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lakbuꞌ1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To boil (meat or vegetables, esp. leafy ones) for a short time (with a little salt).Lakbui sadja in sayul kangkung yan.Just boil that kangkong a short time.OV SYN.lagaꞌ2bukal
lakbuꞌ2vag mag-, mang-; ran -an.To victimize, lure, beguile, delude, trick, or deceive (someone); mislead (someone, esp. to make him feel foolish); make oneself a victim or impulsively allow oneself to fall to some injury (esp. due to anger, discouragement or despair).Liyakbuan mu in bagay mu piyalanguy ha dagat sin diꞌ makaingat.You victimized your friend to have him swim in the sea when he doesn’t know how.Kiyalakbuan kaw! Nakawaꞌ sadja in sīn mu way da kaw liyawagan niya hinang.You’ve been beguiled! Your money was just taken, (and) he didn’t find you a job.Ayaw kaw maglakbuꞌ sin baran mu, mangaku sin bukun dusa mu.Don’t make yourself a victim, to take upon yourself the sin of another.Lakbuan mu in baran mu bang mu diꞌ paubatan in sakit mu.You’re victimizing yourself if you don’t seek medical treatment for your illness.nmanglalakbuꞌA victimizer.Ayaw kaw magbagay ha tau manglalakbuꞌ.Don’t be friendly to a victimizer.OV SYN.*laugCf.dupang
*lakin-lakinnpaglakin-lakinThe act of dressing or grooming in a flashy, showy, sporty, or fussy way.Bang dūlan mu in paglakin-lakin mu maubus in sīn mu.If you indulge your flashy ways you’ll finish off your money.vag mang-, -um-; ran -an.To dress or groom in such a manner.Subay kita manglakin-lakin pa paghinangan kunsūm.We have to dress showily at the reception tomorrow.
lakitnSolid black stone; a hard, black stone.In batu lakit mahunit tiktikun.A solid black rock is hard to pierce.Cf.batu
lakkiyannRareA subject, follower.Hisiyu na mayan in lakkiyan sin mayul?Who are the followers of the mayor?SYN.tindugantindug 1.1batāan
laklak1adjWide open, open to a full extent (as of a door or window).vtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To open (something) wide (as a door).Ayaw mu laklaka in lawang bat diꞌ makasūd in manga kuting.Don’t throw the door wide open so the cats can’t come in.Cf.ukab 1vipat ma-.To be torn roughly to a full extent.Nalaklak in badjuꞌ niya.Her dress was torn from top to bottom.2adjVulgar(Of the mouth) wide open.vag mag-, -um-; goal -an.To talk loudly, excessively, indiscreetly, or impudently.Ayaw na kaw maglaklak sin simud mu bat ta kaw diꞌ bagahun.Stop having a big mouth or I’ll slap you.Cf.lāylāy 1balab-balablaklak asangidiomnLoud and excessive talk (lit. wide open lungs).Marayaw pa kaw himundung na laklak asang.You better stop your loud, excessive talk.
*laknitvtag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pull, rip, peel, or strip off (something roughly or vigorously causing it to tear apart.)Laknita in katas dayn ha dingding.Strip the paper off the wall.viact/pat mang-.(For something) to pull, rip, peel off.Butangi lana bat diꞌ manglaknit in pais mu.Put on lotion so that your skin won’t peel off.Cf.aknit*ukat 1
laksaꞌ1adjTen thousand, countless (in number).Laksaꞌ sundalu in miyatay ha pagbunuan.There were countless soldiers who died in the war.Cf.ibu2vran -an.To have good luck or fortune, become wealthy.Laksaan kaw bang kaw kumugdan supistik.You’ll become wealthy if you win the sweepstakes.
laksamananAn obsolete title (conferred by the sultan of Sulu on one of the members of a local council of a certain community under his dominion).Laksamana in gulalan kaniya sin Sultan.Laksamana is the title given to him by the king.Cf.Ulangkayaꞌpanglima
laksuvag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To jump, jump over (something).Laksu kaw dayn ha ād basiꞌ.Jump over the wire fence.Malaksu mu bahaꞌ?Can you jump it?Laksuhan ta kaw.I’ll jump over you.SYN.*tugpaꞌCf.kawas
lakunBehavior, conduct, disposition, manner.Biyaꞌ kaw laku tau gimba.Your manner is like that of the country people.Biyaꞌ bukun marayaw in laku sin tau ini.This man’s behavior is rather crude.Cf.kajariyanpalangaypiilkalakkuwan
laku-tabiatnManner, behavior, conduct, habit; personality (the distinctive individual qualities of a person).In laku-tabiat sin tau amu na in mamaytaꞌ sin pagkatau niya.A man’s manner will tell of his person.Marayaw dakuman in laku-tabiat sin tau ini.This man’s behavior is really good.Marayaw tuud in laku-tabiat sin babai yan.That woman has a pleasing personality.vag mag-, -um-.To behave, conduct oneself.Maytaꞌ kaw maglaku-tabiat bihān?Why do you behave that way?
