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lanawnA small pool of water (esp. stagnant or muddy water), puddle, body of fresh water.Nagpaanud in manga kabataan kappal-kappal ha lanaw.The children floated toy boats in the pool.vact/pat mag-, -um-; ran -an.To form puddles or pools, overflow in excess (as of beginning a lake).Maglanaw in dān bang makusug in ulan.Puddles will form on the road if the rain is hard.Naglanaw in kahawa ha lamisahan.The coffee made a pool on the table.Cf.lasay 1
lanaynSilk.Mahunit tahiun in lanay.Silk is hard to sew.Cf.dasu
*lanayvact/pat mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; ran pag-…-an.(For candy, butter, lard, soap, tablet, etc.) to melt.Ayaw pagbutangan in manga kindi yan ha lugal mapasuꞌ bat diꞌ maglanay.Don’t put the candy near anything hot or it will melt.Cf.tunawtinuꞌhansul 1
*landagadjmalandag(Of merchandise) fast-selling, best-selling.Malandag in kakanaꞌ yan ha tabuꞌ.That cloth is the best-selling article in the market.vact/pat -um-, mag-.(For merchandise) to move quickly, sell well.Diꞌ lumandag in buwahan bang mataud in nagdaragang.The lanzones won’t sell well if there are many people selling.
landaknA crowbar.Subay landak in hipagꞌukat sin lantay ini.We need a crowbar to pry up this flooring.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To pry something with a crowbar.Landakun ta in tuung yan bat makawaꞌ in ha lawm.We’ll pry open that box with a crowbar to get what’s inside.Cf.bāra
landangnPrepared sago palm (lumbiya molded into small round fragments and preserved by hardening in the sun).Marayaw lamuran landang in sindul.It’s good to put some prepared sago palm in the sweet soup.vag mag- -um-.To make prepared sago palm.Mabayaꞌ kaw maglandang?Do you want to make prepared sago palm?vpat -un.To make (sago palm) into prepared sago palm.
*landang-landangvag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To fry fish or meat (in a moderate amount of oil).Landang-landang kaw istaꞌ.You fry some fish.SYN.pirituCf.gulingligangbuwang1daral1
landasannAn anvil.Nākitaꞌ aku landasan didtu ha magsasasal laring.I saw an anvil at the knife smith.
landiꞌadjInclined to play at love, flirtatious.Landiꞌ in babai yan.That woman is flirtatious.vag mag-, -um-.To flirt.Ayaw na kaw maglandiꞌ bang kaw taga paghulaꞌ na.Don’t flirt any more when you’re already married.Cf.bigaꞌ
landuꞌadvVery, greatly, much, in too great a degree, extremely, excessively, exceedingly, immoderately, out of all proportion.Landuꞌ aku nasusa pagꞌingat ku nasakit kaw.I was very worried when I heard that you were sick.adjGreat, severe, excessive, extreme.Bang landuꞌ na in sakit mahunit na ubatan.If the sickness becomes severe it will be hard to medicine.vST pat -um-.To become intense, extreme, excessive, great, severe.Bang makalanduꞌ in paglangug lumugay makapagkālu.If joking becomes excessive it may lead to a quarrel.vran ka-…-an.To have done something which should not have been done, overdo something.Kiyalanduan niya kiyabutang in katān tirigu ha addun.He overdid it by putting all the flour in the dough.Cf.sangatkaruk
landugvST pat -um-, mag-.To be or become slippery (as of a soapy surface), slide or stumble (on a slippery surface).Kamayaꞌ kaw lumandug ha simintu.Be careful, you might slip on the cement.adjmalandugSlippery.Nahulug in basu dayn ha lima niya sabab malandug.The glass fell from her hand because it was slippery.Cf.*lusut 1*laꞌdus
lanjalvag -um-, mag-; goal -un; pat hi-.To proceed, advance, go on, go further, continue, go ahead.Lanjal na kamu pa lamisahan,’ laung niya ha manga luruk.Go right on up to the table,’ he said to the guests.Lumanjal pa aku pa tabuꞌ pagꞌuwiꞌ ku dayn ha upis.I’ll proceed to the market when I come home from the office.Diꞌ makalanjal in tulak namuꞌ pa Sambuwangan.We can’t go ahead with our trip to Zamboanga.Minsan sila diꞌ mabayaꞌ, hilanjal ku ra in maksud ku magsundalu.Even if they don’t like it I’m continuing my plans to be a soldier.Pagꞌabut ta pa Sambuwangan, lanjalun ta pa Basilan lawagun hi Rahima.When we get to Zamboanga, we’ll proceed to Basilan to look for Rahima.nlanjalanFurthering, continuation.Diꞌ aku makaagad kaymu sabab awn pa lanjalan sin panaw ku.I can’t go with you because I still have a continuation of my journey.SYN.laushapit1
lanjangnTallness, height.Nakalanduꞌ in lanjang mu.Your tallness surpasses that of the others.vST pat mag-, -um-.To become tall, to grow (so as to become tall).Maglalanjang pa in bataꞌ yan.That child is still growing.adjmalanjangTall, slender.SYN.taas 1layuglanjang kawitcomp.adjVery tall, gigantic, lanky.Marayaw magpanayam baskitbul in tau lanjang kawit.Tall, lanky people are good at playing basketball.
