūnkāyusuliyab
lagaꞌ1nA dry measure of ten gantas.Bang kamu hangpuꞌka-tau subay hangka-lagaꞌ in pitlaꞌ niyu.If you are ten in all, then you should give one ten ganta measure of rice as obligatory alms during the month of Ramadan.SYN.kāgaꞌCf.gantangGENR.tupungantupung
lagaꞌ2vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To boil (meat, vegetables, beans, etc.) until partly cooked (in preparation for roasting, etc.), parboil (something); sterilize (something) by boiling.Lagaa muna in sapiꞌ.Parboil the meat first.Subay lagaun in manga kassaꞌ duruan.The feeding bottles should be sterilized.OV SYN.lakbuꞌ1Cf.tugnaꞌaman 1bukal
lagakadjGluttonous, greedy, voracious (a derogatory term).Pagagaha ha bataꞌ lagak yan.Let that voracious boy glut himself with it.Cf.dambaꞌ
lagamnArrogance, impertinence or insolence; presumptuousness.Malisuꞌ aku magdungug sin lagam niya.It annoys me to listen to his insolence.vag mag-, -um-.To behave arrogantly.In bataꞌ-bataꞌ bang tunggalan maglagam ha maas niya.An only child behaves arrogantly towards his parents.adjmalagamArrogant, impertinent or insolent in speech; presumptuous.In tau malagam asal maabbu.An impertinent person is naturally proud.OV SYN.*langkaCf.arutabbu 1
laganglangnBright color.Bihaini in laganglang sin kakanaꞌ bīha.You buy cloth as bright a color as this.adjmalaganglang(Of a color) bright and glaring.Bang kaw maitum ayaw kaw madjuꞌ sin malaganglang.If you’re dark don’t wear a dress that’s bright and glaring.Cf.walnaꞌ
lagaslasnThe sound of something in friction with something else.
*lagawadjA harsh voice (as from a long period of talking, much shouting, or prolonged colds).vact/pat mag-; ran -an.To have a harsh voice, develop a harsh voice.Lagawan sa kān ha pagꞌulakan.You’ll get a harsh voice from hollering.Liyalagawan na in tingug niya ha pagbissarahan.Her voice is harsh from speaking.Cf.pagas
*lagbasvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To penetrate, pass through; permeate (as of liquid or blood).Diꞌ lagbasun sin tubig in ād simintu ini.This cement wall cannot be penetrated by water.In akkal sin manusiyaꞌ makalagbas sin pitung lapis lupaꞌ.The wisdom of mankind is such that it can penetrate the seven layers of earthly things.Cf.latus
lagguꞌ1nBigness, largeness, greatness.Biyaꞌ diin in lagguꞌ sin anak mu magulang?How big is your eldest son?vST pat -um-.To expand, become big, large.Lumagguꞌ in tiyan mu bang kaw daran minum mataud tubig.Your belly will become big if you often take much water.Subay diꞌ na palagguun in asibiꞌ.Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill (lit. don’t make something small bigger).Palagguan ta in pantalun mu.We’ll make your pants bigger.adjmalagguꞌBig, large, great.Malagguꞌ in subaꞌ yaun.That river is big.Cf.dakulaꞌnkatilagguanThe main or principal part (of something).Nasunug in katilagguan sin bāy.The main part of the house was burned.Cf.luag2vpat -un.To honor, pay or give honor, dignify, praise (someone); celebrate (something).Lagguun ta in sultan.Let’s honor the sultan.Subay lagguun in adlaw kapagꞌanak kan Dr. Jose Rizal.We should celebrate the birthday of Dr. Jose Rizal.Cf.*pudji
laginNeed, usefulness, worth, value, utility, service.Unu in lagi sin sīn bang way da kasannyangan mu?What is the use of money if you don’t have peace of mind?Way lagi sin tau lisuan.A lazy person is of no service (to anyone).vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran ka-…-an.To need (something), use (something).Hisiyu in maglagi sin manga labban ini?Who’ll use these boxes?Minsan daan na in pantalun ini, lagihun ku na.Even though these pants are old, I’ll use them.Diꞌ ku kalagihan in tabang mu.I don’t need your help.Bang awn kalagihan mu kari sadja kaw kākuꞌ.If you need anything just come to me.OV SYN.usalCf.gunakalagihanderv.nWhat is needed, usefulness, value.vTo need (something).
