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luy luyitnA cicada-like insect.Mahibuk in luy luyit bang mapasuꞌ in suga.The cicada-like insects are noisy when the sun is hot.1: Birds and Flying Insects
luyaadjHaving lost (one’s) strength, without strength.Luya na in baran niya ha paghinangan mabuggat.He lost his strength in working hard.viact/pat mag-, -um-, mang-.To lose one’s strength.Bang bukun marayaw in pagkaun ta maluhay mangluya in baran ta.If our eating is not good (i.e. we don’t eat well) our body easily loses its strength.Cf.*lupaylammapaya
luyaꞌnA variety of jackfruit with mushy or squashy meat.Cf.tignus5: Plants
luyluyadjWithered, wilted (as of flowers or leaves).Luyluy na in manga sumping ini.These flowers are withered.vST pat -um-, mang-.To wither, wilt.Butangan pa tubig in sumping bat diꞌ lumuyluy.Put the flowers in water so they won’t wither.Cf.kullus 1lanus 1
luyuꞌadjNarrow-eyed, sleepy-eyed.Luyuꞌ in mata niya.She is narrow-eyed.Cf.pirut