lakud-lakudnThe noise (made by horses’ hooves or people walking with shoes, esp. spiked shoes).Makusug tuud in lakud-lakud sin sapatus mu yan.The noise of your shoes is very loud.Karungugan dayn ha mayuꞌ in lakud-lakud sin kuraꞌ.The noise of horses’ hooves can be heard a long way off.vag -um-, mang-.To make noise with the foot or hooves (in walking or running).Dāha pa guwaꞌ in kuraꞌ yan bat diꞌ manglakud-lakud dī.Take that horse outside so it won’t make noise with its hooves here.adjmalakud-lakud(Of walking) noisy.Ayaw da kaw malakud-lakud tuud manaw.Don’t be so noisy walking.Cf.lagublub
lakutvAR ag mag-, mang-, -um-; ran -an.To pass the tongue over, lick (something, chiefly used by people away from Jolo town).Liyakutan sin iruꞌ in bitis niya.The dog licked his leg.SYN.*dilat
lalat1adjmalalat(Of an animal) wild.Bang in hayup malalat diꞌ na kasuukan, dumāgan.If an animal is wild you can’t get near it, it runs away.OV SYN.adla2vag -um-, magpa-; ran -an.To retreat (from someone, esp. from a fight).Biyaꞌ sūng na magpalalat in atu natuꞌ, marayaw pa kitaniyu muwiꞌ na.If our enemies are trying to retreat it is better that we go home.Cf.atrassibug
lalinOne’s style or way (of dressing, speaking, acting, etc., usu. in an affected way).Way kaw tiyūp sin lali mu.Your style doesn’t fit you.adjStylish.Malali tuud in tau yaun.That fellow is very stylish.SYN.jangngang
lallanvar. oflanlanvTo call an elder by his first name; to eat viand only without rice.
lallaynSlowness, delay, inertness.Bang bihān in lallay sin hinang diꞌ yan maubus hangka-bulan.If the slowness of the work is like that it won’t be done in a month.vag mag-.To do (something) slowly, dilly-dally, dawdle.Maglallay sadja sin hinang in tau lisuan.A lazy person just dawdles with his work.vST pat -um-.(Of motion) to slow, become slower.Lumallay in dāgan sin kappal bang patayan in hambuuk makina.The running of the ship will become slower if they turn off one engine.adjmalallaySlow, sluggish, delayed.Malallay in panaw niya sabab masakit in siki niya.Her pace is slow because her feet are hurting.Malallay in datung sin sulat mari.The arrival of the mail here is delayed.Cf.agak-agak*agakluminghinay
lalungannAn open coffin (used only to carry the dead to the grave).Bang kiyabutang na in mayat ha lalungan diꞌ na manjari ulinan.If the corpse has been placed in a coffin, then it cannot be touched.Cf.janājaꞌ
laman1vag mag-, -um-.To pass by quickly.Maglaman sadja hi Abdul dayn dī saꞌ diꞌ maghapit mari pa bāy.Abdul is always passing by but he doesn’t drop in at our house.2vag mag-, -um-.To catch a glimpse of (something), (for) a mental image or vision (of something) to come (to one).Limaman in dagbus niya kākuꞌ kabii.A mental image of her form came to me last night.Cf.magꞌapas lambungidiomlambung
lamaynViand, that which is eaten with cooked rice or cassava.Istaꞌ tahay in lamay namuꞌ adlaw ini.We are having dried fish for viand today.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un; ran -an.To eat (viand [as meat, fish, or chicken]) with (the staple food).Malanab in panggiꞌ lamayan istaꞌ diyangdang.Cassava is tasty eaten with roast fish.
lambang11nA part of something that protrudes or hangs over (as the strands left over after making a knot), something that is bigger than what is needed.viact/pat -um-, mag-.To protrude or hang over; (for something) to be too big to be carried conveniently, too long to fit in a certain space.Limalambang na in bataꞌ yan babahun.That child is too big to be carried piggyback.Hangkan nabinggil in siki niya sin jīp sabab naglalambang pa guwaꞌ dayn ha kīd tarak.The reason his foot was struck by the jeep is that it protruded out from the side of the bus.vtAR ran -an.To furnish (something) with a protrusion.Subay lambangan in higad mital supaya awn kakamputan.The side of the large tin can should be furnished with a protrusion so that there is something to hold onto.OV SYN.labi2nA rung (of a ladder), step (of a staircase), a rounded or shaped piece fixed for strengthening purposes (as between the legs of a chair).Nabaliꞌ in lambang sin hagdan.The rung of the ladder broke.vAR ag mag-; ran -an.To furnish with a rung or step; put on a piece (to strengthen something, as between the legs of a chair).Lambangan ta in siki sin bangkuꞌ bat diꞌ magjugjug.We’ll put a crosspiece between the legs of the chair so it won’t shake.
lambang2vpat ma-.Does not occur with pa₂.(With mata) to be confused (by profusion of things seen, esp. when deciding to choose something from a variety of things).Nalambang mata aku sin manga sapatus yan.I’m confused (what to choose) from all those pairs of shoes.
lambitungnA firefly.Kakitaan mu in manga lambitung ha katigidluman.You’ll see the fireflies in the dark.1: Birds and Flying Insects
lambung1nA shadow, reflection of an object (in a mirror or in water).Awn lambung tau kītaꞌ ku limabay ha daig tandawan.I saw someone’s shadow go by the window.nlambunganA shaded place.vag mag-; ran ka-…-an.To cast a shadow (on something), see someone’s shadow.Kiyalambungan ku siya limabay.I saw his shadow go by.Kalambungan sin kahuy in jambangan mu.The tree will cast a shadow on your garden.magꞌapas lambungidiomvTo strive to get all the material things one’s neighbors or associates have, keep up with the Joneses (lit. to chase a shadow).Bang in tau magꞌapas lambung lumugay makapanakaw na.A man who keeps up with the Joneses sooner or later will resort to stealing.2vact/pat mag-.To present a mental image.Maglambung ha mata ku in dagbus hi dayang ku.The form of my lady love presents itself to my eyes (i.e., I have visions of her).SYN.laman 13vpat pa-…-un.To surmise, imagine.Bang ku palambungun biyaꞌ mangiꞌ in hinang sin tau ini.I surmise that this man is doing evil.Mapalambung mu in taud sin pilak iyubus niya.Can you just imagine the amount of money he used?Cf.kira-kira