lanlanvar.lallan1vag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un.To eat one kind of food only, not accompanied by anything else (usu. viand without rice).Maglanlan kami sin tiyapa istaꞌ bābā mapasuꞌ.We will eat the roasted fish without rice while it’s hot.Lanlanun ku na in manuk ini.I’ll eat this chicken without rice.2vag mag-, -um-.To call a person (older than oneself) by his plain name (without due respect).Ayaw sadja kaw maglanlan ha manga kamaasan mu.Do not just call your parents and elder relatives by their plain names.
LannangnChinese.Mataud Lannang nagtitinda ha Lupaꞌ Sūg.There are many Chinese operating stores on Jolo.vag mag-.To speak Chinese.Diꞌ aku maingat maglannang.I don’t know how to speak Chinese.SYN.Sinaꞌ
Lannang huyhuynA Chinese Muslim.In Lannang huyhuy amu in manga bangsa Lannang nagꞌaagama Muslim.The Chinese Muslims are those Chinese who are embracing the Muslim religion.
*lannyutvact/pat -um-.To prosper, be successful.Diꞌ lumannyut in pagꞌusaha mu bang kaw diꞌ matuyuꞌ.You won’t prosper in your business unless you give more diligence to it.vpat pa-…-un.To lengthen (someone’s life).Bang mān sin Tuhan palannyutun da in umul mu.May God lengthen your life span.Cf.habaꞌ 2
lansanA motor launch (made of wood).Maghinang aku lansa pagꞌagaran ku.I’ll build a motor launch for my personal transportation.
lansa-lansanThe cosmos (a plant with several colors that blooms in the fall).Makakūg-kūg kitaun in sumping lansa-lansa.It’s really cute to look at a cosmos plant.
lansangnA nail.Kiyatunukan siya sin lansang gahaꞌ.He pricked himself on a rusty nail.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-, mang-; pat -un; ran -an.To nail (something).Lansanga in manga tuung yan.Nail those wooden boxes.Lansangan ta in atup sabab bang makusug hangin agun marā.Let’s add nails to the roof because in a strong wind it’s almost carried away.
lansuknA candle.Subay tumagama lansuk hipagsūꞌ sabab wayruun kurinti dūm ini.We should prepare candles to light because there will be no electricity tonight.vag mag-.To use a candle.Bang way lampu, maglansuk na sadja kita.If there’s no lamp, we’ll just use candles.vran -an.To put melted candle wax on (something), clean (something) with melted candle wax.Lansukan ta in lantay.We’ll put melted candle wax on the floor.npalansukanA candlestick.lansuk ha guwaꞌ, bingit ha lawmidiomnA hypocrite, treacherous person (lit. a candle on the outside, a hook on the inside).
lansungnInk (the dark liquid secretion squirted out by cuttlefish, squid, etc.).Īgi in lansung sin kanuus yan.Remove the ink of that squid.Mītum in ipun niya sin lansung sin kanuus.His teeth became black from the ink of the squid.
lantakadjTotally or completely deaf.Bang kaw bukun lantak mahi diꞌ mu karungugan in pagtawag ku?If you are not deaf then why can’t you hear me calling you?Cf.bisu
lantakaꞌnAn indigenous brass cannon.vag mag-; pat -un.To shoot or use such a cannon.Ha pagbunuan bihaun way na maglantakaꞌ.In today’s fighting nobody uses an indigenous brass cannon any more.Cf.ispil
lantapvar. oflattapnSomething that floats to the top of a liquid into which it was originally mixed, scum (as of coffee or cooking oil in soup).