lāgiꞌ1advAnd, also, in addition; moreover, as well, besides.Malingkat siya lāgiꞌ maingat.She’s beautiful and brainy as well.Diꞌ ku ini hikapagdihil kaymu, lāgiꞌ bukun ini kākuꞌ.I can’t give this to you; besides, this is not mine.Bagay kami lāgiꞌ awn pa kasugsug namuꞌ.We are friends, moreover we are related.Cf.iban 1ampa2relBecause, since, for.Subay kitaniyu magtabang-tiyabangi, lāgiꞌ in kitaniyu maglahasiyaꞌ.We should help one another, for we are relatives.Mahunit kita sumulang sin kabayaan niya lāgiꞌ na siya in nakuraꞌ natuꞌ.It is hard for us to oppose his suggestions because he’s our leader.
lagiꞌ-lagiꞌvag mang-, mag-, -um-; pat -un.To mock, ridicule (someone).Ayaw mu lagiꞌ-lagia in tau miskin.Don’t mock a poor person.Cf.udjuꞌguraꞌ-guraꞌpanussaꞌ-nussaꞌ
laglagadjAbsolutely dead (usu. used as a cursing word or in anger).Pitu in sundalu laglag ha pagbunuan kahapun.Seven soldiers were absolutely dead during the skirmish yesterday.vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To kill (someone).Bang kitaniyu magkālu in kasūngan maglaglag.If we quarrel the result will be we will kill each other.viST pat ma-.To become absolutely dead.Bang man kaw malaglag ha panawan.May you become absolutely dead on the way.Cf.patay 1bugtang*ligis*tubag*pinsansalakbunuꞌ
lagnasvag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; ran -an.To file (the teeth for beautification).Masūb in manga kamaasan yadtu maglagnas sin ipun nila.The old folks were very fond of filing their teeth.Subay lagnasun in ipun mu bat lumingkat.Your teeth should be filed in order to beautify them.Lagnasan ta in ipun mu tampal pa unahan.Let’s file a little from your front teeth.Cf.gawgariꞌ
lagpaknA spring-mounted mousetrap or rat trap.Butangi lagpak in kusina bat matay in ambaw.Put a mousetrap in the kitchen so the rats will die.vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To use such a trap.Maglagpak kita ambaw dūm ini.We’ll trap the mice tonight.
lagpiꞌgimb.lugpiꞌvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To snap or flick (something, as one’s finger or a whip against a surface).Maglagpiꞌ kami hisiyu-siyu daugun ha panayam.We will snap those who’ll lose in the game.Lagpian ku in taynga mu bang kaw diꞌ humundung.I’ll snap your ear if you won’t stop.Cf.*kutikkulapuꞌ
lagsaknAnything used to fasten something by inserting it through holes; fastener.Butangan ta lagsak in tandawan ini.We’ll put a fastener on this window.vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; ran -an.To pierce, screw, make a hole (in something).Maglagsak aku sin lawang tinda bang tambul na.I’ll put the screw in the store door after closing.Lagsaka sin lansang in mital ini.You pierce this can with a nail.Subay lagsakan in lawang bang dūm na.We have to bolt the door when it is nighttime.Cf.ligpit*tasak 1
*lagsikvCV 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To hurl or fling (something).In bataꞌ narugtul sin tarak liyagsik pa malayuꞌ.The child that was run over by the truck was flung far away.Hilagsik in manga labban yan bang mu diꞌ hukutan.Those boxes will be flung over if you don’t tie them up.Cf.laruk*pigsik 1
lagtang1nAny of several menispermaceous vines.5: Plants2nA vegetable poison derived from the berries of this vine, used for stunning fish.Cf.tublivag mang-, -um-; pat -un.To poison (fish) using this poison.Manglagtang kita istaꞌ.We’ll poison fish with lagtang berry poison.
lagtawnA supernatural man of extraordinary size (believed to inhabit trees, cliffs, and empty houses); giant.Walaꞌ pa aku nākitaꞌ lagtaw saꞌ pagkarungugan ku ha kata-kata.I have never seen a giant but I have heard about them in stories.Cf.agasi
lagtingnA high-pitched voice or sound.Sibuꞌ in lagting sin tingug niyu.Both of you have high-pitched voices.adjmalagtingHigh-pitched, shrill.Malagting in tingug niya.Her voice is high-pitched.Cf.tanug 1
lagtuꞌadj(Of coconuts) spoiled, decayed, rotten.Lagtuꞌ in lahing binī mu.You bought a spoiled coconut.Cf.baꞌlus 1